Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thankful Thursday June 30, 2022, Our family room Spring to Summer

 You are my strength, I sing praise to you; 
you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely.

Psalm 59:17 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy and enjoying Summer. I have just been changing a few things around and adding some coastal touches to look a little bit more summery since we rearranged our family room recently, and since the coastal stuff was out from doing our Father's day table, figured why not??  So it's been fun!!

Pictures today are of our Spring to Summer Family room. I love how just making a few simple changes can really give a room a fresh  and different look. 

Starting with our Spring mantle

Summer Mantle

Can you see the seabird on the left??

Time for my Thankfuls..............


Thankful for a long facetime chat with my

Daughter this morning.  Such a blessing to 

be able to see each other as we talk.  


Thankful that we figured out a way to

rearrange the furniture in the guest

bedroom, to accomodate our dresser

from our bedroom (that we recently

replaced).  We were gonna get rid of

it, but I got to thinking it would really 

be good for more storage, but I didn't

 want to get rid of the other furniture

that is in the room, to do it.  So that

is our next project to work on.

                            This was Spring



Thankful for some much needed rain,

our yard is parched in some areas 

even tho we are watering.


Thankful that both our cell phones

are up and running again, been

very strange not having them,

but can't complain about how 

quiet it was tho........




 Thankful for the Supreme court

and the courage of our Justices

to take a stand for what they

believed was right, in light of all

the threats and opposition that

they were plagued with.


Thankful for 5 great decisions that

the Supreme court made this week.


Thankful to be able to see, hear,

smell, touch, and taste. 



#8 and 9

Thankful for Christian music to listen and

 sing to, and sometimes to dance and exercise

 with.  Also Thankful for our Christian radio

 station Z-88.3.  It is so encouraging and

 spirit lifting!

            From the mantle to the basket

#10 and 11

Thankful I can read....and by the way, the

book I told you we started reading last

week is really good.  So we are thankful

for this book.  We are 7 chapters

in now, so the name of the book is

"The Richest Man Who Ever Lived"

It's about King Soloman's secrets to

success, wealth and happiness taken

from the book or Proverbs.  

The author is Steven K. Scott, we

saw him on a show recently and his

book sounded intriguing so we ordered

it as a Father's Day gift for hubby

 and our Son.  We are really enjoying it.




Thankful for our new look in the family room.

Just finished on Wednesday.  Now I can

pack it up, and hopefully start working on

our guest bedroom.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place

this week...........

Thanks for dropping by

Have a Terrific Rest of the week!

Love, Hugs, and

End of June Blessings!!


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  1. #1. What a nice interaction "away from" home!
    #2. Isn't it amazing what we collect over the years! I'm surprised we have enough space to store it all! I plan on giving all my Beanie Baby collection to the church this year for their Christmas outreach.
    #3. Yes, praise the LORD for having rain without the wind and hail many people are getting!
    #4. You know it! I keep mine charged even though I don't have service anymore because of quick access to the saved phone numbers. Just for the heck of it, I recorded all the hang up calls for June on my house phone! There were 39 calls, 17 being "unknown" (solicitors more than likely!) Others were named solicitors wanting information or to try and sell something! I pray the govt. would make this illegal!!! It's an invasion of privacy and a pain in the ...
    #5. Yes indeed! I continue to pray for the Supreme Court Justices to be convicted by GOD's leading and not man's! I daily pray for our congressmen and president to do the same.
    #6. Praise be to GOD! I pray daily GOD's witness through His servants on the Supreme Court will be a calling to those on the seat that need His salvation.
    #7. Isn't the LORD's gift of our sight, hearing, feeling, and spirit He gives us greater than great!!!
    #8 & #9. Praise our LORD through the mediums of music, television, and communication we have to joy in His Presence in these things!
    #10 & #11. I am so content in what the LORD has given to me, I couldn't even begin to take in being so rich as King Solomon was! I'll wait to joy in the eternal riches GOD has waiting for us in Heaven!!!!!
    #12. How busy you are! The only thing I have changed is the stuff I have to throw out, ha!
    Love you, Susan


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