Saturday, August 29, 2020

Thankful Thursday August 27, 2020, A Summer table from the past...

The LORD is my strength and my defense;
he has become my salvation, He is my God,
and I will praise him.
Exodus 15:2  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you all well and
 happy, and enjoying these last
days of Summer vacation.
 Course, for some of us Summer
vacation might end, but the heat
of Summer won't end until late
 October, and have to say I am
anxiously awaiting that!  lol

Hopefully I plan to start doing
some Fall decorating next week
if the mood strikes.  lol
It sort of fakes me into thinking
 it is Fall...... at least until I go

Pics today are of a Summer
table from the past.

So on with my Thankfuls.....

Thankful for dinner out at Longhorn
Steakhouse, and a trip to the grocery
store to replenish some hurricane
supplies, that I had used up. Gets
us out of the house.   lol

Thankful for praying friends.

Thankful for an encouraging card
from a sweet friend this week.
Thanks Janet

Thankful that our neighbor who
had ordered dirt for his yard, and
 had too much, so was sweet to offer
 us some, and we actually needed to
 get some because the ground where
 they took our old septic system out,
 a few years ago. to put in the new 
one in... had sort of sunken in some,
 so we were able to fill it with dirt
 so it should look normal again.

Thankful that Heaven is a real 
place.....As we heard that the
Mom, of the girls I told you 
about some months ago passed
away this week from a battle
with cancer. So sad for them and
 their Dad. Thankful she is no
 longer suffering, and that they
and we will see her again. She
was a precious lady.

Thankful that the invitations for
the baby shower I am helping with
 in October, came out well, and
that the Mom, who is throwing
the shower was very pleased.

Thankful for unique gifts the Lord
 gives us. This morning I was looking
out the window again from my fav
 prayer spot, and the window was full 
of condensation. I was just  looking
 out at the grass which was all wet,
 when the sun came out and all of
 a sudden my grass came alive. 
 It looked like someone put Christmas 
lights in our grass; red, blue, green 
and white sparkled out of our grass
 some even shimmering and looking
 like twinkle lights!
I have never seen anything like that
 before.  So thought it was a delight-
ful gift..........

Thankful for what a great job they
did on the Republican National
Convention. It was one of the most
 uplifting, encouraging and Patriotic
conventions I can ever remember.
In fact, I like the way they did the
convention (which I know was due
 to covid) but I liked it better as it 
enabled us to hear everyones speech
very clearly with out it being drowned 
out by applause or cheering, as in
 the past. So appreciated that!!

Thankful for all those (and there were
many in the 4 nights) who have courage-
ously stood up and shared their stories
and said how important this election
 is and it is truly a choice between keep-
ing the America we know and love, or 
Socialism.....and I so agree with them.
 I would even say the choice is really
between Good and Evil.........

Thankful that one of our dearest
friends Son and family, and one of
my Daughters co-workers family
 came thru Hurricane Laura okay.
We have been praying for them.
and Thankful that it wasn't any
where near as bad as they thought
it was gonna be, altho there is still
plenty of damage.

Thankful for the short time we
had with lil darling yesterday.
She is back in school so we don't
get to see her for as long, so we
miss that, but thankful when we
do get to see her.

Thankful for 20% off our bill
and 2 free pcs. of pie at Perkins
restaurant last night.  They were
very slow getting our food out
and the waitress did that even 
tho we told her not we
just left her a bigger tip!


Well, that's it for Cozy Place

Glad you could stop by


Have a great weekend.

Keep your light shining brightly,

Love, Hugs and End of
August Blessings,


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  1. #1. Praise the LORD hurricane Laura bypassed us! I'm surely praying for the recovery of those in the states it effected!
    #2. Amen! The LORD is gracious to us in having praying friends and family!
    #3. Bless her!
    #4. Praise the LORD for loving neighbors!
    #5. Thank the LORD GOD Almighty, with Him there will never be suffering again!
    #6. It's wonderful to have you for a friend!
    #7. WOW! A rainbow in your grass, ha!
    #8. Praise the LORD! I wished I had seen it!
    #9. I am praying every day for the LORD to protect America from evil politicians.
    #10. I thank the LORD for His protection and provisions!
    #11. I'm praying for her safety!
    #12. Thankful for great people and their kindness.
    Love you, Susan

  2. That summer tablescape is so pretty. Let's pray that all affected by the storm in the south will find comfort and help in the days to come. Happy Sunday. Have a wonderful day today Nellie.


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