Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 29, 2014

Seven times a day I praise you
for your righteous laws.
Great peace have they who love
your law, and nothing can make
them stumble.
Psalm 119: 164-165

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how ya been doing??
Hope your doing well and
having some fun these last
days of May.  Guess those
of you who have school age
kiddies must have them out
of school by now or about to
 get out, and looking forward 
to a fun Summer ahead.

I always loved that time of year with 
my kids...cause we have relaxed, laid
back, unscheduled, fun times.....we
have some great memories!!

Sorry I am running so late here but 
our daughter got in yesterday, so we
had one of those summer days here
yesterday and it was delightful. It was
just so great to have her here as it
has been a 2 1/2 months now.  Got a
lot done this week, house wise so can
 concentrate on making some cards today, 
 since Dee is gone for the day visiting with a
 friend before she has to leave for a family
 reunion, then she will spend the rest of the
day with Scott, Megan and Brooklyn. Then
she will be back later on tonight and we
will get to visit a lil tonight then tomorrow
morning until the rest of the family comes
over...........should be another fun day.
We have all been looking forward to her
coming, so very excited she is here finally.
Cause she was coming for Mother's day
then it got we
are very grateful she got to come!!

Hope your week has been a good one
and will tell you about mine as you read.

I am thankful.....

for a restful and relaxing Memorial Day
weekend,  just the 2 of us.  

that we got bushes trimmed back away
from our house in the side yard cause
 hurricane season is a coming!  lol

that hubby has helped me make some
decisions about my card business,  and
that I have been working on it once
again.........was just kind of stymied
there for a while.  Guess cause life
was just happening...........

for a wonderful story and video I saw on yahoo
on Wed. - a really great thing in this day and time.
A 7yr. old boy bullied someone,  and his Mom
found out and made it clear this was unacceptable
behavior,  and he apologized to the other boy, and
told him how had he felt,  and he said he felt so
ashamed of what he did,  he asked his parents
if he could start and anti-bullying club at school,
and of course they said yes,  and the first person
he invited was the other lil boy, and they are friends
now.  He also stated that his parents, church and
boy scouts help him make good decisions.  It also
showed him reading his bible.  Priceless
We need a gazillion more parents and children
 like that.
My own Mom was a bullied child and she made
it very clear to us that we were never to make
fun of anyone,  and I did my best to pass that
along to my children..............
Anyway,  think you will enjoy watching it.

Click here or you can type in or go to the link below.

that my lovely daughter made it in safe and 
sound this morning..........and that it was
so good to lay eyes on her!!  lol

Actually that was yesterday morning,
had my post 2/3 of the way done!

that a friend of mines son, finally got a new
 job, we have all been praying for some 
months now,  and he has had interviews 
but just nothing seemed to work out.
So we are very happy for him!

that a friend who had her MRI come back
  showing  a 7mm lesion on her brain, got the
 word yesterday that everthing is fine. We were
 sooo happy to hear that as this young single Mom
 has really been thru so many really rough things 
in the last years.

for so many great things that are happening
for the young woman we kept for a week last
 Oct. ...remember the one with the broken rib
 and the lil boy. She seemed to really go thru a
time of hard things and that seems to have turned
 around now, and we are just so happy for her
 and her family too.  Cause they are really a sweet

for the word of God, the Bible because
it teaches us how we should live.  It really
is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our
path................we would just be wander-
ing in the wilderness without it for sure.

for some great ideas DeeAnna had for me
about my business.........She is amazing,
and is my best encourager,  I have to say.

that a queaseness and uneaseness in my
stomach seems to be gone finally.  Felt
like I was trying to catch the flu or some-
thing,  but feeling much better today.

that I love and enjoy my family so much,
not everyone can say that....unfortunately.
And there was a time in my life as a child
growing up I couldn't say that....about the
enjoying part anyway!! but I did love them!

with posterized affect

Well, thanks a lot for coming by,
  always nice to hear from you or
 see that you have been by.

Hope you have a weekend full
of Fun and Relaxation.

Love,  Hugs and
Blissful Family Bessings.


Sister Susie Says said...

I love your beautiful pitcher with hydrangeas!
#1. Yes, as so with my retirement! I can't believe June 1st will be 3 years!
#2. I need to cut down an oak sprout that is in my pool's garden.
#3. Great! I'm glad you are able to start it going again!
#4. I remembered being bullied as a kid because of my weight. I just "chalked it up" to being their problem, not mine!
#5. You have your joy, joy, joy, joy down in your heart!
#6. It is a blessing from our LORD in today's society when only half the population is working!
#7. Praise the LORD! May He strengthen her faith.
#8. I believe the LORD blesses those who are faithful to Him.
#9. I am so thankful too for the WORD of the LORD! It must really be hard for those who don't have His WORD!
#10. All right for you!
#11. That has been me, but realized I need to eat more. My Cholesterol is up again, but most of that is the good cholesterol! I don't know why they look at the overall number rather than just the bad cholesterol number!
#12. Ditto! Praise the LORD for our endurance!
Love you all, Susan

Anonymous said...

Nellie, your Thankful Thursday posts are always such a joy to read. Your thankful spirit is a balm to my soul in this often-negative world.

I'm so glad you are able to spend some time with Dee. Her moving away had to have been SO hard.

I am excited to hear more about your card business. I love making cards...been doing it for years. It's such fun to be able to send a handmade card to a friend.

Enjoy your weekend.