Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - September 5, 2013

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what sort of week have you had??
Hope it was a good one, but if not,
 maybe my list will remind you of a
 blessing or two you need to be
 reminded of................

So with that said I will begin....

I am thankful
for a warm, loving and wonderful
young lady named Andrea.  She is
the gal whose shower I attended
on Saturday.  I have known her since
she was probably 3-4 yrs. old, her
family were members of our church.
She, her brother and sister were all
friends with my son, and she and
her brother used to attend our teen
bible study. Hubby and I just love
this gal to pieces,  and we are so
thrilled about the baby to come be-
cause she and her hubby struggled
for a few years with infertility issues,
 and the Lord has graciously blessed
them with this baby, and they and 
everyone who knows them are beyond 
thrilled for this extra special miracle.

Also thankful for all the wonderful
gifts she got, and only like one or
two duplicates, that was amazing!
 Oh and they announced at the end 
of the shower with pink balloons
 that it was gonna be a baby girl......

I am thankful
for the really fun time I had at the shower
on Saturday because I saw so many folks
that used to be in our church family, and it 
was so great to see them all, and also to
see those that still go to our church that
were in attendance as well.  It was just
a very warm and special day not just
for Andrea but for many others as well.

I am thankful
for another sweet, loving and fun
young lady named Stacey whose
family also attended our church, and
she and her sisters were also friends
with my son, and attended our teen 
bible study.  She too had infertility
 problems and was actually told as
a young girl that she might never
be able to have a child and now she
too, is expecting an extra special
 miracle baby. She no longer lives in 
the area either,so it was great to see
 her and her sisters and Mom at the 
shower. Hadn't seen any of them
 for years.....and so happy for her
too.........she and Andrea will be
wonderful Mom's as they have had
wonderful role models.

I amm very thankful
for my children and my sweet precious 
lil grand daughter. They are all miracles
 from God according to God's word.
Psalm 139:13-16

We had so much fun with Brooklyn
yesterday, she was so verbal and 
made us laugh all day.  She was
6 months old on Wednesday.

I am thankful
for soft, fresh, clean bed linens.
Nothing like clean sheets on a bed,
it just feels glorious and so thankful
to have a cozy bed to sleep in.
Can you tell I  just changed the
 sheets!  lol

I am thankful
that Dee is coming out for dinner
tonight and spending the night
with us since Jerry is in Asheville.
She is also gonna coach hubby one
more time as he does my hair.
She and Jerry are planning to move
on Sept. 20th, as the closing is on
the 18th,  and they get their new
apt. on the 20th.

Update:  Hubby did a great job
on my hair again,  she didn't have
to correct anything.........go hubs

I am thankful
they were able to put Dee back on 
the schedule at work since they wound
 up with unexpected expenses they 
weren't planning on because of the

I am thankful
that some conflict with hubby and I 
was quickly resolved.  Always a blessing.

Conflict is a normal part of life, but you
can always learn,grow, and change from it.....
that should be the goal.......

I heard one marriage teacher say if you
never conflict then one of you is un-
necessary,  I think that is so true cause
the biggest instrument the Lord uses
to change us is our mate......

I am thankful
we are all going over to Scott and
Megans for dinner on Sunday.  We
are trying to get in as many family
get togethers as we can, as time
 gets shorter  So looking forward to it.

I am thankful
that my friend Arlene's neck surgery was
 such a great success, as she is just the 
greatest, most loving and giving person. 
 She was in so much pain and getting where
 she couldn't use her arm much, so it was
great to see her feeling so good, not that 
she is in any way a complainer. No Way!
  It was also an encouragement to me, if 
at some point I ever needed to have the
 same type of surgery for my neck problems.

I am thankful
that I got my family room rearranged,  
(just the furniture).....but I decided to do 
it early so it is ready once I decide to start
decorating for Fall.  Right now the spring
summer decor is still in place..............

Will show you some pics next week......

I am thankful 
for cuban food, that is cooking as I write.
It is one of Dee's favorite meals, and I
haven't made it in ages, so told her this 
would be her last supper!!  lol
I learned to make it back when I was a
newlywed almost 43 years ago,  from a
cuban girl I worked with.  It is some good 
eating I have to say.....So looking forward
 to it myself....and know she and Jimmy
 are too.  It is called "Picadillo" and it is
a tasty meat dish, served with black
beans and yellow rice and my healthy 
version of fried plantains. Sliced up
bananas with lemon juice spritzed on
top.  Um Um..........

It was yum yum yummy.

Oh My Heavens, just had to come back and
add one more thing.

I am thankful
that I just heard on yahoo news about 2
teenage boys that saw a woman in the car 
next to them, saying Help Me.
  They called the police and then followed
 the guy until the police could get there and 
nab him,  she is free and the man is in 
custody.  Isn't that just the neatest and 
most exciting story!! Absolutely love 
hearing stories like that............

Well, that's my list for this week.

So what has God done for you

 this week???

Thanks for stopping by, 

always great to hear from you.

Have a Terrific Rest of the week

with those you hold dear!

Love, Hugs and
Sweet people Blessings,


elizabeth s said...

Hi Nellie! How lovely that the young lady that you knew as a child, is now expecting one herself! Where does the time go? I use to teach Sunday School for Grade 3 and the up and now all of my former students are grown and some have families of their own and yet I still see them as they were when they were my students. Does this ever happen to you, or am I the only weird one caught in a time warp? :D


Donnie said...

It is always such a pleasure to read your posts. I'm glad you had a lovely week. We'll be heading south again next month so we're trying to eat out at some of our new local restaurants on our Main Street. I'm enjoying finding some new favorites and we need to support our local businesses. Have a great weekend.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I wonder if that is the Andrea I taught in Kindergarten?
#2. Does her mom work at Dr. Thies' office?
#3. It reminds me of the women of the Bible who the LORD blessed their wombs with special babies!
#4. 6 months, my how the time does pass!
#5. I love the smell! There is a new linen smell air freshener that smells great too!
#6. Good job, Jim!
#7. The LORD is so good!
#8. I was just reading that the LORD brings "trials" into our lives to teach us and make us strong in Him!
#9. Megan sent me an e-mail to attend. I'll see you there.
#10. It is so wonderful when our LORD blesses us to recognize He is the Great Physician.
#11. The way my living room is, there isn't much options to changing it around!
#12. I still have mom's Cuban cook book she got in the Keys. I just love "Picadillo."
#13. Thank the LORD, I had seen it on tv.
Love to you all, Susan.

Cinderella Moments said...

I always love your posts. It gives me a little peek into your happenings and you always have something in there that applies to anyone and everyone. You have really sweet posts.
Ahhhh! The countdown is going faster and faster for the move! The waiting for something you don't like to have happen is probably the worst. I wish them the very best and much prosperity!