Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 6th, 2014

 Come, let us bow down in worship,
 let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;
Psalm 95:6

Greetings and Salutations
Sweet Friends,

Hope this find you well, warm and happy!
Been a warm and happy week here... but like
 a dreary Winter week with a lil rain tossed in 
here and there, and today it is a bit cooler, so
 at least it matches the winter looking sky.  lol

Will let my list do the talking.............

I am thankful
for email and how it stores all the 
information like phone #'s, addresses,
and birthdays and stuff.  Great for
keeping track of folks in our class
and communicating with them.

I am thankful
that hubby got thru another sleep test
 last night, not hard, but awkward and he
didn't get a lot of sleep cause they make
you lay on your back most of the time.
  He already did this 8 yrs. ago after his 
heart surgery, but this new Dr. insisted
 that he needed another one for some
 reason.  All this just to get a new mask
 for his c-pap. 

I am thankful
that we did get 2 more couples, plus one
more in our Marriage class last week. 
All very sweet couples.

lAll pics are scenes from cozy place Winter 
of  2014....Chest in hallway. 

I am thankful
for a debate we heard by a Mr. Ken
Hamm who debated someone tonight
about creationism vs evolution and the
big bang theory,  and Mr. Hamm did a
great job.

I am thankful
that I was able to get an appt. quickly
with my Chiropractor on Monday, and
felt better immediately.  God really uses
him cause he truly has healing in those

a little closer look...........

I am thankful
that since I had a late appt. and was already 
out of the house, I was able to you run some
 errands then meet hubby for a nice dinner at
 Olive Garden. A very different Monday night
for us and very enjoyable too, I might add.

I am thankful
we are planning another trip to Asheville
in the months ahead and really looking
forward to it.  Dee's hubby has to get
more training,  and we get to see her!
Works for us!  lol

I am thankful
for how the Lord has been reminding me
lately, just how much He is the details and
direction of our lives every single day, even
 when we don't see it or understand it
 at the time.

Just a few Examples, but I could go on & on.
 1) when we wound up having to buy 2 more
 reliable cars within 6 mos. of each other, and
 that has never happened before in 42 years of
 marriage,  we know now it is because the Lord 
knew he was gonna move Dee and Jerry and 
we would need good cars for traveling. 

 2)Then when hubby was out of work years
 back then got a new job, the Lord knew the
Co. would allow hubby to work remotely, so
that he gets a rest from driving in the middle 
of the week, which takes 90 + mins. off his 
day, also made it so he could be here on 
Weds. when I watch Brooklyn, when our 
lil darling wasn't even thought about yet.
 and now we can travel to Asheville or any-
where there is wireless internet for that
 matter, if hubby doesn't want to use his
vacation time.  Which is quite nice! 

3) When we were asked to take this young
 marrieds class it was just gonna be us, and at
 that point we had no clue the kids would be
moving, but the Lord knew and had another 
couple in the same station of life as we are, 
interested in this ministry as well. They
 have adult children and grandchildren who 
live away too, so they want the freedom
 to be able to go and visit their kids when 
they want, so it is the perfect situation for
all of us, and in so many other ways too....

 The Lord just
never ceases to amaze me in the ways
he provides and takes care of the details
of life, when you don't even know they
need to be taken care of........
Thank You Jesus!!

I am thankful
for "The cutest blog on the block" and 
all the wonderful blog backgrounds they 
supply for free...............cause I have
used a ton of them.  So thank you!!

Colored pencil affect

I am thankful
for a new food find.  Hubby is working
home today and said he felt like having
a hot sandwich, so I called Publix to see
if they had any hot subs,  and they said
they had cuban sandwiches,  and we 
lived in Key West and are very familiar
with cuban sandwiches, so we ordered
one,  and I am telling you that was one
delicious sandwich.   It has been years
since we had one,  but believe me, we 
will be getting another one of those
 very soon.  For those who don't know
what it is almost like a panini...
but it is made with Ham, pork, cheese, 
mayo, mustard and sour pickles.

I am thankful
for TV stations that carry a lot of the old
TV shows like Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies,
Daniel Boone, Ozzie and Harriet, and shows
that you never have to worry about what
they are gonna do or say next

I am thankful
that I found out today that the "Heaven is
for Real" movie is coming out around Easter.
 I saw a trailer of it today and it is gonna be
 great.  If you haven't read the book, it is an
 amazing true story, and you want be able to
 put the book down and of course, that is
what the movie is based on.

Here is a link to the trailer. Click here!
or you can type it in if you wish.

Well,  here you have it..... another week 
at Cozy Place!

So glad you could stop by and hope you
take the time to say hello.........

Have a Fabulous Friday
and a Warm Weekend!  


Sister Susie Says said...

#1. Don't you know! Can you imagine doing our blogs by snail mail!
#2. He needs to see Dr. Dinkla (my doctor). In fact I need to get a prescription for a new mask and tank.
#3. Yea! Thank you LORD for answer to prayer!
#4. Didn't he!! I had been in prayer for him throughout the day and during the debate. Bill Nye found out quickly his comic antidotes didn't get much response from the audience. I pray Bill Nye has had seeds planted and will begin to search out GOD!
#5. Yes, they do.
#6. It surely is nice to eat out. I like when I can with friends. It really is special though when you can with hubby!
#7. I hope you can see Jerry before he leaves or when he gets back. Give DeeAnna a hug for me!
#8 I think this is one reason I had my accident with my hand. The LORD wanted me to stop and realize how He is in every aspect of our lives. 1. the miracle of the urgent care being just across the street. 2. How well my hand has healed in three weeks. 3. Those I have been able to witness to by this event!
#9. I've got to check them out. I've been using Hot Bliggiy Blog. It is so nice that these people make these things free for us! I thank them that they have provided this for bloggers.
#10 WOW! I'll have to try one. I usually get a regular sub.
#11. Yes indeed. I really like the MeTV, WeTV, TVLand, ANTTV, thistv. My favorite is Rifleman on MeTV. I didn't realize the series was made in the late 50's and early 60's!
#12. I've got to put some more movies in my log!
Love to you all, Susan

Rebecca said...

Sweet, Nellie! Especially to hear of and KNOW God IS in the details.

Mostly, I've been traveling back and forth between our house and my parents....and trying to "recover" from our trip to Charlotte last week. I may NEVER catch up.

Very, VERY cold up here, but sun is shining :)

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm so hungry for a Cuban Sandwich now! Can you hear my stomach rumble? LOL! It's wonderful to hear you are traveling back to Asheville. I know you guys have tons of fun there. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I'll keep resting.