Thursday, February 9, 2023

Thankful Thursday February 9, 2023, Our Winter look in the family room....

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; 
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. 
 Let us come before him with thanksgiving 
and extol him with music and song.
Psalm 95:1-2 NIV

Welcome to Thankful Thursday 

Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well, and enjoying your 

Winter months. Course, that is much easier for those

 of us who live in Florida, as we get breaks from the

 cold, and we don't get as cold as northern states for sure.

 I would love to see some snow tho.....not live in it,

or have to shovel it

Pictures today are of our Winter look in the family

 room, and yes, we still have our Christmas tree up,

 but it's just a natural looking tree with faux snow

now.  lol  We left it up last Winter too, and we

just so enjoy the lights, so figured hey, why Not?

I left some things that are Christmas decorations

but if they looked like Winter to me, I left them

up.  Like our fireplace.....I just took anything

red out of it, and added white and more gold to the

wreath.  Have to say we have really enjoyed

it all.........and are still enjoying it.  However,

I do have red in the living will see

that next week............

So on with Thankful Thursday......


Thankful for today (Thursday) Picked up lil darling

from school, had a few hours with her, then out to dinner

with hubby at Outback, and took a trip to Marshalls.


Thankful to hear from our young family whose Mom

had the psychiatric issues on Friday, She is doing well, 

they have found a wonderful Christian place for her treat-

ment, and they are slowly weaning her off meds that the

 hospital put her on, so they can make sure they are 

making the right diagnosis.  So if you feel so led please

 pray for wisdom for her Drs. and counselors.


Thankful to hear on Sat. that they finally shot

down that unmanned Chinese spy balloon that entered

our airspace and floated all the way across our

country for days.


Thankful for seeing a number of Red Cardinals

and Robin Redbreast Birds in our yard in the

passed week or so. Makes me think Spring is

just around the corner maybe.


Thankful for a good day at church, talked to

some new people, and went out to lunch with

hubby at Carrabbas.


Thankful for Lactaid products,  I have

lactose intolerance and drink their milk all

the time, but take the pills when I need to

for other stuff.


Thankful that we have found some other things we

can make in our air fryer that we got for Christmas.

Made some broccoli (It was nice and crispy and

we both really liked it) chicken tenders, and my

hubbies favorite, Jalapeno Poppers. We had

kind of forgotten about

Also made some Asparagus, it was great too.


Thankful to have finished 3 Valentines today

 (Monday), and working on some more.


Thankful for the Lord's direction about a physical issue

 I have had most of my life, but has gotten worse with age.


Thankful for "Sugar Bomb" grape tomatoes.

They are the best grape tomato.  So tasty and

just loved to eat them all by themselves.


Thankful for getting to spend a fun night with 

our sweet neighbors.  I made brownies and had

them over for brownie Sundae's, it was easy and

a lot of fun.  Keeping it simple works the best.


Thankful for the gift of would

we ever make it through life.  Sometimes things

or situations are just so ridiculous you just have

to laugh.  God's word says Laughter is 

good medicine,  I have to agree heartily.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for coming by


Hope you have a Wonderful rest of the week.

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1 comment:

  1. #1 Great quality time together in GOD's Love!
    #2. Prayers are being lifted.
    #3. Yes, praise the LORD for our nation's security people!
    #4. Amen! They are singing all over here as well. I thank the LORD for His beautiful creation of them!
    #5. Yes, and I plan on being there tomorrow!
    #6. I do well with yogurt, but milk tends to bother me too.
    #7. Sounds delicious!
    #8. It will be here in 3 days!
    #9. I will keep you in prayer to our LORD.
    #10. The LORD has surely given us great things to eat!
    #11. I know you had a great time with them!
    #12. I know what you mean! Katy the other day have me in laughter with her antics! Ha!
    Love you, Susan


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