Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter family/great room 2018 part 2


                            Happy Wednesday Sweet Folks,

How in the world are you??

I am doing fine, just pretty busy, and
 really thought I would only have time 
to do a Thankful Thursday post this week,
 but since I had the pictures edited already,
  and had time to download or upload them
 which ever it lil darling is
napping figured I would go ahead.

Pictures are from our Winter Family room
 for this year.  If you missed part 1,  and
would like to see it, just click here.

We have sort of a star and pear theme 
going on at our house this Winter.......
and it really wasn't

My one new piece

A green glass candlestick from
HomeGoods I found in January.

Added a lil bling to my lil carrier with jars, 
 they were the sparkle for the top of our tree
 this year, so have been into bling this past
year, so figured why not......

This cart has become our new side table
for the sofa for the last year now.  I used
to have it in my bedroom.

I really enjoy moving things room to room
as it gives them a totally different look.

Decided it needed a bit more bling so
 I added some silver mercury glass 
candle holders.

What do you think??
I really like to use candles a lot during
 the cooler seasons.........cause just too
hot here in Florida when the weather 
is not cool.........

an overall look........

Well, hope you enjoyed the tour.

Have a really great day,

Love, Hugs and 
Last of February Blessings,


Oh, and Happy Birthday to Susan
my sweet sister-in-law....
She is older than me..eee!  Nanny
Nanny Boo

but only by about 29
Just have to have a lil fun with her...


  1. WOW! You have been busy! I like how you come up with so many different themes! Looks great, Nellie! I can hardly wait to see it in person! Love you all, Susan

  2. Morning Susan,
    Finally getting around to
    Yep I have been busy, but this week I am lazing around........

    Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments,

    Have a great week,
    Love, Nellie

    You looked real pretty in your blouse yesterday...

  3. Thank you for sharing your post with us on Friday Features last week your room is lovely with such nice treasures! Hope you will join us again this week!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Karren,
    So nice to have you visit and thanks for your kind comments...
    Thanks for hosting Friday Features for all of us to enjoy as well.
    Hope you have a pleasant weekend,


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