Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thankful Thursday March 23, 2023, Hubby and lil darlings birthday table

My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD. Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.   Psalm 145:21 NIV

Hello and Happy Spring Sweet Friends,

How are You??  Decorating for Spring by

 now I would think! I will be starting in soon. 

 Too many birthdays and a trip has delayed me,

 but also gives me something to look forward to

 now that we are back home.

Pictures today are from another one of our

birthday dinners.  This time for hubby and

lil darling......I know it looks like a summer

table, but since they both love the beach,

had thought it a good choice and then found

the pretty napkins below that sealed the deal. 


So on with my Thankfuls.......


Thankful to have made it to our Daughter and Son-in-loves in SC safely and with no issues,  and thankful to be here to visit for a week.


Thankful for a new restaurant we finally got to try, It was called "Okra Grill" and it was really delicious. Have tried twice before to go there, but both times it was closed.  So finally.....


Thankful for a fun times sitting in the sun, (even

tho it was cold out, it was warm sitting in the

 sun.) and chatting and catching up with each

other and just being together.


Thankful for a delicious new salad we made

 for the first time.  Will definitely be making it

 again.  Oops, Just realized I forgot to get

 the recipe. If I get it I will share it soon.


Thankful for a craft idea, that we tried

 and we think turned out pretty well..  It's a  

 knock off of a carved bowl that we saw,

 Will share our take on it..... 

hopefully next week.


Thankful for the cool weather we have had

 while we are here in Charleston So refreshing

 and still feels like Winter....

Cause in Florida it's like we went from Winter

 to Summer, course I think this week it is more

 like Winter again there too.  lol


Thankful for a fun day out window shopping

 and going to some new stores we have not

 visited before, then out to din din. 

They have a new Ballard design store we

 wanted to go to but they closed earlier than we

 thought, so didn't get to do that, but we had fun

 all the same.


Thankful for these blender bombs things my

 Daughter has that have healthy things that go

 in your smoothies.  They have dates as a

 natural sweetner plus other healthy things. You

 add a banana, peanut butter and water. Pretty

 good, but not super sweet which is good for

 me,as I like to have smoothies in the spring

 and summer for breakfast.


Thankful for a relatively new place called

 "Crumbl",  they have the most wonderful

 cookies.  I got a "Texas Sheet Cake"

 Cookie and it tasted just like Texas Sheet Cake,

 and was so decadent and delicious.  We have

 one in our neck of the woods too, and have

 taken lil darling there a couple of times, but

 only tried the "Sugar" and "Chocolate Chip" cookies.  Think my

Daughters was "Almond Crunch Heath" or

 something like that, and it was incredibly

 delicious too.


Thankful for another fun day out with our

 Daughter before we left to come home, we went

 several places but spent most of our time

 in Hobby Lobby, where we really have so much

 fun every time we go there.  Got a few lil things

 for Easter.  Also got to go in Ballard Designs.

Beautiful store, mostly furniture, with gorgeous

 fabrics and of course, high price tags. 

Definitely enjoyed our visit there.


Thankful we got home safe and sound on

 Tuesday Evening. We had a lil bit of concern,

 as our tire light came on....but hubby has a air

 pump we carry in the car,  so he stopped and

pumped all the tires and not too long after we

 were driving again,  it went out, so we felt

 relieved that we didn't have a nail or

 something in our tire....only to have the  light

 come back on about 20 mins. later, so we

 drove on for awhile, then hubby checked again,

 and the tires were all fine. So we had a

 lying tire light!!  lol  Guess it's broken!


Thankful for a Wonderful, Relaxing,

Refreshing, Reconnecting, Precious

time with the kids, always such a great

 vacation for us all.

Well, That's it for Cozy Place

this week..............

Happy you could stop in....

Have a Wonderful Rest of the Week!

Love, Hugs, and 

late March Blessings,


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  1. Such a beautiful way to celebrate your husband's birthday, Nellie! I love all the pretty shades of blues and greens. They're fantastic and your list of things to be thankful for is amazing too! Hugs, CoCo

  2. #1. Yes, praise our LORD for answered prayers!
    #2. I like okra! I'm sure they serve other things, ha!
    #3. Such sharing is a blessing from our LORD!
    #4. I can hardly wait to try it out!
    #5. I can hardly wait!
    #6. It was cool enough for me here, lol!
    #7. What a fun time for you.
    #8. Sounds delicious!
    #9. Another delicious treat!
    #10. What a blessed time you two had!
    #11. I have a tire that goes down a little when the garage gets cold in a cold front! My tire light goes on too even though the tire looks fine!
    #12. A time for memory making that will last a lifetime!
    I praise the LORD for your safe return! Welcome home! Love you, Susan


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