Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 14, 2014 - Fun with Photo Affects

Paint daubs affect

Praise the Lord, O my soul.
O Lord my God, you are very great;
you are clothed with splendor and majesty.
Psalm 104:1

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what has your week been like?
Hope it has been a good one.

Mine has been quiet and rainy mostly,
 yet good with some sadness over current
events........but I am gonna choose to focus
on the good things in life.
We watched our lil darling yesterday and she
 just keeps us laughing, she is so funny........
then after she left we did the yard, so nice to 
have that out of the way before the weekend.

Got to talk with Dee today for quite awhile, so
that was one of the highlights of my day. Also
did some reading,  so that was fun, altho I kept

Kept aside some pics from my tablescape
on Tuesday and thought I would play with
affects and use those pictures for today.
All the affects came from Photoshop 4.0,
and they are fun to play around with......
So hope you enjoy them!

Well, on with Thankful Thursday........

Cutout affect

I am thankful

for a lovely time over at Scott and Megans on Sunday.
It was a fun visit, and we get a kick out of watching
Brooklyn at home in her own environment.  She is
into climbing these days, and also looking at books.

that we got to go over there, as it will probably be our
 last visit there, since they are moving very soon....
in the area tho, thank goodness...............

Then we will get to enjoy visiting at their new abode.

Film grain affect

that I have had time to work on  some cards again
this week, mostly for my daughter, course, my
family is usually my inspiration for my cards,
but then I can convert the words in the cards
to be used for whoever I want.

for this wonderful love story we shared in our Sunday
 School class last week.  You will be truly blessed if you
 watch it...I promise!  It's not very long...........

This gentleman wound up caring for his wife for about
 13-15 years, from other info I have read, and he wrote
 a book about it all too...........want to get it myself.  
This man hugely impacted so many people because of 
what he did,   Pastors were talking about him, like the
 one in the video and people were renewing their vows,
 and I read somewhere that it was said it is because in
situations like that it is typical for women to stand by
their men,  but unfortunately,  not so true the other
 way around.
So he is a man to call hero for sure!

colored pencil

that since we can't be with Dee on her Birthday this
 year,  one of her best friends is going to visit her,
 along with her hubby and baby.  So know that
will be a lot of fun for they really
miss each other.

that we have a mail systems where we can mail
 cards and gifts.  She got some Tate's Bakery
Cookies from us today, and was very happy 

Equalized affect

that I finally made a daily " to do" list, just for things
 I need to do to maintain my body and health. 
 Have thought about it many times, so finally did it.
 It has  really freed my mind up not to have to think
 about all that, and now to  just look at my list.
 Have been getting most everything on the list done
this week, which is great!
  Cause sometimes I forget some things.............

Palette knife affect

for Air Conditioning,  especially this time of year when
 it is blazing hot,  100+ temps, and with me having my
 own personal tropical waves..........It is the bomb!!

that I found out yesterday that Dee has made her 
reservations and will be coming to visit in Sept. for
a few days..... Lord willing!
Whoo Hoo.

Gradient map affect

for a nice cozy bed to sleep in every night, with a
 paddle fan breezing right above me.  Bliss!

for God's word,  The Bible....
for there is nothing like it to bring comfort,
instruction and truth.  Some people believe
the Bible is not for today,  but I think it is
just as much for today, as it ever has been.
Because God is the same yesterday, today
and forever, and since the Bible is his word,
I believe it is the same!

Omni lighting affect

for a buy one, get one free coupon to our
favorite Frozen Yogurt Place.  
See ya Sunday,

for a salad with Olive oil and Vinegar dressing
that my Step Mother used to make.  I was
making salad for dinner and thought about it,
as I haven't made it in a long while,
decided there was no time like the present
 and it was so delicious, we had 2 bowls!
Us kids use to fight for the last scraps in 
the salad bowl, it was so good. Think it was
really my fav thing she made,  and she
was a great cook,  and so was my dad.

diffuse glow affect 

Well, there you have it,  another week from
 Cozy Place.

Happy you could come by for a visit,

  would love for you to share something
 you are thankful for ........

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Hope you have a super weekend, full of love,
 life and Laughter.

Hugs and Blessings,



LORY said...

Hey Nellie, This is my first time to visit you, as well. I'm so glad you left me a comment so I could find you. I love this post! Are you doing these with photoshop? My favorite is the cutout affect. I've done some similar things with Live Trace in Photoshop. I like the pencil one, as well. Nice!!


Cassidy Adams said...

Hi Nellie, I always love your thankful Thursdays! They are always a blessing for me to read:-). I hope you have a great weekend!

sistersusiesays said...

I can hardly wait to see our Almighty GOD's splendor and majesty!

I got my grass mowed just before the lightening and thundering started! I will feel the mowing's after effects today, ha!

Since I don't have Dee's address, I'll send her an e-card from Day Spring.

#1. Boo boo times ahead, but it instills her balance to not fall the next time!
#2. Will they still be bringing Brooklyn to you on Wednesdays?
#3. They mean so very much to all who receive them!
#4. So much so when the time comes when one's children pick up caring for their parents where their parents caring stopped with their adult children; even then it's not a complete "break." It's all about family.
#5. Thank goodness for Day Spring!
#6. I remember when we used to have "pin pals" in the mail. Now, e-mail has made it more convenient
even when sending orders to others!
#7. Since retiring, I have to do the same or I forget as soon as I remember something, ha!
#8. Yes, and fewer clothes (since I'm by myself.) lol!
#9. Great, I can give her her birthday gift then!
#10. Yes, I have mine on high! The dogs like it too, ha!
#11. Not to mention the miracle of how it "speaks" to you. One day a verse will have meaning in your life a certain way and then another day the same verse will have meaning in another way concerning our needs.
#12. Publix has good deals too with buy one get one free. I sometimes wonder if they have upped the price for the one.
#13. The last "scraps" have the most salad dressing, ha!
Love you all, Susan

Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Nellie! Brooklyn sounds like a lot of fun with all her new abilities. It's so fun to watch those tiny people grow! I hope your daughter has a terrific birthday. Have a wonderful week Nellie!

BECKY said...

Hey Sweetie,
So thankful for all the many blessings from God! He is truly amazing with how He blesses each of us in the ways that He alone knows will touch our hearts...just love that.

You have some really pretty pieces in these photos! They look lovely with the candlelight.

Started school with Maddy yesterday, and am running 1-2 days behind in pumpkin production. Sales have been good so far. Just. need. more. time. LOL

Hugs and Love,
We'll catch up soon!

Brandi said...

Hi Nellie! So much to be thankful for. We all do! Your post was a great reminder of that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pretty pictures too.