Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thankful Thursday April 1, 2021, Our Green kitchen accents for Spring

 Praise the Lord all you nations;

extol him, all you peoples.

For great is his love toward us,

 and the faithfulness

of the Lord endures forever.

Praise the Lord

Psalm 117

Greetings Sweet Friends,
Welcome to April........

Hope it has been a good week for you.......
Are you ready for Easter??

It has been a good one here, just been 
doing sympathy cards and writing some
thing special.....and lazing a bit too, as
it's been a bit of an emotional week,
yet a very happy week too, you'll see.
I am pretty much ready for Easter
as far as the planning, just got to
do the cooking and table setting yet.

Pictures Today are of our Kitchen,
 I decided to go with green accents 
for Spring this year, they have been 
cobalt for while now, So was feeling  monochromatic for a change.  lol

So on with my Thankful list.....

Thankful that my Son was in town
today, as my S-i-l  Susan's dog was 
 pretty much dying and needed to be
 put to sleep, and she couldn't walk,
 so they had to carry her to the truck
to get her to the vet. Cause she is a
very big dog, so hubby could not have
 done that by himself without hurting
himself anyway, and neither Susan 
or I would have been strong enough
to help him.

Thankful that one of our friends
that had to go to the emergency
room is okay,  they thought he
might be having a heart attack,
anyway, they did a stress test
and all that,  and have referred
him to a Cardiologist, and he is
out of the hospital, at least
and feeling good.

Thankful for a wonderful Sunday at church and then a wonderful afternoon and evening with family celebrating my birthday (a day early) but the best time for us to get 
together.  My heart is full and feeling
 very loved and blessed.

Thankful for all the lovely cards, gifts and 
facebook messages.

Thankful for the lovely dinner hubby and
our Son prepared for me.  It was all delicious.
Sirloin steak, baked Potatoes, salad and rolls.
Chocolate salted caramel cake for dessert.

Thankful to hear that they will be able to
 live stream our dear friend Arlene's Memorial 
Service on April 3rd from her church in 
Tennessee.  So we should be able to watch
it here at home.

Thankful to discover that Tate's bake Shop in
New York, now has some lemon cookies and we were able to buy them at my local Publix grocery store.  They are a limited edition cookie, probably just for Easter or Spring,
 I am guessing,  but they are a real treat!

Thankful to have new tires on our Van to make
 our driving more safe, especially when it's

Thankful for a much needed nap on Tuesday,
 think all the activity of the week before and
some loss of sleep finally had caught
 up with me.

Thankful to see some new growth on
 our poinsettias that I brutally cutback
 a few weeks ago, hubby was thinking
 they were dead........but I still had hope, 
so was very happy to see those
 teeny leaves.

Thankful that I have finally decided on our
menu for Easter dinner, but still trying to 
decide on a tablescape.  If I can get some
yellow daffodils, or bright yellow flowers
of some kind, think I am gonna go with
the new tablecloth my daughter gave me
for my birthday.  It's so bright, 
 beautiful, and Springy.

Note: Couldn't find the flowers I needed
so decided to go with my initial plan
so will maybe use the tablecloth from
 my daughter for Mother's day or
a summer table.

Thankful that I had the opportunity and
blessing to write something to be read at my 
dear friend Arlene's Memorial Service this
 coming weekend.
  It was hard to write because there is just so
 many great things to say about her because
 she was an extraordinary woman. I am
Just hoping I captured her wonderful
character traits as well as I wanted to.....
It was long and it could have been way
longer .... hard to condense 47 years
 of friendship into a few paragraphs.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week,

Thanks for stopping by

Welcome to April Blessings,
Happy Easter!

Love and Hugs,


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  1. #1. I thank them both so very much for helping me with Dolly. I still miss her so very much.
    #2. I pray the LORD's blessing on his health to be regained!
    #3. You are loved so very much by all of us!
    #4. Yes!
    #5. They did a great job!
    #6. That is nice of them so her friends can be present on line.
    #7. It would be nice if they could always have them available.
    #8. I know how that feels! I had mine replaced a few years ago.
    #9. I usually have a nap every day, ha!
    #10. My night jasmine is in full bloom!
    #11. It will be beautiful!
    #12. Praise the LORD for your friendship that will continue into eternity!
    Love you, Susan

  2. This post is rather lovely and your space is just charming. Today, I am most thankful for having a treatment plan for my mom who is very ill.

  3. Dr. Ho,
    So very sorry to hear about your mother, but glad you have a treatment plan to help. Please keep me posted as we will put her on our prayer list that your treatment will work well.
    Thanks for coming by and for your encouraging comments.
    Happy Easter to you and yours,

  4. Susan,
    You are very welcome they were glad to be able to help.
    Yes, we got to see the Celebration of Life service they did for Arlene today. It was truly beautiful in every way, just like she was.........
    So sorry about Dolly.....
    Love and Blessings,


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