Monday, July 5, 2010


Our's was good,  just quiet,  but a fun day!!
It was just us yesterday,  but that was just fine,
we went to church,  got a smoothie, read
the paper, took a nice long nap, watched
some fireworks outside and on TV,  watched
our Pastors, while we did the exercise bike,
then ate yummy food and topped
it off with a banana royale!!
Works for Me!!
Today has been a good day as well!!
Started this post early today, and then we
had someone coming over to talk with us,
so never got back to it until now.
Hubby and I just finished playing skipbo
and eating pizza.  Fun way to spend the
Just wanted to let those who said they
would like to join the prayer challenge
from Pastor Stanley,  that 140 days
or 20 weeks started today!
and that this is a week of preparing 
our hearts,  and we are suppose to
read psalm 5l all week,  and pray
In case you would like to see Dr.
Stanley's message from the 4th of July
It was both sobering and inspiring
and full of hope for our future.
Also you can sign up to join the
140 days of prayer there if you
 would like!!
Every Monday I will post the
bible reading for the week!
Have a great evening
Sweet Friends,
Love and Blessings,


  1. Your 4th sounds like ours. Church, home, quiet. Only my sister did come over with her 2 children. It was nice. We ate some barbecue and then played dominos. And I did get to speak with hubby yesterday morning, only for a few minutes but it was still wonderful.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  2. Hi Nellie! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  3. Good morning Nellie,
    Sounds like your weekend was a restful, soul nourishing time! Sorry we couldn't get together last night. I torqued my left knee on Friday morning and have been hobbling pretty badly, so by 7pm last night I was just "bushed."
    But we look forward to a game night REAL SOON.
    Thanks for keeping us updated with this wonderful Prayer Challenge. May we please GOD and be used by HIM to the fullest.
    Have a happy week! ((HUGS))

  4. I too had a day of "snoozing!" I then watched on t.v. Macy's fireworks at 8:00, Sanford's fireworks at 9:00, then Boston Pop's fireworks at 10:00! I had the background sound of fireworks from the park down the street from us, ha! The dogs were laying all around my feet in fear of the popping noise!

    I was already on Stanley's e-mail list. I down loaded his "Issues to Pray About" sheet.

    I tell you, prayer is all that is going to keep this country from economic crash, civil war, and possible invasion from over the borders! I am so glad I belong to our Holy God! God can even use these catastrophies to turn this country back to Him. Let's pray that the country does before any of these things occur. So be it, Amen.
    I love you all,


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