Friday, July 2, 2021

Thankful Thursday July 1, 2021, A past 4th of July Table

 Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory. 
Amen and Amen.
Psalm 72:19 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you all well and happy.
This has been a busy week with a lot
accomplished,  which is always nice
and feels great, and other than some
backaches we are well and happy.

Pictures today are of a past 4th of July Table. 
 I always use Paper Goods in the Summer for
some reason,  guess cause they are so festive,
and of course, make for easy clean up!  lol
Just taking a cue from that old song, "Roll
out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

So on with my Thankfuls...................

Thankful to have been able to bless lil darlings music teacher with the story I shared last week,  about the song she liked.
Her teacher said, it brought her to tears and it really blessed her heart.  I thought it would.

Thankful that she told me she will be teaching at lil darlings school again this year, Lord willing!
Lil darling will be so happy about that!


Thankful for a nice chat with my friend who broke both her legs, she is doing  better all the time, and trying to be ready to go to a family reunion in early July.  It's an 6 hr. trip and she is still not sleeping in her normal bed, and she has some other extenuating circumstances to deal with as well,  so hoping for a good report at her Drs. this coming week, as she is still not able to put much weight on her bad leg, but she is getting around and still making progress, just hoping it will be enough to go without taking a risk.


Thankful for hearing the young mans testimony that is leading our church right now, as our pastor is on symbatical.  I have known him since he was in grade school, but didn't know his story once he went out into the world and became a professional ball player,  so got to hear about that part of his life,  and pretty much know the last years. It was a very powerful testimony of God's goodness, and was glad he shared it, think it will help a lot of people.

Thankful for a nice lunch with our friends at Cracker Barrel. Everything was yummy 
and the company was great as always.

Thankful that our friends Dad got to go up for a hot air balloon ride for his 99th Birthday.  We simply cannot believe this mad can be 99 yrs. old,  he is so spry and so much fun, he has hearing and
vision problems, but it doesn't slow him down  much, and he never complains. 
He's truly amazing!


Thankful that our  same friends are able to have a get a way for the 4th of July......her Dad lives with them so they don't get that opportunity much, but he is going to visit his other Daughter, so will be away, which gives them this fun opportunity.  Hope they have a great time.


Thankful for all the energy I had this week and all the things I got done,  and that hubby got down on our website as well.


Thankful for hearing good news from my friend, that broke both her legs.  She went back to the Dr. on Tuesday and they did another x-ray and it showed that she was having a lil bone growth around all the hardware she has in there,  and that is a good thing. Still not ready for full weight on that leg yet,  but I am sure it will come in time.


Thankful we found another sofa and loveseat combo we plan to go check on.  It is not reclining tho, but has slipcovers,  just not sure the color of blue is gonna work for us until we actually see it in person. Still not sure we want to give up on the reclining either........will see!  At least it's a prospect!  lol

NOte :  We went to see it but it was much larger than it looked in the picture and it was one of those with the seating area that is very wide, and you have to put a pillow behind you to be comfortable so that's out......and the blue was the wrong color as well, but we did find a store that you can have one custom made just the way you like it but it would still not be reclining and would be pricey of course, since it would be custom made.  If it were reclining we might go for it, cause then it would be perfect. So back to square one.  Good thing we are patient   We actually spotted something off the Interstate on the way home called Furniture City,  so will be checking that out soon.

Have to say this is too much like work!!  lol


Thankful for God's continued peace, Love and grace as we navigate this ongoing situation we are going through.  We feel a bit like we are living in a Soap opera with some of the circumstances.


Thankful that hubby is able to finally mow our lawn. It has been raining so much here, and are lawn is knee high in some places.  It already rained quickly but he is mowing as I write,  so just hoping he gets to finish as the rain chance get higher every hour.  lol

Well, that's all she wrote for Cozy Place
this week.....

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend


Thanks for coming by.....

Love, Hugs, and
 Independence Day Blessings,


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  1. #1. Praise the LORD for His blessings!
    #2. Our many thanks to our LORD!
    #3. My prayers are lifted every day for her! Thank you for her update!
    #4. Yes, praise our LORD for his testimony!
    #5. Praise the LORD for things getting back to "normal."
    #6. The LORD's blessing on his life!
    #7. Praise the LORD for the loving family members he has!
    #8. Thank the LORD for His energy He gives us daily!
    #9. I'm praying the Holy Spirit in her, strengthens her bone density.
    #10. I'm glad my furniture is "long lasting!" ha!
    #11. Praise GOD He is in control of all things!
    #12. I pray this rain can make its way to the northwest's drought. I'm also praising the LORD for His protection in this upcoming hurricane!
    Love you, Susan


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