Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pink and White Valentines Tablescape

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good day today!

  I am hearing it is a bit warmer at least
 in some places,  hope you are in 
those places...........

I am having a good day so far, watching our lil darling,
she is sleeping right now.  Went down a bit earlier
today as she has been very sleep this morning.  Love
when she first gets up and she has gotten her nap out.
She is just so happy and cute.............

Monday I was in the mood for playing...... cause I
haven't had much time for that lately and you know 
how I like to see how many different things I can
 come up with using the same pieces from a tablescape. 
 So I did another Valentine's table with the leftovers
 things from our Valentine's day and from the day after 
when Scott and Megan were over.  Got the table done
 partially for them,  but didn't get to finish as we were
 busy with our lil gal, so decided to finish it and then use
 it for din din with hubby again, worked out nicely. 
 I love pink............
 so made it an all pink and white table.

Started out with this but just reconfigured it a little bit.

Liked the vignette but didn't like all the
 red with the pink,  so decided to 
change that......

Notice the pale pink hydrangeas....
like it so much better and I am
feeling like spring just looking

With a colored pencil affect

A lil bit closer look.....
using my everyday corelle ware dishes.

The napkin are pink nubby washclothes

pretty pink hyrangeas - be still my heart.....
even if they are

From the left side of the table

 lil foam hearts I got several years ago

with lil plastic pink hearts,  I just love em' 
can you

a look down the table from the right side.
Used my pretty fluted victorian looking 
clear glasses Dee gave me

With a posterized affect

A look from overhead,  I did have the candles and
hearts down the middle of the table with the napkins
and silverware on for Scott and Megan.

I put some irridescent gift bag grass in
the candle holders to give them some 
color. Am sure you noticed this is a pretty
low centerpiece, much lower than usual
but I try not to use tall things for a center
piece since you can't see over them and
 because it impedes conversation.

Love this silverware..............
it is vintage and so pretty...
My sweet SIL gave it to me, it belonged to
another family member years ago and was
passed down to my late Mother -in-law......
It also reminds me of some pieces my own
Mom had..............

The lil square dishes are for dip for shrimp
and the lil bread plates for shrimp tails...accept
it turned out there weren't any.........great!!

Oh and a just by the way tip.........
if you have a
Publix supermarket near you...did you know that
they will steam your shrimp right at the store for
nothing??  It only takes a few minutes.  Love that
since I don't have to smell up my house cooking
them,  and they taste delicious!

With Paint daubs affect

Don't the hearts look like mercury glass??
Thought they looked so pretty in this pic.

Hope you enjoyed all the
 pink pink...........wink wink!!

Thanks for dropping by and for
 your sweet comments.........
they are always appreciated
and answered.

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Have a Blessed Week,


sistersusiesays said...

Pink is so springy! My pink azalea bush is in full bloom!

I can just imagine how much fun Brooklyn will have with your love blocks and hearts when she gets older!

The silverware was LouRatha's. Aunt Tommie and Uncle Leslie kept it when she passed away. Some years later, mom and dad inherited it when they passed away. It then came to me when mom and dad passed away. It being just me, I never used it, so I thought you and Jim would enjoy it! It was bought in the 1960's. Wow, over 50 years old!

I love you all so much! Susan

Maryann said...

I was wondering where you had found pink hydrangeas (I didn't realize they were faux) they do make me long for spring. Pretty table, pink is one of my favorite colors.

Unknown said...

Just "love" your table.
We have so much in common. I also have a granddaughter named Brooklynn..I have a daughter named Molly and a dog named Rosie.

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Your table is so romantic and pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment :) Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

Rebecca said...

Your table is def. "Pretty in Pink"!
I still marvel at the time you invest in decorating your table. It always makes me want to do better with ours....but then when the time comes, I just revert back to the basics :)

Julie Nichols said...

Your table looks so pretty in PINK!
Love all the small details you added. Thanks for visiting me...

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

What a sweet tablescape! Love the white and pink touches especially the pretty pink hydrangeas in the white pitcher. I like your beautiful vintage silverware, precious heirlooms to be treasured forever:) Thanks for sharing this lovely tablescape with us. Happy Saturday! Hugs, Poppy