Thursday, June 9, 2022

Thankful Thursday June 9, 2022, and a Coastal themed Father's day table from the past.

Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; 
make known among the nations what he has done.
1 Chronicles 16:8 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How's YOU!!!

Hope you are doing well............

Hasn't been a lot going on here this week, 

other than we moved our furniture around 

in the family room,  and we had lil darling

today  and had a good time.

Pictures today are from a past

Father's day table with a Coastal theme.

So on with my Thankfuls........


 Thankful we got to have lil darling on Friday too

this week.  Had a Sweet time with here as always.

#2 and 3

Thankful that we got out for awhile,  went to a store

 called "ollies" and looked around.  Found a cute lil

 treasure for  99 cents -  A cute lil navy blue

 restaurant style cream picture.  She is liking it in

 our kitchen!!  lol

Also thankful for a lovely dinner out, at Olive

Garden, after Ollie's, the food was delicious

as always, and we had a really nice young

man as our server, who turned out to be a 

believer, and is going to school to hopefully

be a  Officer/pilot in the Air Force.

#4 and 5

Thankful for the Son/and friends of ours

whose Son just graduated from Annapolis

Naval Academy, and who has already

been commissioned to a Naval Destroyer

named after a POW/MIA Viet Nam

Veteran, and this young man ofVietnamese

heritage himself, so how fitting!

His Dad (David)was sent out of Viet Nam

 as a 10 yr. old boy (alone) and lived in a 

refugee camp until is uncle who lived in

 the states could bring him to live with

his family.  David put himself thru

school and got a Computer Science

Degree, (He worked with my hubby

for years), he also became a believer, 

then got married to a lovely Vietnamese 

girl,  and has 2 children who have 

excelled greatly in school.  We are so

Thankful and proud of him and his

family and for all the Lord has done

 in his life.  He and his wife are just 

the most precious, grateful, respectful, 

caring and kind people.


Thankful for how the Lord goes before us.

I just looked up the beach house listing

where we went to see if my Daughter

had written a review yet, and I came

across the review in April  from the 

people that were evidently there just

before we were, and it was a pretty

bad review only 2 stars and he told

of all the stuff that happened,  and

we could tell that they had done/fixed

some of the things he told about.

The guy said he didn't enjoy his 

vacation because he was constantly

having to text, call or email the

rental agency and then people

were having to come out to do

things, and  the water got turned

off, and the pool  had to be shocked

cause it was yellow.  So God was

very good to us!  Praise His Name!


Thankful for a good day in church,

and a lovely time out to lunch with

our friends.  


Thankful that I finally got up the

energy to rearrange our family room,

I have wanted to do that since we got

back from Vacation.  


Thankful for a beautiful dieffenbachia

plant my Son gave me for Mother's

Day.  I have wanted something to go

outside by my front door,  and it wound 

up being absolutely perfect for there,

and looks so pretty.  He had been 

taking good care of it for awhile

since we postponed my Mother's Day

till we went to the beach.


Thankful to have finally finished the last 4 

Thank you's for all those who sent letters and

notes for my Memory Box (for my 70th

Birthday) the end of March.  Took me 

a whilas there were lots of them, and

lots of breaks due to other distractions

at times.  


Thankful to have finished a Father's Day card

for a Grandpa.


Thankful for my new Spring/summer

breakfast.  Plain bagels and strawberry

cream cheese and fresh strawberries

with Ham roll-ups.  So Yummy!

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for your visit


Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend.

Love, Hugs, and

Early June Blessings,


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  1. Starfish are my faves from the Sea. Love your tablescape. Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. Hi Kris,
    I love starfish as well...........andpretty shells.
    Thanks for coming over to visit and for your kind comments about my tablescape.
    Hope you have a Wonderful weekend as well,

  3. #1. I know she so enjoys being with you and her grandpa!
    #2 & #3. Isn't it great to meet fellow Christians! I have had several in Publix that are! I pray the LORD's blessings upon him as he seeks a career in the Air Force.
    #4 & #5. Praise our LORD for those He has chosen to carry out His plan in this world!
    #6. Praise our LORD for His promise that He goes before us in His plan for our lives.
    #7. Praise the LORD also for our church's on line service when we can't make it!
    #8. You are a lady of habit, ha!
    #9. The LORD's glory shines even through the plant life He has created!
    #10. A great accomplishment for you!
    #11. Father's Day is soon to be here!!!
    #12. Sounds delicious!!
    Love you, Susan

  4. Hi Nellie - Happy to fine your blog! Your table looks so nice...enjoy Father's Day Weekend!


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