Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas in the Foyer and Living Room 2018

Well.........Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you happily preparing
for the Most Wonderful Day of the year,
while enjoying the Most Wonderful
time of the year.........

We have been working hard in the
daytime, and by night fall, we are
enjoying watching Christmas movies,
and enjoying eggnog, and even some
fruit cake, lol, had my first hot choco-
late of the season today, loving the
Christmas music and the decorations
and just all the preparations. Getting 
a lot done early, so will have plenty 
of time to visit with my daughter and 
hubby when they arrive here near

Thought I would show you a bit of 
what I have been up to.....

Starting off in our foyer.............
moved my magnolia pictue from
the fireplace mantle to the foyer
for a nice change.

A printable I made to go with our Most
wonderful time of the year picture.
Just added some scrap book embellish-
ments to it to dress it up a bit.

Now onto the living room.....

Our cute lil snowman that plays
"Let it snow", a gift from my
Sister-in-law quite a few years
ago now. Lil darling has really
enjoyed him every year.

We do our home schooling here on
 Wednesdays at this white table.
 Who knew when I rearranged this
 last year so that lil darling and I could
 color and play without having to get
on the floor, that we would be using 
it for that!!  lol  Always amazes
me how God goes before us many
times and prepares things we don't
even know we will need.

Here are some closeups of the 
shelves on our etagere' from
the bottom up.....on the left

Middle shelf

Top Shelf 

Now for the top shelf on the right
 and down..... 

 With an equalized affect

with a photocopy affect

Last 2 bottom shelves

with polar coordinates affect....
just for fun....I call it my Alice
in Wonderland affect.....lol
They look much better if you click
 on the picture to enlarge them.

The shelf that is across the

You can't see what is on the wreath
too well.

Here it is a cute glittery
 Christmas tree.....

Well, only 12 days to go, so we can
start singing "The 12 days of
Christmas" now......

Thanks for coming by and
Merry Christmas!!

Love, Hugs and
Merry Christmas Blessings,


  1. Just Beautiful!!! You now enjoy your rewards of sitting back and "taking it all in!" As the song says, "The weather outside is delightful..." but don't let it snow, snow, snow, lol!
    Frost was everywhere this morning!! So outside is "decorated" for Christmas too! Love yo, Susan


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