Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Delicious (Gluten Free) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

So how are things in your world?
Well..I hope!

Things are well here. Just been doing a lot of cook-
ing the last few days.  Made dinner for my friend
with the broken foot again yesterday,  and made
the same thing for us,  but we will be eating ours
tonight,  so all I have to do is pop din din in the
oven tonight.........Am loving that!

Then this morning decided to finally make these
cookies,  got the mix in Asheville and have been
wanting to make them,  just never got to it,  so
thought I have been eating a few too many treats
 that aren't gluten free and need to get back on
track,  so............time to back the cookies.

Now this box will deceive you if you don't read 
it well, as it did me.  Notice it has a chocolate chip
cookie in the picture on the box,  and that is what
 I thought I was getting,  but turned out it is just the
mix without any add ins, so you can add what you
 want.  I actually used it once before back around
Christmas time,  but totally forgot!!  lol

Anywho,  the mix calls for 
!/2 cup of butter or vegetable shortening
(I used 1/2 cup of coconut oil)

1 large egg
(I used egg beaters - 1/4 cup=1egg)

2 tablespoons of water
(I used maybe 5 or 6, once I added the things
I wanted in them)

 optional, you can use 1 -3 cups of add ins.
(I added 1 1/2 cups Oatmeal,  1/4 cup of flax-
seed meal,  3/4 cup of chocolate chips,  and 1/2 cup
 of  chopped pecans.)

A look at the dough!

All I can say is they are delicious,  and am so happy
I made them today!  Cause I sure enjoyed them with
a nice big glass of milk........um um!

and here's the finished product!!

Oh yea, think I saw this same mix at Walmart but
didn't need it at the time, so didn't get that up close
and personal with it,  so check your baking section
as they should have a gluten free area, at least our
stores do..................

Thanks for coming by..............

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Hugs and Happy Baking



Sister Susie Says said...

Yummy, yummy! I think I'll add all of the extra ingredients plus raisins! I surely enjoyed your batch you gave to me when watching Molly! I still need to return your container! I think of that every time I make coffee, but forget to grab it before I come down to visit!

I just got back from brunch with Sylvia. We usually go on the 2nd Tuesday, but they were out of town, so we went today (3rd Tuesday.) Gramm's Kitchen has some really good breakfast wraps for $3.50! Have a great day!
Love you all, Susan

Patti said...

Hi sweet friend,

I have missed you! I went to visit my parents last month and was offline the entire time I was gone. Since returning, I've been busy with other things and haven't been online much. Just finally got back to blogging this week.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Treat and Trick said...

Simple and yummy! Hopefully you try my Green Bean Brownies and thank you for your lovely comment..