Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday October 22, 2015, and Fall scenes from Cozy Place Past.......

For everything God created is good,
 and nothing is to be rejected
 if it is received with thanksgiving,
1 Timothy 4:4

Greeting Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you enjoying life.

We sure are.....hubby has been on
vacation so we are enjoying the
time together and having a fun
time, and just doing whatever
we want for the most part.

So you probably want hear a lot
from me for awhile, but I did 
prepare a few posts with pics,
so will post those...........when
or if I have the time.

Hubby started coming down
with a cold and has felt pretty
good until around noonish today
so he decided a nap might be a
good idea, so that gave me some
time to finish this post which
was almost done, just late for
the aforementioned reasons.  lol
So hope you enjoy it.

I Am Thankful

that I got my french doors painted
and they look so nice,  also that we
were finally able to get the lock back
in the door,  it really gave us a run
for our money and took over an
hour to get it
Ridiculous Really........

that a friend who is a single parent and
and has some mega financial needs w/
lots of things going wrong with her
house and car was able to get some
help from some friends and our/her
 church. Course, those are just drops
 in the bucket to what she really needs,
 but did get a few things off the list
 anyway, and of course, she is so
grateful for that..........

for a good time with Scott, Megan and
 the baby Sunday evening. Lil darling 
just cracked us up because Megan had
 bought her a Minnie Mouse nite gown
 and brought it to put on her later for bed
time, but once she saw it, she wanted to
 put it on right away........and once she
 had it on,  she was one tickled pink 
lil gal.........she is just so adorable...

that I successful made some nice scented
 spray to use in the bathroom. I typically
just use bath and body spray, since you can
 find a color to match and they smell great.
So last time I went to Target I decided to
buy some since we were almost out, but
they didn't have a color that would go....
 so the thought came to me that I have a
 number of scented oils so maybe I should
 just try and make my own.  So had one
 called Enchanted Orchid that was nice.

So here is how I did it.............
So rinsed out the bottle good, of the had
 used up, then put about 6 drops of oil in,
 and then added filtered water almost to
 the top. Shook it up and sprayed it, and
it still needed a lil more scent,  so added
 4 more drops of oil.  (You might have to
adjust that base on the scented oil you
and wella.......... a non aerosol bathroom
 spray,  and saved us over $8..........smells
 great and it is clear, with no color for now, 
but I can always add a lil food coloring if 
I want....and it took less than
 5 mins. to make.

that I was able to take our kitty in to
the vet last Friday for her yearly phy-
sical, and her shots. Guess this is the
season for getting us all to the
I really am not crazy about going to
the Vets office either.....just some
 thing about the smell in there that
I can't know what ??
As I am writing this it just occurred
to me,  I don't remember smelling it
this time! Think that smell is some
thing that they disinfect with, and
maybe they changed that........Oh,.
That would sure work for me!!  lol

that Avantage pet pest control does 
not have an expiration date, as we had
2 doses left and as you pet lovers know
it is fairly expensive, so nice to be able
to still use I don't put it on
her all the time, cause it is a pesticide
and you gotta wonder how that affects
them physically..........

that a crazy dream I had on Tuesday
morning was just that... a dream..........
One of those dreams that wake you up
 with a sense of panic, and then you are
so so happy it was a dream.

for a new to me snack discovery......
that is quite delicious....
I used Keebler Club House reduced
fat crackers, sharp shredded cheese
and Honey Crisp Apples.
Just put the crackers on a plate and
sprinkle them with cheese and then
melt in the microwave for 30 secs.
then add a thin slice of apple on

for Honey Crisp Apples............
Now I am not a huge apple person
unless they are in a salad, but I can
really eat these honey crisp apples,
they are the best apple out there
as far as I am concerned, if you have
never tried one, you should definitely
try them.

for a really cute and pretty fabric 
shower curtain that will go perfect 
in our master bathroom and it was
 only $10. Got it at the Christmas tree
store week before last, but had for-
gotten about it, cause something
got laid on top of
Does that happen at your house??

the Lord reminded me this was Pastor
appreciation month, as I had forgotten
since it has been rather busy lately, so 
was glad to be able to send a note of 
appreciation to our 3 Pastors and their
 wives ......... cause we so appreciate
and love all them............they are
all great folks.

that hubby has this time off, cause we
always enjoy it so much, and just
hope he doesn't get to feeling any
worse, than now.....or me, as I am
starting to feel a bit achy and sore
throatish myself.  So if you feel led
to send up a few prayers in our behalf, 
 we would not mind a bit!! lol

Thanks for coming by...............
always love knowing you have been
by to visit.

Have a great Weekend!

Love,  Hugs and
Last Week of October Blessings,

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NanaNor's said...

Harvest Blessings to you Nellie, Just lifted you up for a quick recovery or lack of cold. Love all your photos of your harvest decorations; I also always love your grateful heart.
Sending hugs your way dear friend.

Audrey said...

So festive! Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty this week. I hope you join us next week.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I find the least little thing I get done is a great accomplishment, ha!
#2. It is so good when the least of any problem is taken care of! I'll put her on my prayer list.
#3. I bet she didn't want to take it off!
#4. I had to use some Febreeze last night after I burnt my toast! Shew, the
smell was all in the house!
#5. They are pretty good to spray and wipe down the table in the room you take your pet into.
#6. With my cats being inside, I never used it. But I do use the Sentinel chews with the dogs.
#7. I've occasionally had that happen, but as I wake up I can't remember it!
#8. I'll have to try that!
#9. I love my baked apples, but just for me it's too much work, ha!
#10. I continually work on not letting stuff pile up other than my newspapers!
#11. They are indeed appreciated for all they do, even Rev. Hartman!
#12. I surely will!
I love you all, Susan

Mimi said...

I love these posts of yours best of all Nellie. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou. Will you join me again this week? Mimi xxx

Unknown said...

Love all the fall colors in there! Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.