Saturday, February 16, 2019

Thankful Thursday February 14, 2019, Winter in the family room #2

Like your name, O God, your praise
 reaches to the ends of the earth;
 your right hand is filled with
Psalm 48:10 NIV

Good Saturday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well.

I am a bit later than usual, as
we pretty much hit the ground
running when we got home from
our trip onTues. evening and have
 been busy every since. So I am 
just gonna get this posted.

Thankful for a safe and uneventful
trip to Charleston and back to visit our 
daughter, DeeAnna and son-in-love
Jerry, and to meet our new FURRY
 Grandson puppy, Bentley.

Thankful for a great time visiting,
eating in and out, enjoying her cream
cheese strawberry coffee cake, card 
playing, shopping and watching
 HGTV at night, enjoying their lovely
 home and some cooler weather, but
 not too cold, perfect for us really.

Thankful to finally get to meet
this newest member of the family.
He is a reddish micro golden doodle
and such a cutie and very smart as
well. He was totally housebroken
in about 2 weeks. Once he gets
passed that teething stage he is
gonna make a great pet.

Thankful that he was not biting
as much as he previously was.
Our daughter was concerned
about that cause he is still teeth-
ing and their lil teeth are so sharp,
and hubby takes blood thinners,
that was her concern....
But he didn't get us one time, so
that was a good thing!!  lol

With poster edges affect

Thankful that we were able to
sit outside for a couple of the
days, and go for one golf cart 
ride the first few days that were
 high 60's as those are 2 things 
we really enjoy doing. No
pictures tho,  but since it is
Winter they wouldn't be so
 great anyway............

Thankful for a few times we
all went out shopping, it was
a lot of fun. We found a new 
store called "Five Below"
Everything in the store was
 $5. or less.  

With lighting affect

Thankful we tried a new to us
Mexican restaurant called
"Mex One"  There food was
really good.  Will really want
to go back there next time
we visit them.

Thankful for some really yummy
edible goodies we found while
browsing in world market, we
got some chocolate covered
 blueberries and something called
Lemon blueberry Drizzlers by
creative snacks co.  They are
really good.....

Thankful our friend who is
getting married in June found
her perfect Wedding dress and
 $100 under budget, as she was 
concerned about that
was an answer to prayer and she
 was quite thrilled about that.

Thankful that my daughter-in
love said we are getting a 
"Five Below" here soon.
So excited about that.....

Thankful for the opportunity
to do 2 random acts of kind-
ness for a lady at the grocery
store. Was a great way to
enjoy Valentines day!!

Thankful for a quiet but nice
Valentines day. A nice 30 min.
 walk in the neighborhood, a
trip to the grocery store to find
a dessert we both liked, picking
up lil darling and getting take out
from Carrabbas for later in the 
evening, and getting her frozen 
custard, and getting some for us
too, which wasn't in the plan but
they were buy 1 get one free for
Valentines day, so we couldn't
resist....Turtle Sundae's... Yum!
 Bringing her home and spending
 some time with her, and giving
her a Valentines gift that she
really liked.  Having dinner
after she left and then watch-
ing the movie "Dumplin",
which wasn't in our plan either,
but turned out to be different
but good....
We were gonna watch "You've
got mail", one of our favs,
so saving it for another night.


Well, there you have it another
week at Cozy Place

Thanks so much for stopping
If you missed part 1 and would
like to see,  click here

Have a really lovely weekend,


  1. #1 Grand times with family are a blessing from our LORD!
    #2. Always a joyful time that we look so forward to!
    #3. Oh WOW, two weeks! Good for him! I can hardly wait to see him (pictures and one day in person!)
    #4. Praise the LORD! It seems the smaller the dogs, the sharper their teeth!
    #5. I would have thought it to be COLD there this time of year!
    #6. Sounds like a "take off" of the Dollar Tree stores, ha!
    #7. Is it near us?
    #8. Sounds delicious!
    #9. Wow! That was a great savings for her! I keep trying to stay under $50 when I buy food for the week and I rarely do!!!
    #10. I wonder if they sell food, ha!
    #11. Isn't the LORD great in how he brings opportunities to us!!!
    #12. I have my favorites I like to watch over and over again too!
    Love you, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    It was cold, just no worse than here. They usually are about 8-10 degrees different than us.

    Yea, it is like the dollar tree sort of.....but their prices vary between $1-5.....but it was
    a fun store...
    and No they don't sell food or if they do, it might just be candy bars or something, course,
    stores might vary on that.....yea, it is about 15 mins. away if I understood correctly...

    Well have a good day,


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