Thursday, February 16, 2023

Thankful Thursday February 16, 2023, Winter in the Dining area....

 You are my strength, I sing praise to you;
 you, God, are my fortress, my God on
 whom I can rely.
Psalm 59:17 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's
Day. Ours was nice, nothing too exciting
but a good day.  We got take out from
Olive Garden, ate early and had a
relaxing night watching TV and snacking
We are easy to please!  lol

              Pictures today are from our Winter Look

 in the Dining area.

So on with Thankful Thursday

Thankful we got to see lil darling
on Thursday and Friday this week,
and we were able to give her our
Valentines gift early since we want
see her till after Valentine's day.
and Thankful she really liked it.

Thankful for a fun evening out going to
 "Home Goods" and dinner at Red Lobster. 
We haven't been to either place in awhile.
Home Goods had so much inventory it 
reminded us of Pre-covid days, We
 didn't bring anything home but we really
 had a fun time checking it all out. Red
Lobster, food was good, but reminded
 us of the reality of how things are
 now!!  lol

Thankful that someone we know and love
came thru surgery well, to have a mass
 removed this week, and things went well,
 she is still waiting on the biopsy results
 and working on recovery like normal.

Thankful that the young Mom who was in
 treatment for the psychiatric issues is going
 home to her parents house this weekend, 
 and then they will take her home next
week. Also, her diagnosis was much better
as well.
Note: As of Tuesday Evening she was
back home with her family. Awesome
Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer.

Thankful to see a video of one of our
younger Pastors who went to his 
daughter's ballet class, when they
had bring your Dad to class day.
So he did a little dance routine with
 her. It was adorable and so funny,
 he has a great sense of humor and
 he is also a very tall man, so it
 really made me laugh.  We have 
known him most of his life, and
 love what a Wonderful Man, 
Husband, Father, and example
He is to everyone.

Thankful for an early surprise
bouquet of white roses for Valentines day,
 that are now, gracing our coffee table,
and looking so pretty.

Thankful for a good day at church, as usual.
  We ran into a girl who used to go to our church
 back when she was a older teenager, she is 50
now and has been married for 30 yrs. and has
 4 children. She is actually married to a guy
who used to live a few houses away from us.
 We have seen her a few times here and there,
 over the years. Was great to see her. Sounds
like she might come back to our church.
Hope so.......Cause she is such a delightful
girl (woman now!).

Thankful that we got to have food from
Taco Bell today.  We hardly ever get to
do that because there is always a line
around the building and it takes you
about a half hour. So that was a
Special treat for us today. (Sunday)


Thankful that our sweet neighbors

just sent over a big container of

homemade Chicken and Dumplings.

(Sunday Evening) Delicious as always.


Thankful to hear there has been a mighty

 move of God that started at Asbury College

 in Kentucky last Wed. during a typical 

chapel service, and many other colleges

 have come from other places as well.

If we ever needed a move of God in a

big is now!!

Note: heard today it is still going on

and it's 9 days later.  People are coming

from all over the place even from

around the world. So Amazing,

So Needed.......

Thankful for a Bacon, lettuce and tomato
 Sandwich on ciabatti bread for breakfast
 this morning.  Haven't had one in along
 time.....and it was so good.  Used to eat
these all the time as a kid.

Thankful to have the opportunity to be a
 listening ear, comfort and and prayer warrior
for someone who is going through a plethora
of different situations, about 12 to be exact.
Enough to do anyone in.....I would add.
We are praying for a might move of God
 to say the least...........

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for coming by....

Have a Lovely rest of the week.

Love, Hugs, and
Mid February Blessings,

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