Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quick way to make new wall artwork

Hello Sweet Friends,

How are you??
Hope you might be having a bit of
 warmer weather too.  We are up to 80
 degrees here in Florida today, and we
are going back into the 60's tomorrow,
so happy about that, as I am not ready
for our Winter Season to be over.....
but the break was nice...and timely
as you will read. lol

I have just been trying to get the
 house back to normal and washing a
 ton of laundry.....as my washer and 
dryer are in the garage and when it
 was so cold..........I did not want to 
visit out there!!  lol  So now all the
 laundry is done but folding the last
 load, so quite happy about that!  

Thought I would share with you 
how I made some quick wall art
today......I have been decorating
the family room in greens, shiny
golds and white with some touches
of robins egg blue.....

So this is how it all started............

This was a picture I wrapped for
 Christmas and it was a subtle herringbone
 pattern in green,  which I used as a table
 runner a few years back, so since I didn't 
have all my wrapping paper out yet, 
 I grabbed it out of my stash and then 
hung some ribbon on it, and it looked
 way better than this picture makes it 
look for sure........lol 

Just a bad picture.!

Here is an upclose shot so you can
see how it really looks...............
It is a very thick good quality paper
as well,  so does not tear easily
which is very helpful.....

Since we happened on a new picture for 
over the fireplace,  I wanted this wall to
 have sort of a similar look, so kept thinking
what could I do with this wrapped picture
cause it would go....but what could I
do to make it look like art work.........
Well, after praying about it, I believe
 the Lord gave me an idea.........

I could string botanical prints on it......
So I went to google images and looked
for some,  but had trouble finding the
right size prints,  and then came upon
these pear prints......3 of them as you
will see below...

So I printed them all......

with the intentions of running jute 
across and pinning them on with tiny
 clothes pins, had the twine and thought
 I had the clothes pins, but can not find 
them anywhere,  so since I am not
wanting to slow down my progress,
just decided...................

to tape them on...........so I rolled  large
 pcs. of masking tape and stuck it on
the back and stuck them on the wrapping
paper.....figured I can always change it 
later if I find my lil pins.

So was happy with the way it turned out,
it solved my problem and has a unique
look to it, and now I can 
move on.............lol

but before I did I figured I should do 
a little something in this corner to make 
it go together as well......

So that's my story and I am
 sticking to it...........lol

Hope you are having a good week
so far.......

Thanks for dropping by.

Love, Hugs and 
End of January Blessings,


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  1. WOW! Nellie, you find the most pretty things to do! Thank you for sharing it! Love you all, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan,

    Have a great day,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  3. I like your story, Nellie, and I also love your prints, I used to have pear prints in my dining room, they were always so soothing to the eye. I am now wondering what happened to them. LOL. Do you ever put things away and forget!, naw, you are way to young to be forgetting.
    I also ask the Lord for help in my home, from cleaning to decorating. Without Him I can do nothing.
    Thanks for sharing, have a blessed weekend.

  4. Thank you Sue,
    So nice to hear from you.....and yes, I do put things away and forget about them, and also
    when I do remember forgot where I put them........and have to hunt them up....lol
    I wish I could say I am too young to be forgetting.....but I will be 66 in March, so find
    it seems to go with the territory unfortunately....lol
    Yes, I agree.....it is an excellent thing to ask for the Lords help, and we are not too
    smart when we don't since we have all the wisdom of the universe at our disposal.
    Thanks so much for coming by, you are always a blessing.
    Take Care, and many blessings to you.

  5. The prints are so pretty! What a quick and easy way to make wall decor. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty linky.

  6. Thank you Nicole and thanks for coming by to visit.
    Thank for helping to host Home Matters linky party.

    Blessings, Nellie


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