Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thankful Thursday April 22, 2021, Easter Decor Part 3

Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, 
praise his holy name. 
 Praise the LORD, my soul, 
and forget not all his benefits—
Psalm 103:1-2 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have been having a good week.
Ours has been good.....we are rested up and 
settled back in from our time away in
 South Carolina last week.  Been pretty
quiet up until today.

Pictures today are still from Easter
 Decor this year.  Figured I would
since some just look like Spring,
and there handy.  lol

Well........on with my Thankfuls...

Thankful all was well with house
and yard when we returned, as we
had some pretty good storms while
we were away.  We could tell by
things being blown around on our 
porch and lots of limbs and debri
in the yard.


Thankful to have everything unpacked 
and put away where it belongs.


Thankful to be sleeping in my own bed

again,  altho, I do sleep well when I am

away, but there is nothing like your 

own bed. lol


Thankful to have all my Easter decorations

 down and packed away until next year.

Now to fill in all the spots  where 

removed Easter stuff with a Spring

to Summer look.


Thankful to have groceries ordered

for the week,  we did it online this

time as we just haven't wanted to 

move out of the house yet.   lol

So they were delivered within

2 hrs. just in time to make Tacos

for din din....


Thankful to have made 4 new cards this

week.  I came home motivated since I

haven't done any for awhile, and also

since Mother's Day is just around the



Thankful to see the sun today as it

has been raining and overcast every

since we got home.


Thankful to do some exercise today,

 as it has been close to 3 weeks now.

  Felt good but now I feel

  Just gotta get back in the swing of

 things, I guess.


Thankful to hear my friend who broke

her legs is making progress. She is able

to walk 40 steps with her walker now,

and the pain is not as bad in the day

time, but still her leg still throbs at night.

She is really being diligent to do her

exercises daily even when she doesn't

have a therapist.  Her therapist told

her she would give her an A+ if she

had to grade her.  This is a marathon

event, not a sprint for sure,  but she

is in good spirits as well, and I am

thankful for that.  Cause attitude 

is everything.


Thankful for a new blood pressure cuff

that goes on your wrist.  Our Daughter

had one and we measured by ours the

regular kind and it said the same reading

  so we decided to get one, cause it was

less than $20,  and It is so much easier

to use, since hubby has to take it every

day,  and I have been taking mine on

a more regular basis too,  cause I had

some high readings at times.


Thankful to be able to enjoy our porch

the last few sunshiny days, due to a

cool front that came through.  It was a 

perfect 70 degrees this morning.  So

 Lovely and cool in the 60's tonight.


Thankful to see lil darling and her Daddy

since it's been 2 weeks.  We all went out

to dinner together, and earlier hung some

new things my Daughter and I made to

put on her wall, in just one area that

still needed some love.

She loved it!!

Well, that's all for Cozy Place this week.

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday
and weekend.

Thanks for coming by.....

Love, Hugs and late April Blessings,


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  1. So many fabulous things to be thankful for, Nellie. We've been doing online shopping too and it's been such a huge help. Thank you for the heads up about the blood pressure cuff too. Both of my parents are heart patients so that is definitely something I need to check into. Hope your weekend is a special one, CoCo

  2. #1. Yes, I pray when the skies in the day get dark as night!!!
    #2. I've got to get busy for May's termite inspection!
    #3. Amen!
    #4. I can't believe only 1 week left in April already! I don't know where this time goes!
    #5. WOW! I just order mine and then go pick up the order. Do they charge to deliver?
    #6. I bet the cards are beautiful too!
    #7. It is the rainy season!
    #8. I should do more.
    #9. Praise our LORD! I have been praying for her every day!
    #10. I need to get one! Where did you get it?
    #11. Do you still see the bunnies in the woods?
    #12. Bless the LORD for all your love!
    Love you all, Susan

  3. Hi Coco,
    Thanks, I know we love online shopping and at least it feels like you are helping someone else at the same time, since it gives someone a job too. I like to go to the grocery store tho too cause I like to see new things that they have out. lol
    Yea, we love the new wrist BP cuff as it is so much easier, and she reminds you to sit still and not talk or move. lol which I sometimes We got ours from Amazon.
    and yes, if you have heart problems in your family you probably should be checking your BP on a reg. basis. Hope you have a great weekend too, hon, and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Hi Susan,
    Yea, I know I can't believe we only have 6 days left in April....went by so fast.
    I am not sure if Walmart delivers or not, but if they do they probably would charge for it
    possibly. I hear that our Publix now has pick up at the store for free, I think! We order
    from Publix whenever we get delivery, and we do what they call instacart....and yes there
    is a fee to pay.
    We got the BP wrist cuff off Amazon....actually Dee ordered it for us when we were there cause she gets next day delivery for free. I would think any pharmacy or even Walmart might have them too.
    Yea we still see them every so often. We had a baby one this year too, but have only seen
    him/her 3 times. They live in the woods but do come in the backyard at times to eat grass
    and hang out. they are so cute....

    Well,have a good day hon, and thanks for coming by and leaving your comments, hopefully
    I answered all your

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  5. Loved all your Easter/ Spring decorations, Nellie, mine are still up, just have taken them down yet due to a nasty spring cold, thankful it is not covid19.
    So happy your friend is doing well with PT, it takes a while to get back, and can be very challenging.
    No place better than home, Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Happy Sunday Nellie. Wishing you a great new week ahead. xoxo


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