Friday, February 14, 2020

Thankful Thursday February 13, 2020, Winter in the Kitchen 2020

Love is patient, love is kind.
 It does not envy, it does not boast,
 it is not proud.
1 Corinthians 13:4

Happy Valentines Day 
Sweet Friends.........

Hope it has been a Fun day....
It has been busy but Fun here.
We had a nice Valentines break-
fast with Lil Darling this morning
since she is staying with us, and
tonight we will celebrate with
take out from Carrabbas, some
sparkling cider and a movie or
two. Looking forward to a nice
relaxing evening, as we have
sort of been preparing all week
for her stay and Valentines
day......and I was feeling a lil
bit under the weather, nothing
real bad fortunately.

Pictures today are of our Winter
look for the kitchen shelves.
I have to say I have really loved
 using red again since it has been
 a number of years now, and I
am also still totally enjoying
my shelves I got for my birth-
day last year.

Well, on with my Thankfuls.

Thankful for a nice lunch out on
Sunday with our friends and for
meeting 2 news people that go
to our church we have never
met before, so that was nice too.

Thankful for a fun time with lil
 darling on Monday, which was un-
expected,and very welcomed.  We 
worked on Valentines for her school
 mates and a Valentines box to put
 all her Valentines in. Reminded
me of when I was a kid, oh how,
I loved getting all those cute lil
Valentines and my Mom usually
got me a pretty Heart shaped
box of Chocolates, they were
really fancy and pretty back then.

Thankful for seeing pics on face-
book of a darling girl that I have
 know most of her life, and who lost 
her Mom about 4 mos. or so ago and 
she has just had an awful time......
and misses her Mom so much.
The pics were of her and her hubby
 and lil girl, and they were playing
 in the snow and it was so good to see
 her being able to enjoy life again. 
Just so blessed my heart, cause
 I love her so much.

Thankful for our Life Group
prayer chain.  So nice to know
that if you are your loved ones
or friends are in need of prayer
that you can just email it to
everyone and know that their
are folks praying for whatever
the situation.  Priceless!

Thankful for 4 new cards I did this
week towards our card business.
We finally hit 100 today, and we
just have a few more things to do
on the website,  so we are getting
there.....and get very excited about
launching it soon.

Thankful that things are finally
starting to wrap up with all the reno's
 my daughter and son-in-love had
 done on their rental beach cottage 
and they are already booked up thru
April and have other bookings in
 other months already too and they
 just put it back on the market, not 
even a week ago.  It looks great,
Dee and Jerry have done a great
job of decorating the inside, and
other have done  lots of stuff outside.

Thankful that the antibiotics they have
 lil darling on, are working this time.
She wound up having another huge
area like before that was infected,
and we were really concerned she
was gonna have to do surgery again
but praise the Lord the medication
worked this time.  So she is doing
well,  and it has just about cleared
up, but the infection was very deep
the last time, so praying all the 
infection will be gone by the time
she finishes all her medication in
3 more days.
If you feel so led, please pray for

Thankful that my friend Arlene with the
cancer is taking some treatments and she
is doing pretty good,  but she is very
tired and has sore muscles, but she said
it's not too bad. She will not be getting
her T-cell treatment until April now
due to the Corona virus.

Thankful to hear some good news about
a friend of my friend who has the ovarian
cancer.  Her Best friend started having a
lot of strange physical issues and was
diagnosed with Guilian Barr Syndrome.
They did some sort of Immunoglobulin
treatments fo 5 days and it seems to have
 been successful in stopping the Guilian
 Barr, praise the Lord, but she will have
to do about a month of theraphy to get
her hands and feet where they will

 work properly again.

Thankful to hear some of dearest long
 time friends Grandson, Brice came thru
 surgery on his colon well. Last year they
had to remove part of his colon and he
 had to have a this year 
they just reconnected him.  We are so
glad they were able to do that as they
were sure if it was possible or not.
So Thanking God is was possible.

Thankful to hear that another friend
got negative results on a medical
test she was very concerned about.

Thankful that we have had lil darling 
for a sleepover last night (Thursday)
 and for part of the day today (Friday)  
and now she is with her other Grand-
parents till tomorrow morning (Sat)
 and then we will have her again until 
Sunday Morning.  So her Mom and 
Dad could get a break and visit our 
Daughter and Son-in-love.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this

Thanks for coming by.................


Hope you have a Delightful 
Valentines Day
 and a good weekend to go
 along with it.

Love and Blessings,


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Junkchiccottage said...

Your Happy Thursday posts come into my email on Saturday LOL! Still love to get them and see what you are up too. Hope you had a great Valentine's day. Happy Weekend.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. How exciting to meet new people and Christian too!
#2. Valentine's day reminds me of all the fun I had with my Kindergartners over the years!
#3. I'm praying the LORD will comfort her heart.
#4. Isn't it wonderful! I do the same and they with me.
#5. Congratulations! The LORD's blessings on it!
#6. GOD's hand of blessing upon them!
#7. I have had her in my prayers everyday.
#8. I'm praying our LORD's mercy upon her healing.
#9. Oh my dear! There is just so much pestilence in the world today! I pray our Great Physician's healing comes upon her!
#10. Hallelujah!!! I have been praying for him everyday! Praise Almighty GOD for him receiving this surgery to close up the colostomy! I pray he will receive spiritual healing!
#11. It is so good to hear of the positive results! Thank our LORD GOD!
#12. Good for all, ha!!
Love you, Susan

Roseann Hampton said...

It's always nice to hear good news when medical issues are involved! Thanks so much for linking up with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

Karren Haller said...

Thank you, Nellie, for being a part of #omhgff each week.
I hope you have a lovely weekend!