Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Birch look candles tutorial and Winter in the Family room #3

Happy Tuesday 

So how are ya sweet Friends

We are fine, just trying to get
back on track after our trip.

Thought I would show you
another project I did that
was quick and easy. 
Loving these projects!!

Here is my Inspiration Photo

It came out of the same magazine
"Entertain and Celebrate Winter".
as my other projects.

Have to say this magazine has
had some of the most fun and
easy projects I have seen in a
long time............

I have seen a lot of birch out there in
 blogland last and this Winter, and
 liked the look, then of course I saw 
the inpiration photo, so when we 
were at Michaels I looked for some
birch but didn't see the kind you 
can wrap around like they did in the
 inspiration photo, and they had some
 Birch wood rounds but they were 
expensive and not really what I 
wanted anyway, so the thought came
 to me to check the scrapbook paper....
and when I did.... I found this wood 
look paper and thought hey,
 that works for me.

See candle below!

I already had some clear glass 
candle cups from old candles that
 were used up and that I had 
cleaned and stored.

So just laid them on their side

 and marked where to cut the
paper. I just realized I should
have rotated this picture so
you could see the mark. Sorry!
 It is at the the bottom of
 glass cup.

then cut it on my paper cutter,
but you can do it with scissors
if you draw a straight line from
where the mark is to the top of
the paper.

Then laid the paper out front side
 down and sprayed the paper with
the Elmers spray adhesive. At
this point you have to work
quickly as it dries pretty quick.

Then I sat the candle cup on 
the sticky paper carefully,
 and began rolling it up onto
 the candle cup. Be careful
to roll it slowly and straight.

 Then smooth it  all over to 
make sure it adhered to the 
glass well, 

and here it is...I did another
one for the tutorial and put
a reg. small pillar candle
inside this time.

Quick and easy.....took less
 than 5 mins.

The first ones I did I put mercury
 glass votive cups inside of the
 them and loved how they came out.
  Again a very
quick and easy project and it only
 cost me .99 cents for the scrapbook
 paper. I already had the mercury
 glass votive and the"Elmers Extra 
strength spray adhesive," as well.

And you don't really need the
extra votive holder unless you
want to have it.  I just thought
it dressed it up a bit and looked
better than just a plain votive
candle by itself.

Look for pretty packaging that you
 can incorporate into your decorating 
at times. It is free fun and beauty.

This is another vignette in the room. 
 I used a tin that we got Italian cookies
in at Christmas time.  Also used a
pretty cookie tin on the bottom of 
my rolling cart you saw a few pics
back.  It was white and gold.
Nothing like free decor!!

Here I just stuck some greenery and 
a pine cone in a perfume box I also 
got for Christmas.
It smells fabulous and I loved the
 box as well.....

If you have followed me long, you know
I enjoy the packaging of many things, and
think it is a shame to let it go in the trash
until I have repurposed it even just for
a little while........guess because I know
how much creativity and work goes
into it....since I design cards.

With photocopy affect

Thanks for coming by today.

If you missed part 2 and would
like to see it, click here.

Hope you have a good week,
and keep your light shining

Love,  Hugs and
Mid February Blessings,


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  1. Hi Nellie! Gosh I just love the way you made your candles look like birch candles...so warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing how you accomplished that with us so we can copy you. That is so considerate of you to think about how much time and thought and effort goes into designing boxes and the folks behind it.


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