Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 27, 2014

Praise the Lord, O my soul.
O Lord my God, you are very great;
you are clothed with splendor and
Psalm 104:1

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are ya??  
Been a great week??
Hope so...............

It has been a great week here,  a bit
tiring, but great just the same. Now you
know why I am late again..... So will 
just get on with it and you will
see why...............

I am thankful.......

for my sister-in-law Susan and for 
what a sweet sister she is...........
for the way she loves her family, she 
would give us the shirt off her back
 if we needed it.

and here is the birthday girl,  for once,
 I remembered to take a picture!  lol
Happy Birthday Susan

that we are able to celebrate her
 birthday with the whole family again 
this year. It was a great evening, 
we all enjoyed it so much.

Remember my azalea topiary
that was full of blooms a few
weeks ago, this is it now....

that Dee and Jerry flew in safely
yesterday and that we got to have a
great family evening.  They went to
visit with his family, and We will get
to see them again on Saturday.

for all the stuff I got done on Monday,
cause I really pushed myself a lot, as I
 knew it was gonna be a very busy week, 
and I only had a day and a half to get 
the house ready and errands and other
things done. But I did it.......and
that is such a good feeling............
Then I had time to watch Brooklyn on 
Tues.afternoon as well as on Wed.  So 
those are just fun days where I don't plan
 on getting anything done, cause she is
top priority.

for a home that is clean from top to
bottom all at the same time...
 just love that!

that we will be celebrating the babies
first birthday on Saturday over at 
Scott and Megans.  So should be
another fun day.  Just can't believe
this child is already almost a 
year old................shocking!!

I just took this on Tuesday, she is
walking everywhere now, no more
crawling for her.........

for a much needed new Calaphon
dutch oven I got this week. I got a
 7 qt. one from Bed bath and beyond
 for the same price I would have gotten 
5 qt. one at Wally world, thanks to
 those great 20% off coupons.

Our front door, starting to look like Spring around here...........


for a good news story that I heard 
on Tuesday,  a bus driver was attacked
by 3 men and was shot in several places
one being in the heart,  but he had a
message devotional book in his pocket
and it saved his life, cause it caught
the bullets,  coincidence.........I think
not,  definitely divine intervention!!

Azaleas with  posterized affect

for a scripture verse I feel the Lord
gave me to send to a friend as an
encouragement,  and they wrote back
 and thanked me because they said 
they really needed the encouragement
 that day! So mission accomplished,
  Always a blessing to
encourage someone...........

I was able to finish a last minute
gift for the baby that I got an 
inspiration for when I did her card.
Maybe I will show you next week.

That the Lord found me the perfect
frame for it at Michaels today, and
 I was very pleased with the results.

With posterized affect
for a neat video i happened to see on
 yahoo news yesterday that made
me cry I thought it was so wonderful.
It is about a group of bikers against
child abuse, and the things they do
to help and protect children.
Totally amazing............

well, worth a watch if you want to
be encouraged about the world we
live in today................
May God richly bless these folks.

Or just click here

with paint daubs affect

Well, sweet Peas... that is it for this week.

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday
and a Nice First day of March.....

Can you believe that??? Tomorrow
is the 1st day of March......whoa....
time is just Marching on!   lol

Thanks for your visit,  and please
stop and say hello......

With cutout affect
Love, Hugs and 
March Blessings,


Spring really is coming.........

(wanted to say that for my Northern
friends,  God bless you all, with those
temps. you keep getting, I am sure you
are beginning to wonder!  lol)


  1. Hi Sweet Nellie!
    Your blog is so pretty, love your bright colors and all those sweet birdies!
    Happy Birthday to Susan. I can't believe that Brooklyn will be 1 years old...time is flying by isn't it!
    Thanks for sharing the video, what a great group of bikers doing such an amazing thing for children of abuse...wonderful!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you, Cindy!
    #1. Thank you, Nellie. You always make our family gatherings so special. I greatly appreciate all of the work you put into my birthday!
    #2. Yes, praise our LORD for the gift of everyone being present as so with Saturday!
    #3. It reminds me when you and Jim would visit with our families when we lived in Key West!
    #4. She surely is the sweetest top priority!
    #5. That is a great task! I tend to get behind sometimes!
    #6. I can hardly wait to celebrate the baby's first birthday! I'm anxious to see if she like's Elmo!
    #7. Aren't coupons and specials great! That's how Alice got our pedicures 2 for 1 price!
    #8. GOD is good all the time!!
    #9. The leading of the Holy Spirit is so great! This is a wonderful example!
    #10. You have such a gift. I thank you for my beautiful card! It is so elegant and your loving words so inspiring!
    #11. Wonderful little gifts from the LORD!
    #12. What a comfort for these kids to have so they may gain their confidence again!

    I know what you mean, another month gone on the calendar! See you tomorrow! I love you all so much, Susan

  3. Nellie - loved reading all of the things for which you are thankful. We all need to remember to think about these things all of the times. Hope the one-year-old darling had a happy birthday party today!!

  4. So nice to meet Susan on your blog. Happy Birthday Susan! I love that age when babies start to walk. I think it's the cutest thing ever. Brooklyn is a little doll. Happy Birthday Brooklyn!


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