Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday August 26, 2021, and Coastal Table from the past


Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those
 who seek the LORD rejoice.
1 Chronicles 16:10 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and having 

a good week.  Been a good one here.

So will let my post do the talking.

Pictures today are of a Coastal Table 

from the Past

On with my Thankfuls..............


Thankful that I read where one of our favorite 

TV series is coming out with Season 5

at the end of August.  It is called "Chesapeake

Shores" and it is a great series, great characters,

great storyline, and a wonderful distraction

for this time we are living


Thankful for "Buttermilk Pie".  Walmart

carries them, so picked one up on Thurs.

evening.  If you have never had it....

it's quite versatile,  you can have it as is,

 or with fruit on it or with chocolate,

or any type of syrup like that, and it's

absolutely delish.  We have had it with

strawberries, and then Bananas with

some caramel syrup.  yummy both ways!


Thankful to hear that my Daughter

has been hired to decorate someone's

beach cottage this Fall.  She is very

excited and I am excited for her, as

this is something she really loves to do

and would like to make into a business.

(If you would like to see some of her

style of decorating)  Just click here.


Thankful for the sweet young man that

is only 10 yrs. old but played the piano

this morning at church.  He played

"I will sing of the goodness of God"

 and did an amazing job of it as well.

No mistakes at all. It is so neat to see

 these young children ministering, he

is also the child of the young pastor

who is filling in until our Pastor comes

 back from sabbatical.  Also, we had

 a great message by our children's

 pastor about leaving a legacy for our 

children and grandchildren.


Thankful to find a new bathing suit

bottom, and return another one that

didn't work out.


Thankful for lunch at Carrabbas just

the 2 of us. Delicious as always, and we 

have leftovers, always love that.  

Our sidekicks have been gone on a

 cruise this week and last week.

Her Dad is visiting his other daughter

so that gives them a chance to have

some free time to do somethings they

want to do.  So glad they were able 

to that, and look forward to hearing

about it next week.


Thankful for Rotisserie chickens that 

we get at Sam's....they are really good,

and always so nice to have on hand, 

as I can make a lot of things with it.


Thankful for the ability to read

and comprehend most of what I read.


Thankful for the things I get to read,

like my Bible, books, and magazines.

It is so relaxing to me to be able to

kick my feet up and read any of the



Thankful for a good Drs. visit with my

hubbies cardiologist.  Everything looks

good, so don't need to see him again

till next August.


Thankful that afterwards we were able

to go to a fun store we enjoy called

"Adjectives" (it is full of vintage things

crafts, flowers, clothing, furniture

and more.)  Such a fun and interesting

 place. Then onto "Cheesecake Factory"

 for dinner to continue our celebration.

  We only do this once a year , (as it is a

 1 hr. drive in very heavy traffic)  and he 

has his annual Drs. visit,  so that makes

 it a real treat for us.


Thankful we made it home safe and

sound cause just as we were leaving 

cheesecake factory we were hit by a

 very bad thunderstorm.  Very heavy

 rain, lightning and thunder every

which way we turned.  So needless

to say we were happy to reach

our humble abode.  lol

Well, that's it for cozy place this week.

Thanks for visiting with me,

and have a great rest of the week.

Keep Your Light Shining Brightly!

Love, Hugs, and

end of August Blessings,


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  1. Your styling of your table is so pretty. I am going over to check out your daughters decor ideas. Off in a bit to have a weekend with my granddaughters. Have a good weekend.

  2. Morning Kris.......Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments. My Daughter loves coastal and farmhouse style, course, the pics you see will be of coastal since it's her beach house.
    Hope you have a sweet time with your granddaughters. Hope your SIL is still doing well.
    Always nice to hear from you.

  3. #1. Praise the LORD for good series!
    #2. Sounds like a delicious pie!
    #3. Great for her!
    #4. YES! He did a wonderful job! I did enjoy the message!
    #5. It's great to find what we like!
    #6. I pray they are safe on the cruise.
    #7. Always great when we don't have to cook it, ha!
    #8.Praise the LORD for eyesight and comprehension!
    #9. Amen!
    #10. What a blessing from the LORD!
    #11. Thank the LORD for your safety!
    #12. Praise the LORD for your safe return!
    Love you, Susan

  4. Hi Nellie, I always leave here smiling because you have such a thankful heart and you encourage us to be thankful! So happy your dh had great news from the Drs., I pray your daughter will have much success, I would love to be able to do this!
    Outings with our sweetheart is always the best time ever!
    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.


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