Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday October 8, 2015, more Fall table tops part 1

Give thanks to the LORD,
 call on his name; 
make known among the nations 
what he has done. 
Psalm 105:1

Happy Thursday 
Sweet Friends,

Hope this truly finds you well, 
and hap, hap, happy.......

I am hap hap happy over our lil
bit cooler weather, and it was
fun to get outside in the cool
of the morning and repot some
 plants today.  It is also cooler on 
the porch since we are having
cooler evenings, so the porch
doesn't get as hot in the day
time, so lil darling and I were
able to be out there more
yesterday, which makes her
very happy...........

Here are just a few more Fall
table tops I thought I would
show ya.........and I will get
on with Thankful Thursday,
and I am on time too,  can
you believe

I am thankful

that hurricane joacquin went far away
from us and the east coast of the U.S.
It has been a quiet hurricane season
in which we are very grateful for.....

that we had a fun time with our newest
grand daughter Dog, Lola.  she spent
4 days with us while the kids were all
away in N.C. to see Megans family.
She is the sweetest lil dog, and just
worms her way right into your heart.

This bowl has special meaning as my Dad won
 it for my Mom at the fair when I was a baby.
I love being able to use it every Fall, it is
 what they call carnival glass.

for lil doggie diapers as Lola has a
nervous wee wee problem. We wonder
if the person who had her before may-
be mistreated her or something cause
anytime you go to reach down to pet
her or pick her up, she will sort of 
crouch down and then wee. She didn't
like them at first, and was  walking
 funny, she looked like a walking horse-
shoe, which was a riot, but once we
 got them on her tight enough, she
 seemed to not mind at
 we were very happy about that.........

that Scott, Megan and the baby and 
her family all made it home safe and
sound.  We were a bit concerned as
they had to go thru S.C. on the way
home, and S.C. had all the flooding
going on.....and sections of I-95
were closed down, but Scott said they 
didn't have to do too much detouring
 and got home in a fairly decent
 amount of time thankfully.

for a sweet surprise from hubby Tues.
night...he brought home everything
bagels and cream cheese w/ chives
from panera bakery.  We luv luv
luv these bagels and cream cheese.
We never knew Panera had them till
the last time we were at Dee's and
Jerry brought us some........and I
have been thinking about them
off and on every
So have had one every day, only

for Ann at On Sutton's Place blog,
 she really has a lovely blog, and she
makes all these free printables that
 anyone can download and use,  and
 I have used a number of them in my
seasonal decorating the past few yrs.
 If you aren't familiar with her,  you 
really should check her out.  
Just Click here
 or go to "

With poster edges affect

steamed shrimp with lemon herb
 seasoning. and that they steam it for me
 at my local grocer Publix. We had it
for din din this week, and we always
enjoy it so much.

Polar Coordinates of the above table top, I like this affect
cause it is like modern

for a new TV series that we found on
Roku that is very wholesome, and very
good, called "Heartland".  It is a great 
story about people who own a horse
 ranch. Didn't really sound all that
interesting to me, but we decided to
try watching a few and now I just
love it, and look forward to watching
each new episode.  Nice to find
something so wholesome that was
on TV for a change.
Highly recommend it!

that we got more work done in the
backyard, and started laying some
mulch,  looking better but more

for 3 nights in a row, of a good 8 hr. 
nights sleep. Amazing what a good
nights sleep can do for you!

With photocopy affect

that we got our new electric bill and
it was $100. less than last month due
to our new A/C unit we had put in and
it should be less next month, cause this
bill didn't cover the whole month.

for little children, especially our lil 
darling.........cause she is a constant
reminder to me of what a miracle she
and every other child really is........
it simply fascinates me at how they
come into the world and can't do any-
thing for themselves and within 2
 years or less they amaze you with all
 that they can do, and all they are
 continually learning to do. They are
just like lil sponges soaking up every
thing they see and hear. I so enjoy 
watching her learn and do, as I did 
with my own sweet children...........


Well, Sweet Friends's
 to another week at cozy place.

Glad you decided to stop by, and

  would love to hear some of the things
 you are thankful for.

Have a Sweet Friday and Weekend!

Love, Hugs, and

Festive FAll Blessings to Yall,


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Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Nellie, so glad the weather has cooled enough to go out and enjoy it. It is cooler here too, especially at night, so we can sleep well.
Our oldest dog, lacy also wears diapers. She has dementia. I know you had lots of fun dog sitting. Blessings

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Nellie, thank you for recommending Heartland, it's on my Netflix list, and I am going to suggest we start watching it. Glad it's cooler there!

Poppy said...

Glad your family arrived home safely in the peak of the that horrible hurricane, Nellie! Your vignettes are all very pretty and a lovely way to welcome the beauty of autumn.

Happy weekend to you!


Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie! Thank you for checking in on me. You and Susan are better friends than I deserve. Honestly I am so sorry for falling off the blogging circuit. I'm always thinking I will get back but I am helping so many people with their family history that I barely have time for blogging anymore. And what is worse I am doing so much teaching which generates a ton of email and then I don't even want to be on my computer when I have two minutes.

But I will say I am loving my job at the Genealogy Library. it is so rewarding to help people find their ancestors and learn more about who they are and their blessings because of the sacrifices of the people that came before. I have met incredible friends there and it is my favorite job ever. I love it as much as I did having my own decorating business but I can't do that anymore due to my knees. Butt his work I do now is so well suited to what I love to do so it is perfect for me. And because Jim and I do it together it is all the better.

Our kids are all fine. Hazie is 8 now and Piper will be 17 in March. They are not babies anymore but they will always be our babies along with their parents. All ten of them are a delight. We have one in every grade but 4th up to two Juniors in HS one Sophomore and one Freshman.

We have traveled so much this year. I am working on blog post that will be up soon on our trip to Washington last week for a family reunion. And I'm still trying to get time to finish several posts on our Wales trip. It is ll coming but moving like a glacier.

I am so happy to see that all is going well for you. And the kids and your little precious granddaughter. And your new grand puppy. And dear Sweet Susan isn finally getting better. I dearly love you all. Sorry again I have bene so absent but you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your home looks so pretty and festive as always. Love, Bon

Bonnie said...

Please forgive my typos. I accidentally hit send prematurely. Love B

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Your Fall vignettes are all so sweet, Nellie! So glad your family made it home safely....such devastation. I never heard of those pet diapers, but what a great invention!

Bonnie said...

I'm thankful for inspiration from bloggers like you. It is always inspiring and usually heart warming to see good people from all over the nation and world. We have so much to be thankful for.
Sleep is a GREAT blessing isn't it. Family and friends are extra special blessings. I'm thankful today my friends grandson was not injured in a car accident.
Have a great weekend.

Mimi said...

Dearest Nellie. Another gorgeous post from you. I must take a look at Heartland. We're always looking for some engaging programmes to watch. Your Lil Darlin' sounds like mine. They ARE a miracle, aren't they? Lots of Love, Mimi xxx

sistersusiesays said...

I'm really late in replying!
#1. Yes, I was praying all the time. I surely pray they find the cargo ship that went down amid the hurricane.
#2. She surely is a sweetie pie! I bet she missed Brooklyn. I pray they did not have to go through any of the flooding areas of South Carolina.
#3. She may have some anxiety in missing her family, usual routine and surroundings.
#4. My answer to #2.
#5. I have so much wished they would put one in our area.
#6. I will do just that.
#7. I usually get it in the ole bay flavoring!
#8. Yes, I can't believe how today's shows are in the gutter! I'm so happy with the digital antennae to find the shows that are wholesome.
#9. I'm so glad Steve and his wife do my 2 acres, edging, cutting back the overgrowth for only $60.00!
#10. I have no problem sleeping at night, I just have to keep busy to not sleep throughout the day, ha!
#11. Isn't that great!!! The last 2 months mine has been $149.00 and $153.00! W.O.W.
#12. I've often wondered what they were "thinking" in their beginning years of non speech.
Love you all, Susan

Unknown said...

Loving your Thankful list! Quite intrigued by #11. Our bill is outrageous. :(

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