Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Monday and Our Valentine's Day and Table

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's
day and weekend, and hope most of
you were able to get out some since
I know some of yall are having cabin
 fever for sure..............

I had a really lovely Valentine's Day I have to say, 
 since hubby works we do most of our celebrating at 
night, but my SIL Susan surprised me by bringing me 
a lovely topiary tree of Azaleas,  and we had a nice 
visit over coffee and dessert.  Got to talk to Dee for
 awhile, then I spent part of the day doing a nice table
 for our Carrabbas take out dinner, hubby was bringing 
home.  Later in the afternoon my lil buddy from across
 the street came over to visit for awhile, his way of 
thanking me for his Valentine.
 Then my Sweetie came home and we had a really
delicious and lovely dinner..............

We also watched his Valentines present the "
Duck Dynasty video" of The parents wedding Vow
 renewal,  it was funny but sweet and then watched
 "you've got mail".........I have to admit I did fall asleep 
during part of the movie cause Dee's nurse friend told
 her that antihistamines can sometimes help with the
inflamation of a stye problem, so took some  Benadryl
 hoping it would help and it did but as soon as I sat down
 and got still for a bit I fell off to sleep, but then I woke 
up and watched what I think are the best parts of the
 movie at

Am happy to report my eye is just about normal
again.......yeah!!  So happy about that and never
did have to take the antiobiotics......very very
happy about that!! 

Saturday we got to watch our real Valentine's
present.....Brooklyn,  so her Mommy and Daddy
could go do something fun to celebrate as well.
They came back in the late afternoon and then
 stayed and had dinner with us,  so we had a 
homemade Olive Garden dinner since I had 
made some Pasta Fagioli soup, so threw to-
gether a salad with Olive garden dressing
and made some garlic bread and we were
good to go...................
We swung the baby in her new swing and hubby
and them played some wii and had a nice time 
as always.

Then Sunday all our couples showed up, and 
our class is pretty much maxed out so they
 are gonna need to move us to a new classroom 
hopefully next week or the week after.  The
 last few weeks we have had some really great
 discussions in there too. So we are all having
 a lot of fun.........and really enjoying the kids,
as we call them,  they are young adults!!  lol
The rest of our Sunday was our usual.

Thought I would show you our Valentine's
Table,  since I haven't done any Tablescapes
 in awhile.

Hadn't  really planned anything since I
 had the eye trouble all week,  but just
 threw together things I had around the
 house and was happy with the outcome.

I used our wedding champagne glasses
since we had a bottle of sparkling cider
left from Dee's wedding celebration
over 2 years ago.  I suspected it might
not taste good, but decided to try it and
it was even better than before I think.

The salad plates in the center are for bread
and dipping spices..............

and used my wedding silverware too.................

Posterized affect

This was just a table for two..................

The tan tablecloth was already on the table
 so kept it so it didn't look quite as girly........
if that is

Did you notice the topiary???  I had one a few
years ago but kept it in the house too long and
it died,  want make the same mistake with this
one for sure.........................

Full of blooms,  can't wait for some to open up!!  
Know they will be very pretty...............

Thanks for coming by..................
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Have a Great week........


Abby said...

Your dinner plates/side plates are so pretty! Sounds like you had a nice Valentines!

Denise said...

Hi Nellie,

Your Valentine's table is so pretty!! I love all the little details, and your white plates are beautiful. I've never seen Azaleas in topiary form and yours is so pretty -- what a nice gift to you! That will be beautiful outside when spring arrives. :)

Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a good week.


Denise at Forest Manor

sistersusiesays said...

Very pretty table scape! Is that a Beanie Baby Bear?

I'm so glad the azalea was a Valentine's Day color! I can't believe how big your white azalea has gotten!

I know you and Jim had a blessed dinner together. Your table setting was just beautiful for the occasion.

I am so happy to read about your eye being healed now! I know you are thrilled it is too!

Duck Dynasty is funny, but I have to be in the mood to watch them, ha! I watched Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, "Carefree." I'm into their movies now! I can't believe the energy Fred has! It looks like he's in fast forward, ha!

I hope you were able to get more pictures of Brooklyn! You probably need to do videos now that she's walking, ha!

My LORD has answered my prayers for your class! I pray they learn so much under your guidance!

Love to you and yours, Susan

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such lovely details and a beautiful tablescape. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty