Friday, July 30, 2021

Thankful Thursday July 29, 2021, and Tropical/Summer Birthday Table

My tongue will proclaim your righteousness,

 your praises all day long.

Psalm 35:28

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well. I am a bit later

 than usual, but it was because I was busy

relationship building, which is always a good

thing, as Martha Stewart would say!!  lol

Pictures today are of a Tropical Summer Table

 from some years back.....

It was a Birthday Table for our Daughter.

Centerpiece was made from limes, leaves and 

palm tree seeds, and green mums.

With a Posterized Affect


On with my Thankfuls...........


Thankful that lil darling and her Mom made

it to California and back safely.


Thankful that my friend that broke both her legs

back in early February is finally able to put full

weight on her bad leg, and stand on it for a few

minutes.  She is making good progress but still

has a ways to go,  but we are ecstatic about this

news cause the surgeon said he didn't know if

she would ever be able to do that.  So God is

in the process of healing her.


Thankful for some new cards I made this week.

As it's been


Thankful for Cuban food. I made Black Beans

yellow rice, and Picadillo this week and it was so

yummy.  It has been quite a while since I have

made it, so we were quite delighted with it.

#5 and 6

Thankful for our Interim Pastor, who has

actually been hired as our Associate Pastor.

He is filling in as our Lead Pastor is taking

a much needed sabbatical.

He is doing a great job......and it was so neat

to see his wife, go up and pray with some-

one at the altar.  She is our Previous

 Pastors Daughter and is gonna make a

 great Pastor's wife. just like her Mom.

So proud of both of these young people

 who both grew up in our church.

Thankful to have had the priviledge of being

in this church for over 40 years now, and

being able to see the growth and  legacy 

that has been laid by our Lord and 2

 prior Pastors and leaders of our church.

So awesome to see God raising up so many

 young people/our future leaders that are 

serving the Lord so well in our church.

Such an enormous blessing to us older



Thankful for a nice lunch out at Long Horn's

steakhouse.  It was just the 2 of us today,

as our sidekicks are sort of staying away

from people right now,  as he is having

a heart procedure done next week or so,

and they want to make sure he doesn't

catch anything to prevent it.  A wise

plan I would say....


Thankful for this wonderful new kitchen tool

 we happened on at TJ Maxx, it is called an

 "Easy Grip jar opener".

 I have been having trouble with lids for awhile now, 

as guess I have a touch of arthritis in my hands at

times, and they seem to be putting those dern lids on

tighter and tighter, so always having to have hubby

 get the lids off. 

 This baby works like a dream.  I have taken off

 about 6 lids now with NO problem, It really 

is an amazing lil gadget. (We've just had him

about 2 weeks) Mine is bright green, so I call

 him "Greenie", and he has to be a He cause He

is so strong!!  lol

Wish I would have discovered him a few years

 back. (Oh and just so you know, I get no kickbacks 

or payment of any kind for telling you about it,

  I am just a satisfied customer who thinks everyone

 should own one, especially once you get to be

 my age anyway!  lol

  I used to tease hubby and say he couldn't die before
 me or I would starve too death cause I can't get 
the lids off of anything.  lol

Now I had to come up with a new reason.....

He can't go before me cause I would be the most

uninformed and bored woman on the planet,

 because I am highly electronically/technically


 That should work, don't you think???  lol


Thankful our chimney and roof leaks are fixed

hopefully.  Looks like we might get a heavy

rain this afternoon to test it out.  Looks like

they did a good job.  They took pics of every

step they do, and show you, which is great.

The whole Co. has been great to work with.


Thankful we may have found a handyman

as well.  Cause the young man that did it

also does things on the side as well,  and

has a lot of experience even tho he is just

26 yrs. old,  he worked with his step-

dad building houses since he was a teen-

ager, so has a lot of job skills.  


Thankful for the really good drenching

rain we had today,  and no leaks.

 So think they got it fixed.  Yeah!!


Thankful for a really fun day with lil

darling on Thursday.  She was in a super

good mood, and we played lots of games,

nail salon and went for some tractor rides,

and laughed a whole lot.   lol

Laughter is good for the soul for sure!


Well, that's our week here at Cozy Place.

Thanks for coming to visit,  always nice

to know you came by.

Love, Hugs, and

 last of July Blessings,


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  1. Love all your thankfuls especially that your sweet friend with her broken legs is healing so nicely. God is good. Have a beautiful weekend. xoxo

  2. #1. Thank the LORD for His protection.
    #2. Praise our LORD for His answer to prayers!
    #3. Wonderful!
    #4. It was delicious! Thank you for sharing it with me!
    #5 & #6. Yes, the LORD has greatly blessed us all!
    #7. The LORD's blessing on his upcoming procedure!
    #8. I still use the rubber grippers.
    #9. Praise the LORD for His servants we can trust! Thank the LORD no leaks!
    #10. Wonderful! It's great to have a handy man!
    #11. Yea! Praise the LORD!
    #12. Praise the LORD for your relationship!!
    Love you, Susan


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