Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thankful Thursday September 23, 2021, and a neutral could be Fall kitchen table

 But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever. 
For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good.

Psalm 52:8-9 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,


Welcome to the Fall Season!

It has finally arrived and hope you will be enjoyingall the wonderful things that Fall brings to mind. Fall makes me feel very nostalgic,  as I remember as a kid going to football games( mostly to socialize) and it was cold so we had to  bundle up, cause they were at night, raking and burning leaves,  getting to wear some sweaters and long sleeves to school (which you had to take off or practically die in by 11 AM...  lol)  Fall carnivals, and candied apples, and I could go on.........but I will spare you as I know you have your own sweet list....

Have to say Fall is the only time I love Fall colors in my home!  lol Cause Fall colors make the house feel warm and cozy which is not what we want here in Florida  during our Spring, Summer and quite a few Winter Days too. So enjoying the change of faking myself out that it is cool outside, course, I lose that illusion the moment I walk out the door.  lol

Pictures today are of a neutral kitchen table, from the past, so I am gonna ease you into Fall cause I think it also has a Fall look as well............

So on with my Thankfuls......


Thankful to get to talk to another long time friend

recently,  it's like we just pick up where we left that!  She lives in Alabama and

I live in Florida. I have know her for over

50 years,  I worked with her only months

before I married my hubby.


Thankful my Sister-in-law continues to do well,

She is supposed to get moved to rehab soon.

Note;  She was moved to rehab on Sunday afternoon.

She is coming along well, but these things take time.


Thankful for how chatty lil darling was this

week when we picked her up from school.

Sometimes she is tired and doesn't feel like

talking, so we get a kick out of it when she

 is so talkative.


Thankful for ice cream sandwiches. They have been

 our go to dessert for about a month or so. we just

split one, and it the perfect amount to make us happy!

We have lil darling hooked on them now too.  lol


Thankful for our church service this morning,

it was really a good sermon out of Habbakuk

chapter 1 and 2.  Didn't get to go out with our

friends today as we had to run to the store

and to take care of Susan's pets.


Thankful that Susan finally got moved to the

rehab center today.  It is one that is affiliated

with our Church Denomination.  We have not

been able to see her cause of Covid, and was

hoping to go see her today, but visits are by

appt. only, so there was no one there to make

an appt. for today,  so have to wait and call

tomorrow and see when we can go.  She is

not in pain, and is walking with a walker 

some,  so they just have to get her built up

physically with exercise and eating well, and

also get one of her meds straightened out

it was extremely high and might have also

been responsible for her fall.  Since the levels

are going down she is a lot more clear minded,

which is great.


Thankful that we didn't wind up going just to take her

 phone charger and drop it off, because thankfully we

 found out she has a phone in her room, so we could wait

 till we go visit.  Cause later today we found out thru

 talking to her that we have the wrong phone charger,

so would have been a wasted trip.  


Thankful for a very encouraging conversation

with some young people at our church (in their late

 30's-early 40's) that we have known a long time,

 and what a great and faith filled outlook they

 have on life and how they are really trusting

 God in all the craziness there is going on. 

 Really blessed our hearts.


Thankful that I Talked with another longtime

 friend this week, that I haven't seen or talked to

in a long while other than commenting on face book

occasionally.  I saw on face book her Mother just

 passed away on Monday. I always marvel that

 it is like we just saw each other yesterday.  Just so

  natural and normal.  It was great to talk to her

 even under/ and because of  the circumstances.


Thankful for Zyrtec...........or I think I would not

 have gotten any sleep at all last night.  Our allergies

 are acting up big time because I am allergic to birds,

 cats and dust, of which all 3 are at my sister-in-laws

house.  Hubby is allergic to cats too, but think maybe

 more,  as he had to take one too.  So we had no sleep

 until about 5 a.m., and got up at 10 a.m. so feeling

 pretty dopey headed today!!  lol

It just makes me so tired and drowsy feeling

the next day which is why I put off taking it so

long.............but so thankful it does work when

I have to take it...........hopefully we will sleep

like a rock tonight.  lol


Thankful for a McDonald's "Caramel Frappe"

that helped pull me out of some of my tired and

 drowsy dopey headedness today, and it was

quite delicious I might add.


Thankful for a fun night out looking for a new

computer chair, as mine just broke yesterday.

Didn't find one, but did get some ideas and saw

one online I really like, so gotta do a bit more

research before I decide.  While we were out

we went to TJ Maxx, our Fav Mexican restaurant 

and even for Jeremiahs Ice cream, and it was

yummy and to cap it off we saw this huge

harvest moon as we turned onto our street.

It was really beautiful!

Have to say it was a much needed night

out as it has been a busy and crazy week,

and I really didn't even want to go, but

hubby did, and I am so glad I pushed myself

to do it, as it was good to get out and enjoy

life a little.

Well, that's our week at Cozy Place.

Thanks for swinging by.....

Have a great weekend


keep your light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs, and

4th week of September Blessings,


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Mimi said...

Such soothing photos and a genuinely lovely post as always dearest Nellie. I have had an interesting time since the pandemic hit, but we are nonetheless well and happy here. Your napkins and decor make my heart sing. Stay safe dear lady. Mimi xxx

Junkchiccottage said...

Love all your pretty photos. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

Junkchiccottage said...

Have a great new week. xoxo Kris