Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thankful Thursday December 30, 2021, Our Christmas table 2021


"Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. 

These gifts come down from the Father, the creator 

of the heavenly lights, in whose character there 

is no change at all." — James 1:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy and

recuperating from all the Christmas

Season Celebrations and looking forward

 to New Years!  Been a fairly quiet week here

since Christmas day,  so we have just been

taking it easy and enjoying our still decorated

for Christmas home, we are not ones for

taking our things down till after the New 

Year or after 3 Kings day (which is Jan.

the 6th) or some call it Ephiphany, that

is a celebration of when the wise men

 went to visit baby Jesus.  (Just in case you

never hear of it..... I had never heard of that

 until I started blogging and found that some

 of our Catholic friends celebrate that,  and I 

thought that was really neat, and then thought 

maybe that's why I never like to take my decor

down early. Instinctive maybe!!  lol

Pictures today are of our Christmas table 202l.

 Do you see my Oops in the background??  lol


Thankful for a really lovely Christmas, it was about as 

perfect as it could get this side of heaven, and with

 part of the family missing.......since our daughter and

Son-in-love couldn't come this year, but we did 

get to talk, with them of course.  We got to enjoy it 

with our Son, lil darling and my Sister-in law 

Susan, on Christmas Eve due to schedules.........


Thankful for a nice breakfast on Christmas day with

all the same people as on Christmas Eve.  So we

had a nice morning and we were tired out after

Christmas eve anyway,  so it turned out to be

a restful day,  which was just fine.....


Thankful for all the lovely cards and gifts we 

received from our family and others.


Thankful we were able to be back in church

this Sunday.  Pastor gave a great message

that was  probably quite helpful to a lot of 

people, I would think......was  a nice reminder

for this girl.............

#5 and 6

Thankful for a nice lunch out at Olive Garden

just hubby and I.....and it was quite delicious.

Our friends couldn't go cause they weren't here

as they were traveling back from South Florida.

So we missed seeing them,  but looking forward 

to when we can get together again.

Also Thankful for the warm, polite, respectful

 young man who was our server,  he was just so nice 

and really stands out in a crowd and was as cute as 

could be, and he sent us both home with a bowl 

of soup for lunch the next day. Needless to say

he got a good


Thankful that we might get to see our long time

 friends this week.  (She is the one who broke both legs) 

and they are supposed to be in the Orlando area this 

week,  so hopefully we can connect.  

That would be great!

Note:  unfortunately that didn't happen,  as

she wound up not feeling well,  her legs were

hurting her a lot,  probably overdid it a bit

as they went away to her Sons for Christmas.

We are gonna try again maybe the end of 

January, so thankful for that.


Thankful I was inspired to do a New Years

card today, to send to family and friends.

I have never done that before,  but since

 I didn't send some Christmas cards,  I thought

 this would be a nice unexpected greeting.


Thankful that our Son and lil darling got to

 leave for a camping trip today (Monday)

since he is off work all this week, and she is 

still out of school. Looks like a very nice 

camp ground too!  Hope they have an 

awesome time.

Note:  They return today after 3  days 

of camping....can't wait to hear about it.


Thankful that we got to have a long time friend

over for breakfast on Tuesday. It was a really a

Sweet time of fellowship and  lovely time of 

catching up in each others lives.


Thankful for this enchanting Christmas home video

 I came across this morning (Wed.)  I just loved it......

You know if you have been reading my blog for

long that we love Christmas at our house.

It transported me right back to Christmas.

The music and her doggie really helps to make

 it so magical.   Click here to see it.

Make sure to scroll down just a lil to where it 

says Christmas Home Video.....


Thankful for all the Christmas movies

 we have watched on "Up Faith,  and also

 "The Christmas Cookie Challenges" they

 had on the Discovery Channel.  They

were so much fun!  It has been a really

delightful Christmas Season over here

even tho we were under the weather for

part of it.............

Well, that's it for Cozy Place th is week

  This is Christmas Edition #5.

Thanks for Visiting 


Have a Safe and happy New Years Eve!

Love, Hugs and

New Years 2022 Blessings!


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  1. This is a delightful post. I do not see your ooops in the photo, please tell. The Scripture you quote is one of my favorites that I have been saying every day when I walk with my dog and see the beauty around me, All Good Things Are From God. My post today also celebrates Christ and our family Christmas.

  2. #1. Praise our LORD for the Love of family at Christmas and throughout the year!
    #2. Yes! Thank you for breakfast! It was an enjoyable time!
    #3. Wonderful gifts indeed! Especially our LORD's Love for us!
    #4. Yes indeed! I went to the first service!
    #5 & #6. I got take out. I was going to Ruby Tuesday and found they were closed permanently!
    #7. She is daily in my prayers! I will pray for the LORD to give her relief for her pain.
    #8. What a great idea. I only received four (and sent out four).
    #9. WOW! I'm sure they had a great time!
    #10. Praise the LORD for your enjoyable time together!
    #11. What a wonderful video! I loved the Christmas tree decorated with stuffed animals! I wonder how she kept her sweet dog from getting to them! ha!
    #12. Praise our LORD for His joy to us at Christmas and throughout the year!!!
    Love you, Susan

  3. Nellie, your table is beautiful! I especially love your tablecloth and those green goblets. You always have such a gorgeous, festive table, and I know the folks who share a meal around it are blessed by being there.

    I'm so glad you got your Christmas card. I figured it would be a fun surprise for you to get a card from us. If dear Ruth Cook was still alive I would have you show it to her, so she could see Gabrielle and Garrett all grown up. (She was SUCH an influence on them, and they adored her.)

    So sorry you weren't able to get together with your friend. I do hope you will get to see her in January.

    With restaurants suffering from a lack of help these days, the waitstaff is overworked (and underpaid), and their stress level is insane. So we've been making it a practice to tip 25% or more.

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Hello Terra,
    It was so great to hear from you. Sounds like you had a great time with your kids. So happy to hear that. Loved hearing your sweet Pastor was hand cranking snowflakes, what a great guy.
    I am sure everyone must of loved it, and such a nice and fun surprise.
    Thanks for all your sweet comments and thanks for coming by and taking the time to leave them.
    Also love the reindeer pic on your blog, it was adorable.
    Hope you and yours have a Wonderful New Year in spite of all the craziness going on around us.
    Jesus holds all things together.........and he is holding us together too.
    Blessings Galore to you and yours,

    Oh yea, My oops was the should have been tucked under the table, and there was something sitting on it I

  5. Glad to hear your granddaughter and son had a nice time camping. Your Christmas table is beautiful. Now onto the new year. Happy New Year. xoxo

  6. I love the warm colors of the table adornments. But the attitude of gratitude is what makes your Christmas table even more special. Enjoy your many blessings in 2022!


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