Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blue and White Birthday Table for my Sister-in-law

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a good weekend
 and good start into the new week.
Know some of you are having those
frigid temps. again.   Sorry!  Know
you are soooo ready for Spring.....

We had a really fun Saturday celebrating Brooklyn's
First Birthday.  Scott and Megan did a great job on
her party and there were probably 35 -40 people
in attendance...........

Sunday was our usual,  and Monday I did pretty
much nothing as I was pretty whipped from the
previous 4 days..........I did talk on the phone 
with Dee,  cause even tho she was here over
the weekend, we really didn't get much time to
 visit, but they did accomplish all that they came
 here for, so that was good! and it was just
good to see them if only for a short while.

Last Thursday night we had my sister-in-law's
birthday celebration ,  so thought I would 
show you her table today.

Cause I need to get busy today,  cause hubbies
birthday celebration is on Friday........and I haven't
even started yet............

So,  on with it.................

Update:he decided early this afternoon to make
 it for sunday afternoon, so that was fine with me since
it gives me a lil more time.  lol

Finally got to use my new blue glasses.............
A great find from the dollar tree a month or so ago.
Actually think we did use them once when Scott
and Megan were over for pizza.

Here's a new white pitcher I got  back the end of Jan. and 
it had a  small chip broken in the lip, so was gonna take
 it back but could not find the receipt, 
 so it is mine now!!  lol

Already had the roses,  so just stuck them in
and added some things around it.

Had these pretty lil plates for ages,  so drug them
out cause found them as I was shopping the house
for ideas and they seemed to go with the theme
so wound up using them to put candles on.

An overview
Already had the cream pitchers, so added them
in as well..............

Have had these napkins for ages too, but they are still
in good shape.

another overview

Since I always put some candy at each place
setting,  I didn't have any the right color,  so
I just stuck these pretty lil scrapbooking
embellishments on each one so they matched.

Used these heart shaped bowls for butter.

A look down the table.

A look from the opposite end of table.

With a  Lighting affect.

With a Posterized affect

Got this silverware a couple of years ago when we had
Dee and Jerry's reception, not the greatest quality I have
to say, but it was all I could find at the time that I liked.
We found they don't make silverware in the U.S.
 anymore.  I find that very sad!

With a Posterized affect

With a colored pencil affect

This picture and the one below were taken with the 
lights off...................


Well, glad you could come by
 and hope you enjoyed
 your visit.

Be sure and say Hello..........

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Have a  Rosey Week!!

Hugs and Blessings,


Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

A very pretty birthday table for your SIL. I love that little creamer, so cute. Also pretty little plates, your table is very pretty. Thanks for stopping by and realizing we don't want to eat Beaver Butt's no more. Make sure you read labels.

Sister Susie Says said...

I was so glad to see Jerry and DeeAnna again! I pray they got back to warmer temperatures than when they left!

Thank you for the idea for Jim's gift! I'm picking it up today after our Bible study's group "out to lunch!"

Your table setting was gorgeous! The napkins just set everything off! You know I like blue, so your lovely glasses set "the tone." (I promise not to ever use blue polish on my toe nails again, lol!)

With the beautiful arrangement of flowers in your pitcher, no one would ever know it was chipped!

The place settings on the candy was a super idea. It works well as a "pendant" too!

I have not ever seen in stores the heart shaped dish you had on the table!

I love your last picture! The candle in front of your pitcher of flowers was a professional shot!

Thank you so much, Nellie, for always making my birthday a Happy occasion! Thank you for all of your work you put into it! I also enjoyed the delicious chicken stroganoff! Love to you, Susan

Adina Johnson said...

Such a beautiful table! I love all of the special touches.