Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hopeful... Dish Playing

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are things going in your 
neck of the woods?? Well,  I hope!

It is a beautiful sunny day at the present,  but amazing
how quickly it can turn into dark clouds and rain!  lol

Typically, this time of year I would be planning a table
for our daughter's birthday, but since she want be here
on her birthday but am hopeful that she is coming in
early September,  I decided to go ahead and plan
a table early, and then can reconstruct it when she

I had come up with this centerpiece way back when I was
planning a table for my SIL Susan's Birthday, the end
 of February but decided on another one, thinking I might
use this one for a friend's Birthday, and since that didn't
happen,  I realized it was perfect to go with these plates
and napkins I found, don't remember where now!!  lol

Anyway, thought they were very pretty with there gray,
white and tan print

Was gonna use a tan tablecloth but decided since
it was still summer to go with the baby blue.
Maybe when I redo it I will use the tan 
since it will be in September...........

I used my corelleware plates, the pretty paper
plates, and a rosenthal silver edged dessert plate.

Scouted the house for all things silver, then found some
 white things to add in to tie it together.

 colored pencil affect

Decided to use the napkins sort of like a crown,
I guess you would call it.
If you want to know how I did it........let me
know and I will do a tutorial,  it is very simple.

Shot from opposite end of table, where the window is...

this lil candle holder is just silver napkin ring with
 a tea light candel in it.

 with gradient map affet

 With diffuse glow affect

Had to tuck just a few of these cute lil birdies in............

 A nice overview

 Have had this antigue looking pitcher for
at least  36 now it is at

After I took all those pics thought where else could I tuck
a lil more of this print in and thought to open the napkins up
all the way,  and sure enought the print was all the way
around,  so I ironed the creases out and used them as like
a place mat.

Liked the look,  just a bit more festive.

Thought it looked traditional enough to use stem ware.

This table cost me all of $2.00

Was too lazy to relight the candles!!

Too many pics as always,  it is like you don't
 realize how many you take then trying to
 choose which ones just takes so much time,
 I just do them all,  sometimes cropping if
 necessary and ocassionally an affect.
Much easier and much less time consuming.

Well,  hope you enjoyed your visit,
and come back real soon............and
would love for you to let me know you
were here.

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Have a lovely rest of the week,

Hugs and Blessings,


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So pretty Nellie! Lovely dishes and so much silvery sparkle...

sistersusiesays said...

I like the pictures with the natural light in the background!

I love your vintage pitcher as well as the big magnolia! The string of beads just sets everything off!

Only two dollars, wow! Your next to the last picture is my favorite! It has the backyard through the picture window!

What's great is when I get to see your place settings in person! LOL! Privilege of being your SIL!
I love you all! Susan

Unknown said...

I love to use napkins as placemats too. Your table looks lovely. I'm sure when your daughter comes home you will all have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Still not typing much due to rotator surgery...I do love it. That silver pitcher is divine.

Unknown said...

Hi Nellie,
I am new to your blog. I decided to visit some blogs that I haven't been too! I love your napkin as a place mat idea. You set a very pretty table. All your silver is stunning! Glad I stopped by!
Blessings My Friend,