Monday, July 26, 2010

Even with all the aggravation, It really is a Happy Monday!!

(From Better Homes and Gardens)
Happy Monday
Dear Hearts.............
Hope you all had a delightful and restful
weekend,  and that your Monday has
been good as well.
Our weekend was fun,  but my today has
been a lil annoying!! lol
You see I had a bone density test in Feb.
of 2009,  and it was supposed to be paid
at 100% because it was part of my annual
physical,  well,  because of the way the
imaging place coded it,  they keep trying
to charge us for it.  If I only had a $l.00 for
all the time I have spent on the phone with
the imaging place and the Insurance company,
I wouldn't be rich,  but I think I could probably
buy a few dinners out or maybe a few outfits.
The last 2 times I have thought it was all
resolved well it reared it's ugly head again,
this time they sent it to a collection agency,
I was just a tad aggravated about that since
I have been working with them all this time.
We had been notified by our Insurance
that they were paying it and much to our
happiness we thought it was over until
we got this letter on Saturday.
Anyway, the plan of attack was to get ahold
of the Imaging place to check to see if it
was paid, and then to call the Collection
Agency.  So you might know I could not
locate the last paper I rec'd from the Ins.
Company saying they paid it,  and I didn't
want to call without it,  but as I was looking
for it I was praying and hubby said remember
you moved something somewhere a few
weeks back,  and I thought oh yea,  so I
went and looked and there it was right
on top.   Yeah!!
That made me feel better,  Shew!
But Frankly,  I was not wanting to tackle it today, 
 I just did not feel like it, 
 cause I am soooooooo over it!!
So I prayed and then  I called..........
the Imaging Place said I had a zero balance,
Praise His name!!
So they are suppose to call off the Collection
dogs,  and I called the Collection agency as
well to tell them to make a note that I called
and said we had a zero balance per the
Imaging place, and that they were suppose
to call them to clear it up!!
Now if this sleeping dog will just lay down
and die!! It would make me an
 even happier woman!!  lol
But Friday if I don't hear anything back
I will check to see for sure if he......
 is really dead this time!!
I'll be sure to let you know when the
funeral is!!  lol
But we also got another new Insurance
woe to deal with as well,  so I called
the Dr. office about it,  and it seems
like it might go easy,  oh,  pray for easy!!
Please!!  lol
I am really becoming good friends with
the automated phone system,  since I
spend so much time with it!!  lol
Anyway,  our weekend was great,  we
had a lot of fun,  watching a movie and
playing cards, and we went to someones
house for din din on Sat. night and I
took this for dessert!!

Now this is what it was supposed to look like........
and I have made it a number of times before and
it did look like that,  but as life would have it
since I was taking it somewhere,  it looked like
a mess,  should have taken a pic but I was too
busy trying to figure out what I could do to 
keep it from looking so awful!
This is called berry upside down cake.
So when I turned it upside down on the
platter it looked great at first,  but a lil
while later I came back to put the frosting
on and it had sunk in the middle like a crater!!
I thought that maybe I had turned it onto
the platter too soon,  and then the platter
kind of slopes so that was what did it.
I put the drizzle frosting on,  then tried to
cover the crater as much as possible,
by putting the fresh fruit over it,  and
it didn't look too bad.
  When it came out
of the oven it was a lovely golden brown
and you could see the edges were done
good but when we cut into it,  the middle
was not done and kind of goey.  Never
had that happen before,  but I had never
used frozen berries before either.  At 
least that is what I think might have happened.
I did rinse them in hot water and dry them
off before I put them in the bottom of the
pan,  but we think that maybe because they
were still a lil cold it inhibited the heat or
something..... who knows!!
What a disaster cake!!  
I used to apologize for that stuff but guess
I am growing up,  I thought so what......
.everybody makes something bad at times.
And this was my time!!
I seriously do think I am cursed in this
cake making stuff cause my cakes just
never seem to rise the way other peoples
do,  but this is the one cake that usually
works for me.
I may just give up on cakes all together,
or at least I will definitely test it the next
time,  it looked so golden brown and
all  and it has always come out perfect
before so didn't think I needed to, learned
a valuable lesson...........always test the
cake for doneness!!  lol
Wonder if the Lord is testing me for
doneness!!  Ya Think??  
Hope I am thoroughly done,  complete
and lacking nothing,  oh wouldn't that
be great!!  lol
Sunday was a fun day too,  Sunday 
school and church talking with friends
after,  our  weekly indulgence,  a chocolate
Elvis,  had lunch,  read the paper some,
took a long nap,  and went back to
church for an ice cream social send off
for a young lady that is in her late 20's
who is going to Iraq as a missionary
nurse.  Then after we ran to Target
to get a couple of things and to Kohl's
 to look around.  I have 2 gift cards
I can use,  but I can never find anything
I want really.  Well, I did get a pair
of sandals for $8.00. last week.
They were nice.
It was just fun to do something different!!
Hopefully I will get to share that salad
I was telling you about on Thankful
Thursday probably on Wednesday!!
We just had another new one for dinner
tonight,  it was really good too,
so maybe I will share it next week.
Have a truly blessed evening Dearies,
Make someone smile!!
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. I bet your berry cake was very delicious!
    When it comes to sweet stuff, appearance is greatly over-rated! LOL

  2. I've had that billing issue with the dentist. More than once! Thanks for coming by my blog and I'm glad you like the dollhouse! :)


  3. We went through some crazy insurance problems when my hubby was in Iraq a few years ago. Seems the Army dropped our insurance and I was stuck with a dental bill for my daughter's braces. I called the insurance company to find out why they dropped us and they actually told me it was because my husband was no longer on active duty. I tried very hard to hold back my laughter as I said to her, "Well what do you think he's doing in Iraq? He's not on vacation." Phil had to take an hour long bus ride over in Iraq to get to another camp to sign papers to prove he was in Iraq to get our insurance reinstated. Crazy, huh?

    Glad you have everything straightened out and I hope the other problem gets solved as well! Thanks for your email!!!

  4. Doesn't it seem that almost every kind of paperwork becomes an issue these days? Wonder why that is? I'm sure your cake tasted delicious, even if it wasn't as pretty as usual! Have a wonderful week.

  5. I definitely think insurance and insurance companies are things specifically designed to teach us patience, perseverance...and graciousness. Goodness, you are certainly not the only one with those headaches - funny, we were just discussing these companies the other night when I got together with friends. Lots of frustration to share:) Hope it is all resolved now - and, btw, I have one of those density tests in a couple weeks. Hope it gets coded right:) Have a peaceful Tuesday!! :)

  6. Nellie

    The Berry cake looks yummy.....

    Hope you got your issue straightened out. It can be so frustrating at times. But good for you to be on top of things.

    Have a blessed day!



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