Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Thankful Thursday October 24, 2019, Fall Table from the past #5

 I will proclaim the name of the LORD.
 Oh, praise the greatness of our God!
Deuteronomy 32:3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how are ya??  Doing well I hope.

Been a good week here.  Todays
our day to get lil darling so looking
forward to seeing her, of course.
Her Mom text me her school pic
this morning....and be still my beautiful and sweet!

Well, have a good day!

Pictures today are from another
Fall table past. Think this might
have been for my daughter-in-
loves birthday.

So on with my Thankfuls......

Thankful for a fun night out
with our friends, going to see
Downton Abbey and then
 having breakfast at Perkins 
afterwards. It made for a late
night, but loved it. 

Thankful for a great time at my 
Son, Daughter- in-love and lil 
darlings house, and for a yummy
spaghetti dinner and a great
time just being together.

Thankful for some encouraging
feedback from a friend of my
daughters on one of my cards
she sent her.

Thankful for a lot of printables
I got done for our shop.

Thankful that the tropical storm
that hit Florida over the weekend
caused no damage to life or
property,  and didn't cause our
daughter and hubby any problems
since it went thru by them too
and they were at the beach 
house this passed weekend.

Thankful that we got to watch
2 twin girls, that belong to the
single Mom I have mentioned
a number of times, get baptized
on Sunday, and it was there
 Mom who led them to the Lord.
Such a precious thing.

Thankful to see our Pastors wife,
that moved away weeks back at 
church on Sunday.  Her hubby
 will be here in a few days as they
came for him to officiate at the
Wedding of one of their passed
students. Hoping they will still
be here on Sunday, so we can
see him too.

Thankful for the life and legacy of
a dear sweet lady from our church,
named Adrienne, and that she is no 
longer suffering with cancer,  as she
 went home to be with Jesus this 
passed Monday. Good News for her,
 but not so good for her husband,
3 adult children and grandchildren
and friends who loved her.  If you
feel so led please pray with me
 for them.

So Thankful for my and her faith 
in Jesus, for it is when we lose 
people that we really understand in
 a much deeper way what we have
 in Jesus,where death is concerned.
 For it is just saying good bye
 temporarily....not permanently.
  As we will see them again once
 we get to heaven. 
 Thank You Jesus!!


Thankful that I tried a new crock
pot recipe that Marty over at "A
Stroll thru life" put on her blog.
It was for making a small 
Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffing and 
chicken or Turkey Breasts
 My stuffing tasted just like when
 I make it in the oven, just maybe 
lil more moist, but wasn't crazy
about the chicken breasts.... but
 think it was my fault... because
 I didn't use the really big chicken
 breasts like she did, anyway, I 
would definitely recommend it
and make it again, but do find
 large chicken breasts.
It was very easy to make as well
and I love easy recipes. How
about you??

Click here to get her recipe.

Thankful hubby was able to fix 
our friends computer for them.

Thankful for a really neat and
meaningful conversation with 
my hubby yesterday.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you 
have a lovely Friday and Weekend.

Keep your light shining brightly.

Love, Hugs and
Special Fall Blessings,


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  1. #1. Praise the LORD for fun times and eating together!
    #2. Fellowship in the LORD is what it's all about!
    #3. Joyful praise to our LORD!
    #4. You have been busy!
    #5. I praise our LORD for His provision of protection!
    #6. In Matthew 18:3, it says, "Unless you become as little children, you will no means enter the kingdom of heaven." Thank the LORD for childlike faith that leads to His salvation!
    #7. I saw her in the choir!
    #8. I have been praying for Adrienne's family. In death I always think of the scripture that speaks of David's sorrow in the loss of his child where the LORD says the child will not return to him but he will (one day) go to where his child is with GOD.
    #9. Praise GOD yes! It also helps us to let go when we have seen the pain they have been in to be released from it and go into the presence of Almighty GOD. (I'm thinking of dad)
    #10. Sounds delicious!!!
    #11. I'm so thankful for Jim's expertise with computers. I still thank our LORD for Jim getting me my new computer!
    #12. Praise the LORD! Marriage is the next best thing to our "marriage" to our LORD!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Love your cozy fall decor and your list of blessings. Being grateful is really a state of mind we should all work toward. Have a beautiful weekend!


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