Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday November 13, 2014 and past Fall Tablescapes

Let them all praise the name of the LORD!
 His name is greater than all others;
 his glory is above earth and heaven.

Psalm 148:13

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what's going on in your world

 this week? Starting to plan for 
Thanksgiving, I'd bet.

I would typically be doing that, but this year is
 gonna be easy peasy for me, hosting and food
 wise anyway. Megan offered to do a Thanksgiving
 brunch at their house that morning, as they are
 going to her Mom's for dinner, and since Dee and
 Jerry will be here and it will just be the 4 of us,
 Dee said Mom let's just go to Cracker Barrel and 
make it that is our plan and
 we are excited about it.
I sure appreciate our kids trying to help
out any way they can.  They are such
a blessing..........

Thought I would show you some Thanksgiving
and Fall tablescapes from past years since I
want actually be doing a Thanksgiving table
 this year.

I am thankful

for a lovely 44th Anniversary dinner with hubby
 last Friday night.  We went to a restaurant called
 Stonewood's that we have only been to once before
but it was years ago, the atmosphere and company
 was great and so was most of the food, and we even
 got free chocolate cake with whip cream since it 
was our anniversary,  so that was unexpected!
 It was a late but fun and special evening..........

for the creme brulee' we got for dessert too.....
I have never actually had it, and it was so delicious.
 I have had creme brulee' coffee creamer, seen it, 
watched tv people make it and seen recipes and all
 that, so it was delight to finally have
and good we didn't know about the choc. cake or I
would still not have had any!!  lol
It worked out perfectly,  hubby liked the choc. cake
 better, so we each had a few bites of each dessert, 
then ate the rest of the one we liked best. lol

That we got more accomplished at Susan's house
 on Saturday, and thankful that her aged kitty
 passed away while we were there, we tried to pet 
and comfort her but she didn't really respond,
 but since it was her time,  just glad she wasn't out
side somewhere and just came up missing, and glad
  that she was comfortable in her own lil bed.......
and that we just could bury her in her bed. 
 Sad, cause she was a sweet kitty, but I think
 she died a happy Kitty.

For the great time we had with Scott, Megan and
 the baby on Sunday celebrating his birthday.
 The weather was perfect for sitting outside, so 
we had dinner on the patio at Carrabbas, and it was
cool, refreshing and different, and their food is 
always top notch,  and we had leftovers........
that became Mon. nights dinner!  lol

Just had to throw in one with posterized affect

that we got to see that young woman and her 
lil son we took care of back in Oct. of 2013
 on Sunday.  It has been awhile since we have
 seen her as they moved into a new house which
 is farther away, so she has been attending a
 church closer by, cause it is just easier with the
 babies schedule. Great to see them.

that we also got to see another young woman
and her children on Sunday too, that I have
spent a number of years counseling and en-
couraging,  haven't seen them in quite awhile
 either,  so it was great to see them. She has
 really been going thru so many hard things,
  bless her heart!  Just being a single Mom
with 3 children is hard enough!

for kale.........made a big pot and we are
so enjoying it......cause we are kind of
saladed out lately,  cause that is about the
best veggie you can get as take out unless
you go to Cracker Barrel, and they are in
another town, so don't go there too often.
Kale is really good for us too, so that is
 an extra bonus.

for a great discussion with our class on
Sunday about how our friends can influence
us for good or bad.

for coffee and pie

for the unexpected surprise of getting to
see Scott, Megan and Brooklyn at the 
rehab center on Monday.  They happened
to come visit Susan at the same time that
I was there.

that Rosie (our grand daughter dog) is doing 
so well being here for so long, cause I am sure
 she is missing Dee and Jerry a lot, and we still
have 2 more weeks to go.

that I won a give-a-way over at Time Washed.
It is 3 lovely handmade pumpkins, and one
mini pumpkin in a cloche.......made by a
 dear friend I have known for over 25 years. 
 It sure came at a good time as I was in need
of encouragement and it just made me burst
 into tears.......good tears that is!!  and 
really made my day!!  I am so excited.
This is the 3rd time I won a blog give-a-way
 In the 5+ yrs. I have been blogging,  I never
 used to win anything, so blogging has certainly 
changed that!  Thank you Becky..............

and yall be sure to check out Becky's blog
if you haven't ever been there,  you will
be delightfully surprised......
Just click here to visit.

that I have my shopping for Megans birthday
presents all done, and got a lil Christmas
shopping done for Dee too.  They are both
fun to shop for..............

for a really sweet sales lady at Kohl's.  She split
 my order in half when she rang it up because
I had a coupon for $10 off with the purchase
of $25.00 or more.
So saved us $20.00.....How sweet is that!!
We also had a nice time talking with her since
it was late in the evening and the store wasn't
 busy.  It is always so nice when you encounter
nice folks like that............

Thanks for coming by, hope you 

enjoyed your visit.....
and I would love to hear from you.

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Susan @ Between naps on the porch

Have a Great Friday and Weekend.

Love, Hugs and
Mid Fall Blessings,



Sister Susie Says said...

#1. It's really nice when restaurants
do special things for their birthday and anniversary customers.
#2. Nothing goes to waste, ha!
#3. I'm so saddened I couldn't have been there for her. She probably wondered where I was. She always laid in my lap at night when I was watching TV.
#4. I'm wish him a belated happy birthday.
#5. It's always been great to see people from our past. That has happened to me lately.
#6. Hard things surely don't come easy.
#7. I always would switch each week; one week I'd have mustard greens, another week collard greens, and another week kale. Each batch would last me the week!
#8. That's true, the influences can go either way.
#9. Visits from family surely makes you feel good and want to go home.
#10. She surely enjoyed visiting me too! She's such a sweet dog as too are mine with me! Thank you Nellie and Jim for taking care of them for me!
#11. Yea! Third time winning! Blogging is so much fun.
#12. It surely helps when you can things done ahead of time!
#13. Not only are you getting ahead, but at a bargain too :-)
Love you all, Susan

Anonymous said...

Lovely table, great list...Cracker Barrel is a great idea!