Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thankful Thursday August 20, 2020, nature pictures

Boat In Caribbean

With praise and thanksgiving they sang
 to the LORD: “He is good; his love
 toward Israel endures forever.”
Ezra 3:11 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how are you doing these days?

We are doing pretty good, trying 
to adjust to some things we really
don't want to adjust to....and trying
to accept that some people don't
really understand /care how their
decisions affect others.....but that
is life.......but happy that we did 
a lot of cleaning this week so it
is always good to have a nice
 clean home. lol

Pictures today are Nature Pictures
that I have that came from Public
because I haven't taken a lot of
pictures lately.  lol

Barn Owl

So on with my Thankfuls.....

Thankful for being gifted with
2 wonderfully sweet home grown
pineapples from our neighbors.
(the same ones that bring us the
delicious veggie soup)
So delicious and timely, as we
were gonna get some at the store.

Thankful for the cheery and
sweet lil teenager that took my
 to go order at Tijuana flats.  
She had such a servant heart
 and sounded so adorable.
I was cheered up just talking
to her. She even told my
hubby that she really enjoyed
talking to me, and he said she
said the same thing about you,
and he said she was adorable.
Hubby even put a good word
in for her to her manager and
he said yea, she's new and she
 has a lot of energy for sure.
My order was not exactly 
right but I was so blessed
talking to her I didn't even
Her light is sure shining!!


Thankful Our Son stopped over
 today, and it was nice to have him
all to our selves for a change, as
that is a rare happening.

Thankful for several long phone
 chats with our Daughter as well the
last few days.

Thankful for a new Bath and Body
 fragrance refill, called White Tea 
and Sage.  Love that it makes the
 guest bath smell so fragrant.

Thankful for a great quote
I heard from a young Pastor,
don't know his name but loved
his quote.

"We may have hell on the outside,
but we have heaven on the inside.
It means to me that know matter 
how bad things look in our world
for those that know the Lord, we
 have the holy spirit of God 
indwelling us and directing us.
Love that!!

#7 and 8
Thankful for trying a new Mom and
 Pop type restaurant after church on
Sunday and thankful for getting to 
spend some time with friends.
Any thing different is just so nice
right now.

Thankful for our sweet and beautiful
Daughter/Best Friend...her birthday
was this passed Monday.  She is 
beautiful inside and out.......and 
we are so proud of her.

Thankful for the joyful smile on
 the sweet face of my granddaughter
as she went back to school and was  
seeing her little friends. 
 Precious Pictures, can't believe
she is in 2nd grade already.

Thankful for those who pick up our
refuse once a week.  I was sitting
looking out the window this morning
and praying when our refuse people
came thru out neighborhood.  As I
was watching them, I noticed there
was 2 of them, one on the back of
the truck and the driver, at each stop
the driver would jump out and help
too, and they were working at a very
 fast pace, and did cans on both sides
 of the street, and it was really a team
effort, and I thought, my heavens they
 must be totally exhausted at the end 
of the day if they work at that pace
 all day long.  So I have even more
appreciation for them than before.

Thankful that we still get to pick
lil darling up after school every
Thursday, and also thankful we
 got to hear all about her first
 week of school today.............
Such Grammy Blessings!!

Well, that's it for Cozy Place 
this week.............

Thanks for popping in..........


Have a Special weekend.

Love, Hugs and
mid August Blessings,


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1 comment:

  1. #1 Oh wow! That's great! I can taste it now, ha, lol!
    #2. I've noticed our younger population taking pride in their jobs! I feel the same way with the wonderful people who bring my on-line order groceries to my truck!!!
    #3. A time for a lot of loving thanks to a wonderful son!
    #4. Praise the LORD for the communication we have with loved ones far away!
    #5. What a delight in the pleasant fragrances they come up with!
    #6. Just imagine, Almighty GOD living in us, wow! I love Him with all I am!
    #7 & #8. It's so great to spend time with friends. It's been a while since I have seen Sylvia.
    #9. I texted her a Happy Birthday!
    #10. 2nd grade. WOW! Time is surely passing!
    #11. I do the same! I have noticed the truck has a lift that picks up the can and dumps it!
    #12. I will pray for her safety as well as her teacher and the other children!
    Love you, Susan


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