Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thankful Thursday January 19, 2023, and Winter scenes

The LORD is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him,

Exodus 15:2 NIV

Happy Thursday Sweet Friends,

How's You??

Doing very well....I hope.

Been a better week here, for sure.

So I will let the post do the talking.

Pictures today are of Winter Scenes

Compliments of

Hope these don't make you feel too cold........

Just thought they were all so pretty.

Now on with my Thankfuls............


Thankful for a great day with lil darling,  It was so good to see her after almost 3 weeks, and catch up with what she has been doing.  Had a lot of school work to do, but we made some time to have fun too, and she finally had some time in late afternoon to have her lil buddy next door over.......they were over the moon happy about that..........

#2 and 3

Thankful that my sweet neighbor brought us her wonderful veggie soup, and there is a bit of a story to it. I was talking with another long time friend and she knows I have been sick, and I was telling her I have got to call my neighbor and find out what the tomato base is that she uses in her veggie soup because typically tomato based things can cause me to have heart burn after a couple of bowls, but her soup never bothers me. So I was laughing cause I was saying I keep hoping she might send me some but guess I'm gonna have to find out and make me some and my friend said well maybe if you call her and ask about how to make the soup, she will just make you some. lol

Anyway, later that day, our neighbor text me to see how we were doing, so I wrote her back and told her and asked about how she made her soup base, and she said I have a pot on the stove right now and was gonna ask if yall wanted some..............and of course, I said yes, and I was overjoyed and had a feeling it was because my friend had prayed.....and I talked to her later, and she said she  So thankful for the answer to pray, and the soup that was so so delicious!!  Have had it 3 times this week. It is the perfect comfort food.  God is so good.


Thankful that my sweet hubby decided I needed a vaporizer cause since we are using our heat some nights now, It is drying the air out a lot a we are both experiencing that dried out feeling in our mouth and noses.  So he got us a vaporizer on yesterday (Monday) and I can not tell you how much better we slept, and did not wake up stuffed up or have that dried out feeling, and best of all, my coughing has gotten better ever day since.

 It was wonderful.



Thankful for family, friends and neighbors that love me.


Thankful that I made cuban food on Monday, and it was so delicious and really hit the spot, and thankful that my friend I was talking with in #2--3 reminded me of it as she said she had come across my recipe for Picadillo that I had given her over 30 yrs. ago. lol I had ground beef and was gonna make a meat loaf but Picadillo sounded so much better, and it was!!

FYI - Click here for the recipe

#7 and 8

Thankful the I got started on transitioning

from Christmas to Winter decor on Monday.

Thankful that I had been rearranging in my

mind for days before, as I knew exactly where

to start and what I wanted to do in the 

family room already.

Note:  Have taken down most of the things

that looked real Christmasy, and left what

looks Wintery,  just have to fill in some

spots yet, but getting there.


Thankful for strawberries that were

grown here in Florida and actually

not too far from where we live.

Imagine that!!  Anyway, they were

just so felt like spring

for a few minutes...........


Thankful that everything went well for

 our Daughter and had a good result from a

 medical procedure she had done on 

Wednesday morning.


Thankful for the discovery of program-

able tea light candles. I had the normal

tea lights but you have to light and

replace them all every night or the

battery operated kind, but you still

have to take them out of the candle

holder and turn them on and off

every night.  I wanted to have a large 

number of them on the mantel and other 

places in the house. Hubby found some that

once you turn them on they stay on for

 6 hrs. and turn themselves off.

They are wonderful, and have kept

our home looking so nice and festive

all thru Christmas and thru the 

Winter Season and beyond if I want.

A great discovery I might add.


Thankful to have a lil outing today,

We picked up lil darling and had here

for awhile,  then ran to Sam's and

Marshalls and to din din at Longhorn.

Very Nice to get 2nd time in

almost 4 weeks.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place

this week.

Glad you could stop in......

Have a lovely yet Warm Winter Week.

Love, Hugs and 

Mid January Blessings,


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  1. Love all your thankful's. How sweet that your neighbor made the soup you prayed for. God is so good. He puts people and things in our path when we need them most. Hope you are feeling so much better. I am praying for sunshine to come back to the midwest. Happy Weekend. Hugs. Kris


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