Tuesday, January 17, 2023

How buying a new dresser led to an unexpected guest bedroom refresh.....

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well, and enjoying the Winter Season.

We are going thru another cool spell, which is

nice.  Can't believe we are half way through

 January already.  It's sort of all a blur for

 me.....lol   Way better than I was, but still have

 this dratted cough!  It is getting better day by day.....

Have to say it likes me way way too much!!  lol

today while I have time I wanted to show you

 how our guest bedroom revamp came out,

 since yall heard about some of it on my Thankful

 Thursday posts for about 3 months.

 Think we got started at the end of the summer

and finished right before Thanksgiving.

 Just never got around to showing you cause of 

all the holidays.

This all got started by us finding a white dresser

 for our master bedroom, that we had been looking

 for......forever, and we just happened upon it,

because we went to a furniture store still in 

search of a sofa and instead we found our

white dresser..........finally............

 and were very happy with how works

and looks in our bedroom. See Below!

The plan was to get rid of the old dresser cause we

 were having some trouble with some of the drawers,

and because we have a lot of Oak pieces in our 

bedroom so wanted to break that up a bit........

 but then got to thinking about if we moved the oak

dresser to the guest room it would give us more 

storage, but in order to do that the drawers would

 need to be fixed, and the guest room rearranged.

So my handy hubby found some hardware and was

able to fix the drawers and they work great now.

We also rearranged the guest bedroom.

You can check out the before on these links

below if you so desire.  

Click here


Click here


There were other updates to this room since these

pictures, like bedding, curtains and so forth, but these

 were the only pictures I could find, and that showed

 the layout of the room.

In the process we got rid of the headboard and 1 night

 stand and and moved another night stand to our office.

  I had decided I wanted a bit more of a classic modern look 

so we purchased 2 matching night stands 

(as our other night stands didn't match),

This one was the first one we ordered but 

unfortunately the other one was very damaged

and this one only a lil but didn't feel it would

work out to order them again, as they were

not packaged very well.

        These were the ones we wound up with, and         actually they have worked out better than I ever could have imagined.

After hubby fixed the drawers with drawer guides

and they worked really well,  we purchased some new 

hardware for the dresser drawers to give it a more

modern look.

This is the before

this is the after...............

Amazing what a change in hardware can do..... 

Still trying to figure out if I should do something

 with that diamond shaped piece in the middle of

 the one drawer, but think it really doesn't look bad. 

Then when we were out shopping one

night and we happened on the mirror I had

hoped for, but figured I would probably

not get because most were $100-150.

We were in Burlington coat factory

and there she was for $30,  truly a

gift from the Lord.  It was love at

first sight,  but wasn't sure if the color

would work.  So we brought her home

and she was perfect.

You will notice some changes in the coming pictures

from some you already saw.... as it was a work in

 progress for while...............

So here is the The finished product.........

and of course, all the table top accessories

 were redone as well, for a bit of a cleaner look.

 Anyway, we were delighted with how

the room came out and we call that our Daughter

and Son-in-loves room.  Course, it was her room

before she was married.  Anyway, they loved 

it too.........so mission accomplished with out

breaking the bank!!  lol

Thanks for coming by............

Have a lovely Winter week

Love, Hugs and 

Mid January Blessings,


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