Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 6, 2014

 Teach me your way, LORD, 
that I may rely on your faithfulness;
 give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.
 I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart;
 I will glorify your name forever. 
 For great is your love toward me;
 you have delivered me from the depths,
 from the realm of the dead.
Psalm 86:11-13

Happy, Happy, Happy
Thursday Sweet Friends,

Just had to say that at least once, 
for the fun of it! I am assuming you 
might know where that came from,
 but in case you don't........ it was from
 Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

So are you................
 happy, happy, happy this week??
I sure hope so..............

I have to say I do feel happy, happy, happy!!  lol
It has been a good week, and we are preparing for
 more fun this weekend...........which will probably
 make us happy, happy, happy again!  lol


I am thankful

for a fun party on Sat. at Scott and Megans
house for the babies birthday.  It really was a
great party and everyone really enjoyed it.
They did a super job............

our lil darling is feeling fine now.  She came down 
with a temp. of 102.5 on Sunday and wasn't feeling
 well,  but was better by Monday.
Thank Heavens.........cause Tuesday, was her real
 birthday and they got to take her to Sea World.

Dee and Jerry made it back home safe and
sound and that Rosie did well staying with her
friend while they were away.

for a do nothing day on Monday, and a long phone
conversation with my sweet daughter.  I needed
 the rest and the fun conversation.  Can't think
of anyone else I would want to be on the phone
that long

I got my grocery shopping done on Tuesday
 so I can make the Lasagna for hubbies birthday 
on Friday, and that I have a plan for the table, 
not complete in my mind yet,  but partial,  but the
 rest will come once I start working on it.

that I was able to get an appt. on Sat. for both
of our cars to be serviced,  and for them to do 
a recall procedure on our van.  We are overdue.

for the happy and fun mood Brooklyn was in
on Wednesday,  she was funnier than ever!  
and she is practicing her voice a lot these days,
 so babbling a lot.  So cute.............

Thought I heard her say good while she was
eating breakfast this morning, and last week
she said book,  when she picked up a book.

that a dear friend who has had no insurance
for a long time, was finally able to get some
and is going to be able to have a much
 needed surgery, and the timing couldn't
have be any better.

for our new yard trash service,  they are really
great about picking up large branches and
stuff,  which saves us a lot of cutting and time.
They take anything and everything.
Our old service was not quite so easy going.
So the new one is really a blessing.

for nice clean teeth after my hygenist finished
 with me today, and I found out what a sharp
 place was that I have been feeling the last few 
weeks.  I lost part of a filling.  So they will be
 seeing me again soon,  for that and because 
I also have a crown that is leaking.............but
 thankful they found it before it needed a root
canal at least...............and so thankful for 
dental insurance.

that I was able to finish my shopping today for 
hubbies birthday celebration on Sunday, cause 
I want to be home tomorrow in the daytime, 
 to make the Lasagna, and to start on the table, 
 cause we have plans for the evening, for dinner 
and a movie since Friday is his real birthday.
We are gonna try and see the new movie that
just came out "Son of God".  We have seen
trailers and it looks like it is gonna be an
awesome movie.

If you would like to see the trailer
Just click here  or go to utube and type
in "Son Of God" movie trailer

that hubby was my knight in shining armor
 today.  It was raining so I had my lights on, 
but couldn't remember if I turned them off 
or not, and even went back to the car to check
 to make sure they were off,  and the whole 
control panel was black,  so thought that meant 
they were off,  surprise, surprise,  they weren't, 
 so had a nice dead battery when I came out......
So hubby to the rescue, with a neat battery
charger Scott and Megan gave him last year.  
what would I do without him.  Wouldn't even
 want to think too hard about that!! 
Happy Birthday
 to you Honey!

Well,  that's a rap as they say!

So happy you came by today, 
 and I would be all the happier
 if you left a comment to say Hello!

Don't forget to stop.......... 

and smell the Flowers!

Love,  Hugs,  and

Happy, Happy, Happy Blessings, 


Note:  The first 3 pictures were from Scott's Appalachian 
trail experience about 3 years ago,  and the last 3 pictures 
are of my porch and yard about 3 years ago.  Just thought
they were cheery looking...........and I know some of yall
can use some cheery right

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Sister Susie Says said...

#1. And so many babies came too! It was an enjoyable time.
#2. All that "grown up" food she can now eat, ha! I thank our LORD she is feeling well now!
#3. I think Rosey's used to seeing different people now. I think Jim is still her favorite person!
#4. Am I second? LOL!
#5. You always have such great themes! Interior Decorators surely lost a great employee when they lost you!!!
#6. I've got to get my truck in too! It is 10 years old and still going strong!
#7. She's happy because she can now be on the go, ha! Babbling is practice "under the voice." Jerry does that and before I know it he comes out with a new sentence! (My African Gray Congo parrot.) He just turned 20 years old! I've had him since he was 2 months!
#8. The LORD is so Good!
#9. Do they clear trash. I need to find someone to cut the vines from my front column! George did so much. Pray for Lillian. She is saddened right now in missing him. It's been 8 months since he went to heaven.
#10. I still see Adrian. She has been my hygienist for years! I'm glad my insurance assists too. By the end of the year I'll be having to switch to my CHM policy, because of Obamacare's extension to mine running out.
#11. I think it is showing at the new movie theater on Normandy.
#12. I'm surprised your van doesn't have the automatic turn off. My truck does, but it has such a loud buzzer, I don't get out leaving them on! I've had to depend on GEICO! But, that's what $6 in my policy is for. :-\ They surely were a big help when I was on I-4 and all of the metal trash fell out of a man's truck; I couldn't avoid running over it and it puncture my front tire! What a sound it made when it was going flat; woo, woo, woo, woo,! (And at 65 mph!!!) GOD is always there to assist us in need!
Love you all, Susan