Friday, December 21, 2018

Thankful Thursday December 20, 2018, Christmas's past 4

Seasons Greetings
Sweet Friends.

How are coming along?  Are you 

about ready?  Hope so......

We are getting ready to have a
wrap- a- thon over here.  Got every
thing out and getting ready to set
up a wrapping station.....

Pics today are from Christmas's
Past again.

I will let my post do the talking
as I have been adding to it all

Thankful for my Daddy who has
been spending his birthday with
Jesus for 24 years now, as of
December 15th.......

#2 and 3
Thankful for our annual Christ-
mas program at church,  it is
always great!  and Thankful
that our granddaughter and
Daughter and love got to 
come with us this year.

#4 and 5
Thankful to hear from a long
time friend of 46 years that will
be in town and wants to meet
us for dinner on Tuesday night.
Love surprises like this!!

Thankful for a fun dinner visiting
 with's been about 4 yrs.
 since we last saw him.

Thankful lil darling got to see
our neighbors Christmas display
on Sunday evening. They are new
neighbors and they have a whole
yard full of blow up characters,
but every time she sees them it is
 in the daytime and they are all
 deflated and laying in the yard
not looking so hot!!  lol  So she
has been dying to see them at

Thankful that we have our guest
bedroom and bath all done (Mon.)
and ready for our daughter and
son-in-loves visit next week. 
One more thing off our list.

Thankful that we got our trip to
Sam's done on Tuesday, one
more thing off our list.  lol

Thankful that hubby and lil darling
finished their Christmas project
today (Thursday).  Hubby did the
hard parts and she did a great job 
decorating it with stickers and
stick on pcs.....really came out
very was a kit!

Taken 2 days ago.  Click on the pic
to get a better look.....

Thankful we are having another cool
front  and looks like we will be in the 
low 70's for Christmas, which is way
better than the mid 80's here in

Thankful that our son, daughter
and son-in-love who were all
 traveling  to Florida yesterday
during some bad rainstorms all
made it to their destinations
safe and sound.

Thankful that my cousin up north
got her  Christmas gift yesterday. 
 Last year I sent her flowers and
 she lives in an apt. bldg. with a 
lobby and the delivery person just
 left them in the lobby without 
telling anyone,  and someone just
 happened to see them and let
 her know......Thank goodness!

Well, that's been our week here
at Cozy Place........

Thanks for coming by.....

Hope you get everything 
done that needs doing, and
have a great time doing it
as well.

Merry Christmas Blessings,

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  1. #!. Praise our LORD we will see him again! As well as my mom and dad too! What a joyful reunion we have for the future!
    #2 & #3. Yes! I was so tickled to see Brooklyn! I didn't get to see Megan!
    #4 & #5. Yes indeed! I know you had a most wonderful time!
    #6. She is filled with great joy! I can just see the "light" in her eyes!
    #7. It is surely great to get things accomplished!
    #8. It's surely great to get it all done and with Jim too!
    #9. What a joyful memory for both of them!
    #10. My heat has been on quite a lot here lately!
    #11. Thank the LORD. It surely rained hard here with some wind!
    #12. It's always great to find out when they receive the gifts!
    Merry Christmas and see you Christmas day! Love you, Susan


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