Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thankful Thursday February 2, 2023, pics of cute puppies

Blessed are those who dwell in your house;
    they are ever praising you.
Psalm 84:4 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,
Welcome to February!!

So....where did January go..........
Is it just me, or does it seem like Christmas was eons ago???

Hope this finds you and yours doing well these
first days of February.....and as you can see all
over blogland, we all seem to be anticipating the 
Sweet and Fun day of Valentine's Day.
I didn't decorate for it this year, but might do
a few vignettes possibly, and a table, However,
I am surely thinking about what to have for dinner
(which is typically take out).  We have not been 
out on Valentines day for years, because they are 
usually having races at Daytona Speedway which
draws lots of people to the area, and all the restaurants 
near and far are crazily packed.

You might already be able to tell what the pictures 
are for this week....if not,  Puppies.....just happened
to see some and decided that would be fun, cause
who doesn't love a puppy!

Now on to Thankful Thursday.........


Thankful for a great day with lil darling.

We were schooling all day but had some time 

to have fun as well, when we take breaks. Played

 some Pictionary, made a lemon cake together, 

introduced her to a show we really like and she 

liked it too, "Bringing up Bates", one of

our favorite shows. and she had time to do some

 swinging as well.  After her school work was

done she wanted to play spa, and I was her

client, wow, it was quite relaxing, she even found

some relaxing music to play on her ipod, and she

 did my nails, and they looked so pretty, course, the 

polish is already chipping off today, which is why

 I rarely do my nails.


Thankful that we have the opportunity to home

school lil darling every other Friday....we

both love doing it, and think she enjoys it too.

#3 and 4

Thankful to have finished my Winter decorating

and Thankful to have all the Christmas things

packed away in the garage once again. Nice to

be able to see my dining room table again, and the

house is back to normal, Thank Heavens!!


Thankful that hubby was able to fix our printer,

As it has an ink pad inside of it, think they all

have it, but anyway, our was overfilled and not

working, so he was able to buy the inserts and

put them in, so have tested it but haven't actually

printed anything of value yet.


Thankful for a good Sunday.  We to church

sat in a different place and met some new people,

then out to lunch with our friends.....finally!!


Thankful that we got to have lil darling all day

again on Monday.  A nice Surprise.....

She had less school work than on Friday, so

that was nice too,  So we had more time to play.

Her new thing is playing like a spa entrepreneur,

and wow, she does a great job!!  lol

Felt like I had died and gone to heaven. lol

I could play this all day long..........


Thankful for so many bad things that could

have happened to us, but didn't ...So thankful

for God's watch care over us and our family.


Thankful for our family, little tho it might be,

they are all so precious to us.


Thankful that we had an old friend of almost

50 years come to visit.  We had a great time

catching up.   Such fun to reminisce.....


Thankful that we are doing our first face book

Ad for our Card Shop starting Thursday,

 some thing new we have never done before, so just

one more step on the trail..............


Thankful for the yummy chocolatey goodness

of Walnut Brownies.........Comfort food

for  Made some and they 

are oh so good...... can't wait to have a brownie 

sundae tonight!!  lol

Well...........That's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for the visit.

Have a great rest of the week,

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  1. Cutest dogs ever! I want that first one for Valentines day!


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