Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bet cha can't tell where I was and what I was doing today.....

Angel smiles

Happy Wednesday 
Sweet Friends,

Finally a
Don't die from shock now.........

Hope you are all doing great, and that
 those of you who weren't, are now
 enjoying some spring weather........and 
know if so,  you are loving it..............

This was right when Mommy was leaving cause I had a full
tummy...........................I am thinking and dreaming!!

I have worked out in the yard several times this week,

paying for it with neck and allergy problems,  but
 enjoying it anyway,  Just goes with the territory!

Quite a bit happened around her this week,  so will tell
you about it tomorrow................

Bet cha can't tell where I was
 or what I was doing today?
Can You????? lol

The pics aren't a telltale give away are they??

Hadn't seen her in over a week,  and boy has she grown.
She is 5 weeks and 2 days now.
Had such fun with her cause for the first time she was
awake for a long while.  Megan and Dee went to lunch
and shopping so I had her all to myself. Hubby had 
dental appt. so afterwards he came over and brought
lunch,  and then finished his day of working at home,
over at Scott and Megans house.

She is getting a bit more active and showing more
facial expressions,  she likes trying to pull herself
up to a sitting position, with help of course, and likes
 to do it over and over again,  and has such a look of
 satisfaction on her sweet lil face,  like look what I just
 did.........ain't I something!!  So cute!

These were  jamies we got her.  She
was getting a lil tired from all the playing.

 It looked like she did more sleeping than staying
awake but that is because we were playing not
taking pictures.................we patty caked and
bycycled and did pull

Thought yall would get a kick out of the pictures,
I sure do,  course, I am her grammy!!  lol

See ya tomorrow
Thanks for dropping in to visit.

Make sure to say Hello,  cause I 
do love hearing from ya...............

Love, Hugs,  and
Sweet Pink Baby Blessings


Bonnie said...

Oh, Nellie, this just did my heart good. She is adorable, you are adorable. I can feel the joy within you from coast to coast.
Love you, Bon

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

She is precious in all her pink and that sweet little smile!

Janet said...


Such precious pictures that are full of love. She is a doll. They grow so fast.

Blessings & Love

sistersusiesays said...

WOW! What a beauty she is! She surely is growing! She looks longer too! I love her smiling face while she sleeps! What can she be dreaming about, ha! I love how she always has her hand near her face! Remember the "thinker" picture you had on your other post? What a little Princess she is in her bed! Her jammies blend right into her blanket! Ha! What joy for our family! Thank you, Nellie for sharing your pictures!
I love you all, Susan!

Lois Christensen said...

She is just so beautiful! I'm sure you had the best time!