Friday, February 14, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 13, 2014 & Happy Valentines Day

 For God so loved the world,
 that he gave his only begotten Son, 
that whosoever believeth on him
 should not perish, but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Happy Valentine's Day
Sweet Friends,

Hope you all have a
 Wonderful Valentine's Day!

We usually stay in for Valentine's Day because
usually their is race week or something going
on in Daytona and it makes every place around
the area we are getting take out
from Carrabbas and watching a movie. Maybe
our fav movie "You've got mail", We just love 
that movie for some reason........guess because
we really like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan,  they
 are just so good together..............
We also love Fireproof too,  it is very good
too.........but I have a surprise for my hubby
so we might wind up watching it too.
SSSShhhhhhhhhh,  don't tell... but I got him 
one of the series of Duck Dynasty, since we
 have only seen a few episodes over at Scott
 and Megan's. but it is the one where the
Mom and Dad are renewing their vows. So
thought it was perfect for Valentine's Day! 
Well,  have fun..............

On with Thankful Thursday.......

I am thankful
for a long phone call from a long time
 friend that we adore and are so on the
same page with.  It is always such a
blessing and joy to talk to her no matter 
how long it has been..... it is like we just
pick up where we left off.  

Do you have a friend like that??

I am thankful
that her hubby that we love  too, came 
thru knee replacement surgery and did 
very well. It was a huge concern because
 her hubby is heart patient and has a 
pacemaker and takes blood thinners...
so think you get the picture. 

I am thankful
for a great idea we thought about
a few weeks back,  and that was
to put a shelf in the cabinet under-
neath my cook top in the kitchen.
The cabinet was just not function-
ing well,  and quite annoying at we were gonna
buy some wood.  On Sat. I had this
rememberance that it seemed like
to me the guy that did our cabinets
(9 years ago, left a shelf,  but not
really sure,  so I looked where I
thought it might be, and nothing, so
hubby looked somewhere else and
as I followed him over to that area , I
 saw it.....and we were both elated as
 all we had to do was cut a few inches 
off and put it in the cabinet, cause the
 lil things you put the shelf on were
 already in there.  So we just took the
stuff out put in the shelf, wiped out
the cabinets and put it all back in
a new way,  took about 20 mins. and
 what a difference it has made, and
I am more aggravation!
Very functional now.
Thanks Honey!!

I am thankful
that if I had to get a stye on my eye, that
 it didn't get really bad until Monday when I
didn't have to go out!   lol  It started on
Sat.,  and altho my eye was sore it was
barely noticeable on Sunday,  thankfully!
but the rest of the week has been a
different story............if you read my
post from earlier today.

I am thankful
that I was able to get a quick appt. with
another eye Dr. in the area, as mine was
out of the office all week.

I am thankful
hubby was home yesterday and could take
care of Brooklyn so I could go to the Dr.
They had a fun time together and she
was happy as a clam.

I am thankful
that my son-in-love was not hurt and is safe
 and sound. He was on his way home from work 
last night in the snow and was only going 15
 mph and his car slide off the road and into 
small ravine.  Fortunately, he was not hurt or
anything and was about 1/2 mile from the 
hospital that he sometimes works at, so he 
walked back there and spent the night.....
fortunately he knows people there so they 
were all staying too,  and he had 2 cases
there this morning so he is occupied at
least,  cause still don't know if he will be
able to get home today.  He is gonna try
to have his car towed to the hospital at

Update,  he did make it home around
dinner time..............

I am thankful
that hubby's Supervisor stayed the same 
in a new internal change that the Co. made.
Some people got a new supervisor, and
he got new people to work with, a few of
them the same so he is quite happy about
 that, cause he really thinks highly of his
 Supervisor and they work very well together.
Most of the people he work with technically
are all in another state and working remotely
anyway, and the ones he actually works with
in the same building will still be there,just
 not working on the same stuff as before.

I am thankful
for Domino's veggie pizza for dinner
last night,  if you have never had one
you are missing out.  They are one of
the best pizza's I have ever had.
Taste like a bistro pizza....very very has Feta cheese on
it,  but we don't get that!!
I used to not be impressed at all with
their pizza, but they have changed.....

I am thankful
that all my blood work came back fine, 
from my annual physical that I just
had a few weeks ago. That is always 
such a good feeling. 
 Plus I had a celiac test and it was
 negative, so that was good news too. 
Just had 2 flags, for them to watch
 My HDL is just a tad low, by 1 point,
 and my triglycerides were a lil elevated.
But Dr. had nothing to say about it,
so guess he isn't concerned about them
at this point.

I am thankful
that I got most of my Valentines's 
things done early, cause since my eye
looks like someone punched me I really
am not thrilled about going out!   lol
Hubby is gonna pick up the couple of
things today that I wasn't able to get
yet.  He is such a great guy!

I am thankful
for hot compresses that help with the
pain and soreness of this stye gone
wild, as the Dr. calls it..............

Well, there you have it, my thankfuls
for this week...............
know you have some too,  so why not
share with we can  be 
encouraged too.

Hope you all have a Lovely
Valentine's Day with your sweetie or


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Hope your eye gets better Nellie. My friend has been nursing a stye for about a month now. So glad your SIL is ok!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie,
Happy Valentine's Day!

So many wonderful praises! So glad Jerry is ok. I know that had to be scary. And that your physical went well. Too much has been going on here, including my lower back seizing up so much that I couldn't walk! UGH...but God is good, and it is much better now.

Hope your day is wonderful,my friend. We have no MIL will be here tonight. Hope to catch up with you soon. Miss ya lots!
Love and hugs,

Sister Susie Says said...

I can hardly wait to hear how Jim liked the Duck Dynasty movie!
#1. Sylvia! We have sometimes been at "brunch" in the restaurant for four hours!
#2. Thank You, LORD!
#3. Great idea! I need to do something in my den (like get a small, little bookcase for my books!)
#4. I am so glad it is getting better! Those things can definitely be a pain!
#5. The LORD is good!
#6. I'm sure they had a great time, but missed you a lot!
#7. We have so much to thank the LORD for!
#8. Thank you, LORD, for your favor on Jim.
#9. Sounds delicious! I like feta cheese, but it doesn't like me!
#10. Praise you, Jesus, for your blessing on Nellie's health!
#11. Jim's a great guy because he has you, a great loving wife!
#12. It's amazing how hot water can feel on our bodies.
Love and hugs for you and Jim, Susan

Libiya jhon said...

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Rebecca said...

Now that's a LOT of blessings - and some BIG ones, too! Praising our Lord and Savior for His goodness to you and your family, Nellie.