Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Thankful Thursday June 15, 2023, A Coastal themed Father's Day table from the past

Sing the glory of his name; make
 his praise glorious.
Psalm 66:2 NIV

Hello Sweet Friends,

 Hope you and yours are doing

well and enjoying the Summer!

Well, I know I am very very late 

with my Thankful Post.....

That is because we have been away

visiting some of our most favorite

people, at our most favorite resort,

 and our Home away from Home!  lol

We were at our

 Daughter and Son-in-loves home!

and Had a nice restful, refreshing

and great time as always.

Pictures today are another Father's Day Table from the past. This time it was a Coastal theme. It is another fun table that could be used for for a guy's Birthday or for anyone who loves that coastal look.


Thankful my nephews procedure for a kidney

 stone worked out well, and that he is feeling

 pretty good in the aftermath, now he has to

 pass them, but we are hoping they are small

 enough they cause him no issues. They said it

 could take up to 2 weeks.


Thankful that we just happened on the

K-love fan awards.  It was really good,

and so great to see so much love, joy 

and encouragement and rejoicing over

 the good things that God's people are

 doing to bring honor and glory to God.

Just how it should be all the time!

Thankful for probiotics. My tummy
is very sensitive to bacteria for some
reason, so taking a probiotic before
eating some things is very helpful.

Thankful that our new friends that are
in Tennessee right now, have a buyer
for their home up there, and it is in
process and hopefully if all goes well
it will close on June 22nd. or
sometime later in June now, hopefully!

Thankful for take out from Texas
Roadhouse tonight, and it was perfect,
they got everything right!! That has
not been the normal for most take out
 we have gotten lately, from any place, 
so we have just been cooking
at home more. Can't say I am thrilled
about that, but it is what it is........lol

Thankful for an especially good and encouraging morning at church. They 
always do a preview of our VBS the 
day before it starts, so the congregation
 can see what they will be doing with
the children the next week. It was such
a blessing to me, to see how much talent
we have in our church, but also to see
that some of those involved were prior
students, or children of prior students,
that we have taught over the years,
which means they have been around
and faithful to the Lord for a long time,
which is so encouraging to see these
days.  Also the style of the VBS we
have was also started by dear friends
of our back in the 1980's, and reminded
of times we did what we see happening
now...... but it has got even better. Our
 friends moved a long time ago, and they
 area Pastoring another church now,  
So neat and very encouraging to see
 how the Lord works over time.
Praise His Name!

Thankfuls abouy our trip started here!

Thankful for an uneventful drive to our Daughters house in SC for a nice visit.

Thankful for a fun dinner at our fav Mexican restaurant when we got there, and a fun time catching up.

Thankful that we got to see this cute lil red fox across the street from their house where there is some new homes being built.  At night he some
times stays in one of the houses since there are no doors on yet.  He's a very young fox and so cute.  We have seen him 3 times already.
Think he must have moved on cause we only
saw him the first few days.

Thankful we got to go in the pool 3 days, mostly towards the end of the week, cause we had a lot of overcast days in the beginning of the week.  So that was fun and we got a little sun which is always nice.

Thankful that we got to go on a lil
shopping excursion, but I wasn't 
feeling the greatest, and we didn't 
really find anything we wanted
either, so it didn't last too long.
but it was fun too.  

Thankful my daughter made us her
wonderful cream cheese/strawberry
coffee cake for breakfast. We always
look forward to it......so delicious!!

Thankful hubby had a great Father's
day just being here, and our daughter
made some wonderful slow cooked ribs, 
and mac n' cheese, air fryer green
beans, and I made a pasta salad and
 banana pudding,
So he loved his 2nd Father's day 
dinner, as we had one before we left
for he and my Son.
Also loved all his gifts, among them
were 2 cute t-shirts about his
 Mr. Fix it skills.


Thankful for catching up, card playing and solving the worlds problems, lol,. and dry bar comedy.


Thankful for a great game of yatzee,

 where my Son in-love got 3 yatzee's, 

 and my hubby got 2, all in one game

That has never happened before!!

Well, that's it for this week

 at Cozy Place

Have a great rest of the week,
glad you came by......

Love, Hugs,
and Mid June Blessings,

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  1. I remember your FD costal table and it is so pretty. Glad you had a nice get away with your sweet daughter and SIL. Big Hugs and enjoy the week ahead. Kris

  2. I had all my comments made and the website stopped! Sorry! Susan


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