Friday, April 9, 2021

Thankful Thursday April 8, 2021, Easter/Spring decor 2021


I will give thanks to the LORD because of

  his righteousness and will sing praise to

the name of the LORD Most High.

Psalm 7:17 NIV

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you all have a very lovely Easter, 

and got to spend time with family/

or friends.  We had a good day with

family but it was only 4 of us, but

definitely better than none!  Course,

we missed those that couldn't be

here, but it is what it is.....

Pictures today are from Easter/

Spring at our house this year.

So on with my Thankfuls.......

I try to write Thankfuls daily

while I remember them, cause 

if I wait a week, I have a hard

time remembering back to the

first of the week. Guess it is that

age  So if it seems

they are from a week ago, some

of them 


Thankful that our Easter Table is all

 set and ready for Sunday! So just

looking forward to it now.


Thankful that my friend Arlene's family

 really loved what I wrote for her

 Celebration of Life Service. It was

easy to write as she was such an

amazing person....

#3 and 4

Thankful that we got to watch her Service

 on Saturday, and it was just beautiful in

every way.....just like Arlene. Her Daughter

did a beautiful job of reading my letter

and reading those of others and even

was able to speak some herself. Thankful

that she is a chip off the ole block, as

 they say, she is so much like her Mother

 and such a beautiful and dear girl,

really a woman she is nearing 40 but

She's a girl to me

She has been amazing in the process

of all her Mom's sickness, taking such

good care of her Mom and anything else

 that needed to be done.  She has been

 an awesome help to her Dad as well.

So thankful for Brenda and all she 

has done for her Mom and Dad.

They really could not ask for a better

Daughter and Son-in-love.


Thankful that as much of the cooking

 as could be done is done for Easter 

dinner tomorrow. We are having 

special dish called "Party Chicken" and 

 rice pilaf (for recipe click here) and

 a salad with fruit, Broccoli casserole 

rolls, and carrot cake. 

I can hardly


Thankful for a lovely Easter Service.

It was so great to see our church

full again, our choir doing a Special

Song, and seeing people we haven't

seen in over a year, which also 

included the first 2 things as well.

and way less masks every Sunday.

Such a Blessing!


Thankful for a lovely time spent

with the family and a lovely 

dinner, and some card playing!  lol


Thankful for work we got done in our

 front yard on Monday and Tuesday.

It was nice to be out there as the 

weather was great.  My allergies

weren't too happy about it,  but 

oh well........A girls gotta


Thankful for leftovers from Easter 

dinner, they have been all or part of 

dinner for 2 nights.  Love that about 

hosting as well.......and also that I

can send some home with everyone

who wants it.  Learned that from

my Dad,  he was a chef and a

restaurant owner, and he was

always sending us home with food.

Loved that and Miss that....

since he has been in heaven for

 27 yrs. now.

#10 and 11

Thankful for a good time taking

our lil granddaughter out to an

early dinner at Longhorn's, and

 then having her for a sleepover

on Wednesday night. Also,Thank-

ful for getting to have her all day

 on Thursday.  We all had a great

 time.  We don't get to have her that

 long since she is in school now....but

 this week she is on Spring break, and 

soon she will be out of school, so we

 will get to see her more, but we are

 very thankful we get to see her as

 much as we do, as I realize some grandparents hardly get to see their

 grandchildren, which is sad for them

and their grandchildren.


Thankful for a clean was so nice out

and we were looking for some different things

to do while lil darling was here, so I just

suggested washing the car, and she was yes,

lets do that,  I love washing the car and I

am good at it.  So we did,  and it was fun

amd she did a great job!  lol

And who knew she would be so excited 

about it...she is at a stage where she

really likes helping seeing

that and what a good job she does.

Well that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for stopping in


Hope you have a great Weekend.

Love, Hugs and April Blessings,


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April J Harris


  1. #1. It was so beautiful!
    #2. Praise the LORD she is with Him now.
    #3 & #4. Praise You, LORD, for the love of family and friends.
    #5. It was all delicious! Thank you for all your hard work!
    #6. I pray the LORD's protection over His believers.
    #7. Yes! So enjoyable!
    #8. Tell me about the allergies! Mine are going haywire!
    #9. Thank you for my leftovers! Praise the Lord for our parents being with our Lord!
    #10 & #11. Praise our LORD for time with her!
    #12. What a blessed time together!
    Love you, Susan

  2. What a beautiful, hopeful post, and what lovely spring decor, Nellie. I am sorry for the loss of your friend Arlene. Your gratitudes are wonderful and so encouraging. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party community. Take care.

  3. Hello April,
    I somehow missed this comment until now.........Thank you so much for your sweet comments
    and encouragegment. Also thank you for your condolences as well. Thanks also for hosting
    your heart and soul linky party, it is always a blessing to see what others are doing in life as well. I love that you say without shame or disdain that you are a 2l century housewife and you love it......and I am as well and have loved it and felt very blessed by it
    Thanks so much for coming by, it was a blessing to me.
    You take care hon,
    Warmly, Nellie


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