Saturday, March 9, 2019

Thankful Thursday March 7, 2018, Winter Living room Part 2

I will sing the LORD’s praise, 
for he has been good to me.
Psalm 13:6 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you first week of March
has been a good one.

Ours has been busy but good, 
with a few bumps/and joys
 in the road.
I was under the weather for a
few days since last Thursday
and lil darling was sick with 
virus, but doing better now.

Our daughter came on Thurs.
afternoon, and it was so good
to see her as always, she just
left around noon today (Sat.)
Hence the reason this post is so
It is always so good to see her
but we are always sorry to see 
her go, but thankful that we got 
to see her no matter how long...

Pics today are from the rest of 
our Winter Living room. If you
missed Part 1 and would like
to see it, Just click here.

Now on with my Thankfuls......

Thankful that my blood pressure
is back to normal.....for some 
strange reason my blood pressure
was higher than normal for a few
days, and I was feeling rather
jittery, irritable and tired. I was
going thru my normal hormonal
time of not sleeping well, and
looked it up, online to see if lack
of sleep could cause that and it
said it could, so hoping that is
all there was to it.  I have never
experienced that before.

Thankful for a great time with
the family on Sunday celebrating
my sister-in-law and lil darlings
birthday. A good time was had
by all..............

Thankful my hubby got my
camera settings straightened
out, as my pictures were not
coming out was like
the aperature was opening 
too much and letting in too
much light or something.
Anyway, my hero, Mr fix it,
fixed it again...........

Thankful for a really neat 
movie we watched called
"I Believe". About a young
boy who just took God at
his word, very inspiring

Thankful that hubby once
again was able to fix some-
thing....this time it was our just quit working 
but he did some research
online and figured out how
to fix it. He never ceases
to amaze me.

Colored Pencil affect

Thankful that my daughter
is gonna get to be here for
hubbies birthday celebration
on Thursday evening. The
timing worked out perfectly
as she is coming to visit and
see her old room-mate/friend
and meet her new baby. 

Thankful for the joy and 
blessing of watching a
video of a daughter (who
was adopted for Latvia
several years ago, singing
with her brothers.  She
has come along way and
is such a precious girl as
well as the family she
comes from. Check out
Beneath my Heart blog.
Think you will really
enjoy it.........
Click here or type it in
for yourself.
/2019/03/sania-singing-her-favorite-song/It made me puddle up,
maybe because I know
the back story, but think
you might get a lil heart
tug as well.

# 8
Thankful for a good report
at the dentist on Tuesday....
had my cleaning that
is always good news.

Thankful that I got all my
errands run in preparation for 
hubbies birthday celebration
on Thursday evening.

Thankful for the beautiful
clear sunny day and a high
of 62 happy for
cooler weather again.....
hoping for

Thankful for another great
time with the family for
Hubbies birthday. So great
when we can all be together
but sorry our son-in-love 
and new furry grandson
 dog weren't able to come 

With poster edge affect

Thankful Dee made it here
safe and sound and was able
to see her friend, think it was
a real blessing to her friend.

Well, that's all folks as Porky
Pig would

Hope you are having a lovely

Love, Hugs and
First week of March


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  1. #1. I'm praying the LORD blesses your blood pressure to stay at normal!
    #2. Yes! It was a time of great joy for us all! Thank you for all you did!!!
    #3. Yea for the "Mr. Fix-it's" in our lives. Dad was pretty good at it when we didn't have all this elaborate stuff today 25 years ago!
    #4. Yes, LIGHT TV had a movie I watched last night called, "In the Blink of an Eye!" You know what that was about!!!
    #5. Mine was "acting up" by having lines running through the print out! I shut it off and turned it back on and it corrected the problem. I think the print head had to re-align itself.
    #6. It was so good to see her again as well as some pictures she had of Bentley!
    #7. What joy for family to sing together!
    #8. I am so glad the LORD has blessed me with passed dental work and not having to have it done now!
    #9. It's always great to have all of that done! I'm so glad when I finish my weekly shopping and get back home!
    #10. The LORD has blessed us with great weather this year! I pray He blesses us with no bad storms this year!
    #11. Yes, I missed seeing them as well!
    #12. I'm so happy for them both!
    Love you all, Susan

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  3. So far BP has been fine, really think it was the lack of sleep....but thanks for praying
    Your welcome, last week was fun and I always enjoy doing these dinners, but I am glad when it is over...cause I am pooped, but did some recouping over the weekend.
    I think all this oak pollen isn't helping
    Have a good night,
    Love, Nellie


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