Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Something new to do with old books

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you enjoying your day!

It is certainly beautiful here in Florida
today... sunny, clear azure blue skies
with no clouds in sight anywhere and
high 70's outside but doesn't feel
 like it, which is great.

I wanted to show you something 
new you can do with old books...
I confess this is not my idea.....

I saw it in the "Entertain and 
Celebrate Winter" magazine and
thought it made for an interesting
decor piece and very quick and easy
to do and it was a 0 $ project for me.
  Think it took me all of about 12 
mins. and most of that time, was
 looking for the right ribbon to 
put around it......

So here is my inspiration picture.

Isn't this cute and interesting!!

Well,  here is my version.....

Think my book might have 
been a little bigger but no
big deal.....

How to:
All you need to do is rip the
cover off a book,  then I took
a group of 15-20 pages and
tucked them into the spine. 
Keep tucking groups of pages
until they are all tucked in,
then find a pretty ribbon and
tie around it. (You could need
help to hold it while you tie 
the ribbon) I used a ribbon with
 wire and was able to do it my-
self but I did need a finger to
 hold it tight as I tied a knot
before tying the bow.
  Just held it between my 
knees from end to end while
 I tied the ribbon around it.

The top of mine was a little
uneven as I ran out of pages as
you can see in the back.

So I just laid a monogrammed
coaster on top....

After a few days I decided to try
it on a mini cake plate and we
liked it better this way.

Then I thought maybe it needed
something a lil more Wintry
looking so added a pine cone.

then decided to try a cream
colored pine cone with
greenery. Liked that the
with the cake stand.

Hides my lil faux pas and looks
Pretty and Wintry as well.

Just for fun with a soft omni affect

Well, there you have it........give it
a try you won't believe how easy
it is............

Have a great week,

Love, hugs and
Book Fun Blessings,


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  1. Sweet idea Nellie. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY each week!!!


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