Thursday, October 29, 2015

Short thankful post for Oct. 29, 2015, White living room - Etagere part 1,

Praise be to God,
 who has not rejected my prayer 
or withheld his love from me!
Psalm 66:20

Happy Thursday Sweet Friends,

So...........How are ya?? 
 Doing well, I hope!

We are still having fun, so this will not be my
typical Thankful Thursday post,  since I am
limited on time, and all but this opening part
 was already prepared ahead of time,  but can
think of 2 thanksfuls right off the top of my

I am thankful 
for a movie we saw this
week called "Woodlawn".  It is based
on a true story, and is truly such an
 inspirational movie, bring your tissues
as I wept thru most of the movie  as 
this movie shows a remarkable moving
of God.  Good weeping, for sure!

I am thankful
for a book we have been reading by
Dr. Ben Carson called "A more per-
fect Union",  it is really a good book
and I think every American needs to
read it..............we would highly
recommend it...............

Had to come back and add this one.

I am thankful
that the Lord protected my SIL Susan
from a possible accident when the 
brakes just totally went out on her 
truck.  Also that she was able to 
have it towed, and that she knew 
where to send it since she gets it
 serviced on a regular basis. They 
replaced her master cylinder and
 gave the truck a thorough going over
 to make sure everything else is fine.
So she is up and running again.

Gonna stop there for today................
So hope you enjoy the pics of our Fall

This adorable lil plaster of paris pumpkin
and leaf were a gift from Becky,
 "The pumpkin Queen" over at Time Washed.  
She gave it to me some years back, and
 have to say it is definitely one of my favs!
Course, I love all my
In case you have never visited her blog,
but would like to.........

with poster edges affect

Decided to change it up just a lil,  thought
 the white punkin showed up much better
 on the grapevine, and put the leaf where
 it shows up more too!

With paint daubs and equalized affect.

I am thankful for you Sweet Friends, 
always enjoy knowing you came by
 and thanks for your encouragement, 
prayers, and lovely comments and
 just taking the time to visit.

Have a really Delightful Friday
and Weekend!

Love, Hugs and
Fun Autumn Blessings,


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  1. What a beautiful post!! Love the white with the fall touches!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my Christmas blog and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!
    I have so many trees because i LOVE ornaments and have collected them for many years.....


  2. I love to read your thankful posts, Nellie. It's amazing what all we have to be thankful for, even on a really bad day. Hoping you and your family are doing well. Our DIL just lost the twins she was carrying and she was exactly at three months. So that's one of our bad days, but there was still good to be found in it.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love the Peace they give me. Gorgeous!

  4. I love that white pumpkin! Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  5. #1. I've heard several other people talking about it.
    #2. I'm sure the LORD has led him to write about things that the
    secular society would benefit from as well.
    #3. Amen, I'm still having praise to our LORD on my lips for it every morning I wake up! I call it my miracle blessing!
    I love you all, Susan

  6. I'm so thankful Susan was not hurt and that her truck is now fixed. Good grief that sweet lady has had some trials with her two breaks on her body and now this. Give her a hug for me, ok? The house looks beautiful
    of course. Love, B

  7. What a beautiful way to decorate and give God the glory, I love it!! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty


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