Sunday, January 29, 2023

Scripture Sunday


Hugs, Nellie

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  1. On of my all time favorite scriptures, Nellie, just a great reminder of what really matters.
    I also enjoyed reading your thankful Thursday list as always such a joy, I will add this lovely couple and their family to my prayer list! There are so many things happening now to bring discouragement and division to families.
    I am so sorry you have been sick, but am happy you are feeling better.Dh and I have had our health issues lately too, but God is always so faithful.

  2. Hi Sue,
    So lovely to hear from you. I really love that scripture too, and def a reminder that you can't take it with you. Thank you for adding them to your list her name is Elizabeth. She did get into a good christian facility that hopefully will have good discernment as to what the problems really are, hopefully, and will also get good biblical counseling, we are all so grateful for that. Need to text him to see how things are going, it's been about a week since I heard from him, but he has his hands full.....which I totally get, so try and touch base every so often. Thank you so much for praying for them, they are just the sweetest couple and family.
    Sorry to hear you and your hubby are dealing with health issues.....will put you on our prayer list too. Thanks for coming by, always love hearing from you, and thanks for your sweet encouragement.
    Blessings Abundant, Nellie

  3. Yes! Praise our LORD for His great Love upon us! Love you, Susan


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Scripture Sunday

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