Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Winter in the Foyer and Living room

 Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends,

How are things going at your house??

I was a bit under the weather on 
Monday,  so didn't do much of any-
thing but nap and lay around, but
 felt much better on Tuesday, which
 was good since I had an appt. for 
a dental cleaning, and was able to
go, and also do some errands that
I had planned to do as well.

Today, lil darling is not feeling well,
 so she is sound asleep on the sofa
right now, bless her heart.  I am a 
firm believer that sleep and rest are
 the best medicine for anyone when
 they are sick. I think it helps you
get over stuff more quickly. So
hoping it does the trick for lil
one too.

Since Spring will soon be upon us, 
and I will be changing things again
so, I figured I would show you our 
Winter Foyer and living room today.

Since I already had the framed
 Magnolia print in the foyer at 
Christmas, I decided to leave
 it there and...

and add another one I had in our
dressing room area. Like to use
faux pine greenery. white picks
and pinecones for my Winter
decorating like many of you.

and since I have a lot of white pieces
I pull those out as well. Guess they
seem fitting as I envision Winter
with snow, so since we don't get
any is a nice reminder
of what we are missing.  

This is our coffee table in the living room,
 by the way, in case you hadn't figured that
 out. lol   I also keep these antique looking
Christmas balls to use just for Winter.

Here is the a shot of most of the living
 room. I always enjoy styling the
 etagere' shelves back there.

This is a closeup of the first bottom
 shelf on the right.

With Omni affect

Here is the middle shelf.

with colored pencil affect. It is fun
trying out the photoshop affects
at times..............

Here's the Top Shelf.  Love the 
contrast of the brown, green and
gold with the white pitchers.

With Poster Edges Affect.

Well, that's it for today, 
Part 2, will be pictures
tomorrow for Thankful

Have a lovely Day!

Love, Hugs and 
Early March Blessings,

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